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My experience at Virginia college was an OK experience. There could have been some major areas of improvement.
I enjoyed my time here at VC. The staff were very helpful in time of need. They made you feel welcome and always was there to help when you needed them. Classrooms were small and not over crowded. I'm currently in my last term and I feel like I'm leaving home. I'm really gonna miss my VC family in Florence SC. Awesome faculty.
I really didn't like that tuition was raised and the Phlebotomy testing wasn't part of the tuition right as a lot of students are ready to graduate, we know have higher monthly payments than before and it becoming really a struggle for some to just pay the monthly bill. We can't transfer any credits to any other school other than another Virginia College.
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Again, career services is there if you need them for almost anything.
Some classes we didn't have the materials needed to effectively teach what we needed to know. Some teachers went out and bought materials to substitute for what the school was missing.
I LOVE CAREER SERVICES!!! I am just know getting to know the ladies that run the service and they tell it like it is. They need to know you to speak for you and they will defiantly know me.
All programs have there fair share of work load that we students have to make time in our out of class life to complete. I will begin internship in October and can't wait!!!
Like any school you should enroll because your ready for a change. Virginia College has the tools needed if you access them to be a winner in your chosen career.
My program director has done a great job in scheduling my classes to fit my academic flexibility.
Only my 3rd term but I have heard good things about job prospects before and after graduation.
So far my teachers are wonderful. They take the time to make sure you understand all topics and subjects
The career center at my school is awesome. They take the time to place you in your desired career.
The academic experience at my school is challenging sometimes but I know that the work that is given is only going to progress my learning experience.
My school i unique because it is career based and it strives on being professional.
The career services help you to the best and provided you with help that you may need.
the classes are small and easy access.
I haven't done my internship yet but I have heard that it is a great experience.
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The program is great you learn different things.
my experience at this school has been very wonderful so far.
The instructors and administrators at Virginia College of Florence SC, strive to create a friendly and encouraging environment. I must say that they are doing an outstanding job.
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