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What I liked: small classrooms, hands on experience as well as "book work", all homework is online (which if you have limited internet can be challenging, but the teachers allow time in class to do these online assignments). They greet you by name, have night classes (mine are 3 nights a week 530-1030), and help you get a job.

What I would like see:
Lpn program
I was a student here and I was one semester away from graduation. I had to drop out because of my health issues. I tried re-enrollment and I had to take a couple pretest before coming back. I felt that I was given the run around. I past my pretest and I was told that I was ready to begin classes again. And then I was told a couple of days later that I had to start all over again from the beginning. I felt very disappointed to say the least. This school is quite expensive and to ask me to start over was an insult. I wouldn't recommend this school .
I'd like if the school was better organized and ran a bit more smoothly.
But the professors/teachers make going to this school worth it. They are wonderful and know exactly what they are teaching which makes learning that much more enjoyable and easier.
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I've never had any problems from my school.
Online classes are very organized and very helpful, but I prefer in class hands on.
Once again I love my school and my teachers. I can't wait till

I graduate!
The teachers will go out their way to make you understand your work. They take the time to help you.
The admissions process was great. I was really happy with how well it went.
Going to Virginia College has helped me become a better person when it comes to studying. The school helps me understand things and I feel like I learn things by asking questions, listening, and doing homework.
I love the school and the people! The teachers and everything are very helpful.
The academics Math, English, and computers gives the student what they need to use in the workforce and being better prepared.
My Academic adviser is always checking in to see how I am doing as a student. The Professor's I have had in the online class setting respond to emails questions, phone calls in a timely manner and very helpful with the student concerns,
The beat financial aid experience
Haven't had too much student interaction but the little I did was good
They have a great career placement program
I haven't started yet but my professor is very nice and knowledgeable.
Everyone is very nice and knowledgeable. My counselor is the best. Financial aid was easier than other schools I've dealt with. Overall has been the best college experience.
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all the staff are great. they are willing to help and want everyone to succeed
everyone is very friendly and willing to help
They are great at trying to help everyone out
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