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I've been going here for a little over a year now and with graduation around the corner I'm super excited. I love the school and also the instructors are awesome.
Great experience. Very caring and willing to work with you. Conviently located to bus routes and food places. Also close to a rehabilitation center and a few hospitals
Like that it was small college so you don't get lost/left out as a student. They really care it
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Greta school offers many classed to take on your time and fit your schedule already graduated in culinary now back there for business.
I'm almost done with my first semester as a freshman and so far it's been a decent experience. My first teacher Mrs. A is amazing she helps me get though the whole day with her cheerful spirt. She just an amazing loving teacher. She also has you to do yoga to help wake you up. I'm in the Pharmacy Technican Program which is very interesting and has some amazing teachers teaching us. I have made a few awesome friends that I study with.
I had no need to transfer credits. they offered day and evening classes i was able to pick a class that best fit my personal life's schedule.
everything is top notch at this school. they really have everything prepared and in place for you. all you have to do is show up. if you dont pass and get through the classes its because you didnt show up and you did not want to be serious about it. Its easy to get through with all the excellent help and career services they have readily available to students.
I dont know where to begin or end. This school is the best. Professors each have a passionate unique style of teaching that all help you learn and grow. so may different courses you can stay in school forever learning so much more than your current field. Class sizes are good sizes its not over crowded perfect size so its easy for everyone to get hands on and one on ones as needed.
I love my admissions rep. She helped me every step of the way to get in to the school and get set up. Even to this day as a Junior she checks on me to see if im still coming to school, everything ok with my instructors, asks how i am personally, and makes sure my grades are good. She even stays late some days so she can see me since i have a night class and she works in the daytime.
Not only have I learned so much, they also prepare you for the real world. If you can not find an internship at the end of the in class period they help place you. They even help with your resume and send it off to places of employment that are currently hiring. This school is amazing.
I have learned so much that i did not know. I already knew how to cook and bake, but their Culinary and Pastry programs helped me learn more than i could ever imagine. The Chefs are friendly, care about the students, and always easy to approach for assistance. Hands down this is the best school/college I have attended. I would do it all over again and recommend anyone/everyone to attend they have so many different programs catered to the students not just culinary.
My school works with all and/or special cases.
I have not had any online classes, but I gave heard they're not to hard.
My school helps you pay back your loans, tell you financial aid,offers help with schooling, and job search.
The professors really get to know one on a friend and family level.
Many people in my community reference my school as a way to help advance my career.
My program director is very firm on me when I really need it and it help me push through to the next step.
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My school encourage one to keep trying and let you know that once you do it that first time it's behind you.
I like the fact that my program director has over 30 years of experience. As well as how she always is there for me and my fellow classmates. My program is like one big family. We may not always agree with each other but are always there for each other.
I love my school. They have been so friendly and helpful since day one. I like the smaller classrooms and the hands on training that you received. My school is pretty awesome.
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