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The people , the staff , and the security are allll amazing people ! They are helpful and kind . You will never feel like an outsider here . It’s a home away from home . I would recommend any and everyone here . Who does love good hospitality? They help you , they listen and understand. They are polite . The experience here is just beyond welcoming
Will be attending in April staff is very helpful and nice! I am will be happy and proud when I graduate in April 2018.
Small class sizes make it easier to learn
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The employers on campus are really friendly.
This program was perfect for me. It helped me write a business plan and is continuing to help with different aspects of my business
If you want a school where the staff is super helpful and has small class sizes this is the perfect school
My credits are still in review. The staff have been very nice and professional.
I took online courses in the past and enjoyed them. I currently do not take online courses.
Every aspect of the school is above average.
The quality of every aspect of the school is above average.
Very informative and hands on. Curriculum and workload is heavy but doable. Facilities are very nice. Internships/job opportunities are very available.
The small class size is the best thing about this school. Staff is very supportive and classes are very hands on.
You can choose either night or day classes or go online, but that's about it, although you can take a quarter off if you need to wait for something (kids to go back to school, etc.)
There is a in-school career center that assists you with finding a job.
A small class size means that teachers have more time to interact with you.
A lot of the classes focus on getting a job.
I'm getting a lot of new hands-on learning here, and they'll help me get my basic IT certifications.
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The teachers I've had so far have been really attentive and supportive. Small class sizes mean that each teacher can give more attention to each student.
being in my Culinary program thus far has been the best experience. I enjoyed all of my Chefs and the knowledge that convey to the students. i have really grown into my field by course work and demo to help you succeed in the kitchen. i enjoy the possiabilities of becoming a great chef.I have met such wonderful friends since i have attended here. My confidence has grown so high that I am amazed. My school is so awesome, clean,loving environment. classes are small to give attention to all students. Help is just a step away. Problems if any are resolve right away. We take pride in what we do and pride in our school. It has been my pleasure to have chosen to attend here.
The environment of my school is very warm and welcoming I also enjoy how all of the staff are willing to help.

There is a very high level of motivation and energy from the people here which makes it a pleasure to attend.
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