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I Actually go to Virginia College in Knoxville,Tn. But my experience has been amazing so far and I really looking forward to going to school there.
They are very friendly and nice . The classes are very small which, makes it easier to learn. 70% of the work is hands on actually showing you how it’s done and the other 30% is homework,bookwork, and tests.
Enrollment was easy and the teachers really care about my education. The first day of class was amazing, I never connecting with any class on the level that I did at Virginia College. Going to Virginia College makes me look forward to tomorrow and makes me feel better about my future, HOPE!
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All the employees and professors that I’ve met so far were great! They walk you to class on your first day and they are there with you every step of the way!
Great advisory’s and financial team can’t wait to get started tuesday morning on furthering my education and career
Im attending Virginia College in Savannah Ga. The staff is the most caring, nurturing staff that you could ever ask for. The instructors care about their students and make it a top priority to enable each student to be 100% successful in their chosen career. Its more like a family than a college and I would recommend Virginia College in Savannah to anyone!
College is fun at times.Also it can get stressful. I would like to see that we have breaks during the time our kids do when in school.
Took a tour of this campus and it's really nice. Everyone was very helpful and I look forward to attending.
This is an awesome college for people who do not feel they can handle a four-year institution. Very friendly and easy to get to. I feel as if I am receiving a great-quality education.
I am recently attending Virginia College Birmingham. The teachers are very understanding and helpful. I also love the administration staff. This is a great college to attend.
I absolutely love it. The people are amazing and are willing to help you with anything and everything! Most definitely recommend!
I attend Virginia College online. Overall, the school is ok. I think that they should change the structure of their classes.
I am just beginning my education with Virginia College. First of all the course work is designed to WORK for me as each part is completed. I love the user friendly way the education works into the job market. I am in network engineering and am now interviewing for part time jobs to take care of my expenses while in school. Virginia College helps students win with education that works in the real world.
I don't take online classes but i'm pretty sure they are the same way as the campus courses
The best things about the school is that the staff and students makes you feel welcome. When you work through the doors you get greeted with love.
my rate and overall review is that the business field is full of fun because we get to dress up in business attire, so that gives us a feel of the how to approach the business workforce or a client when we are dealing with one.
the academics program unique because you get to do a lot of hands on activities.
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This has been a great journey attending Virginia College Birmingham because the professors encourages you to push yourself, bring the best out of you and help you learn things about you that you didn't even know existed in your mind of thinking. They staff here understands your life struggles, helps you with employment and they are very supportive of your careers in life.
Staff and the teachers. Are very helpful
I have learned a lot in this short period of time. The staff have been very helpful with getting me started and answering all queations
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