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Being in cosmotology is a very fun and exciting
Everything is so good so far!
The school has changed so much since I've started. The whole faculty is awful!!! They don't hear or listen to the students. All they care about is our tuition.
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The online class instructors was the best and very knowledgeable about the subjects. They always gave extra information to help you understand.
The online courses through the school was much better than in class room.
There is always someone new in the career center. They are always going through new people in it.
Some professors show no interest in the students learning.
I wish I could had learn more.
My program adviser usually was update on helping her students. The work load varies depends on the instructor and the assignments can be confusing or unrealistic depends on the instructor.
Some instructors don't always seem knowledgeable about subjects they are assigned to them. The instructors will spend more time reflecting life stories about themselves instead of what we paid them for. There are instructors that care about the students. Good luck with hoping you get one of them.
There could be more options.
Career services work very hard to get students placed on a job by doing mock interviews and revising resumes.
The classes that I took were great and full of information. There were a few textbooks that had errors like crazy but that's not in the school that's on the makers of the books. The class sizes were wonderful and the instructors made time for u if u didn't understand work.
My academic experience as been awesome.
I have enjoyed my experience at Virginia College. I've received the proper training to make me successful in my career as a medical assistant. As well as being placed somewhere for externship for a job and not just hours for school.
Medical Assistant still in school, the work load is reasonable if you study you will do good. The faculity and instructors really about there students.
Going to Virginia College was the best choice i ever made.
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I was looking to be a medical assistant and at Virginia College I feel like I am on the right track.
My major is something that I have always wanted to do and so far it's great.
My experience at Virginia College so far is awesome, I learned something new and useful everyday.
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