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I am a current student at Virginia College- Greenville. I love they way the professors takes interest in the students here. At this time there is nothing that i would like to see changed.
The Teacher on the campus love their jobs and what they do. They go above and beyond for the students and make sure that they understand what they are learning
Everyone is so friendly and helpful. the staff is always willing to help with anything. the application process was easy and stress free.
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Virginia college is a very good school to attend. Yes the classes are fast paced but the teachers do take time out to make sure you understand everything.
Virginia College is one of the most, recognize colleges out there, They help with you achieve your goals and dreams, by providing you with the tools that will make you successful.
the school ni chose for myself , because they overall faught with me each step of the way. they also helped my exprience flow smoothly by working around my schedule
Some of the classes you don't need.
Not a good one at all. No internship for business majors which sucks.
business, some of the teachers are great. Opportunities suck.
Thank you for letting me express myself.
The professors will work with the students so to what time works best for them and making sure the students leave with all their work. They know that life happens. People who work full time, have kids, have responsibilities outside of school such as themselves and understand and are willing to do what they can to help you succeed in the classroom.
Ever since I wandered into the lobby, my life has changed. I thought colleges were stressful and you were basically on your own. But here, it's like a family. They treat you with a big smile and remember you by name. All I was looking for was answers to my questions but what I got was more than I bargained for! I met with an enrollment specialist and getting to know her and letting her get to know me, I feel forever changed. They are truly caring people and remember the personal stories you share and makes you feel like you're at home. All I wanted was to get a couple questions answered. But instead, I got new friends.
The courses and professors here strive to meet the needs of students with their careers and classes.The instructors get to know the students and make them feel comfortable in the classroom and makes it a positive atmosphere. Even when you're late or miss a class, the professors genuinely reach out to the students to see what's going on and what can they do to help you succeed. They purposely have small classes so the students are able to ask all their questions and don't feel uncomfortable coming up to them when they have a problem.
Overall, the college is one of the best choices I have made in my life. They seem to see what my goals are in life and they show me the direct path as to how to get there. I have never had a college that would seem to not hesitate to bend over backwards for me and to meet my needs than Virginia College.
The school is very diverse by ethnicity, religion, and gender. Everyone had came from different places and all had different backgrounds but all working towards the same goal- to better themselves and their life. Everyone is very friendly and close-knit as the students even to the instructors. The instructors really care for their students which creates a positive atmosphere when coming into the classroom.
The financial process was very detailed and the financial specialists were knowledgeable and were able to answer all the questions that came to mind. They even let me fill out last year's FASFA so that I could start sooner and would be able to get more money for school- which is really helpful!
The post-grad services offer career preparation with assisting in interviewing techniques, analysis for career choice, and career choice job market research to improve the chances of landing a job in the field of the students study. They go out to employers to gain a relationship so while in school, the students get to choose what setting they would like to be in and are more likely to have an externship to where they are most comfortable.
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I love their pharmacy tech program! They don't mess around with the unneeded classes and get down to the core classes that are essential to Pharmacy. They make these programs to give you the education you need to know and will use in the career everyday. They want you to know all about the career you will be stepping into and give you an externship where you are out in the field and know what it's really like out there!
The Academics offered range from the sciences to cosmetology to culinary. They provide vast science programs and provide specialized educational services. They provide in-depth educational programs that give emphasis to business, technical, and professional education for direct entry into the jobs. With the externships, they give employers students who know the business to which they hire on even before graduating. If the externship doesn't hire the graduates on, the school provides a career service to which they dedicate themselves to assist in finding the students a job in the market.
I like how small and simple their campus is. All my classes would be in one hallway- not like most colleges where I would be bouncing around campus to campus and getting lost to every class. They purposely have small classrooms so the instructors can be more one-on-one with the students and so the students don't feel so overwhelmed with not getting their questions answered. Along with the simple and small classrooms, they have a small library. Everyone is really peaceful and you have your own space to study or use their computers at your convenience. I like that their campus is one giant loop so even the science, cosmetology, and culinary have their own space but yet are all tied together if you choose to see someone in a different area.
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