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I find the college to be very challenging and rewarding. The communication from superiors have been nice. The professors seem to go above and beyond to answer questions to complete a great academic.
The outcome of graduates getting the job they desired are very high. I have not met a grad who was not satisfied with their choice and placement in the field they studied in.
Class sizes range, they are never too big or too small. The courses for the diploma and the degree program are very acceptable. They get straight to the point so one is not wasting time on something they are not interested in. The instructors are all wonderful. Many are experienced in their studies and in the fields the college offers.
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The value of degree varies from student to student. My perspective on the quality of my degree is very high. I have potentially acquired a plethora of information that I was unable to before. I am still in the process of finishing my degree and I could not be more ecstatic. Everyone is wonderful here.
The unique aspects of my program would be the hands on experience that all students receive. Learning things about the medical field before one enters it is a great deal. VC is successful at teaching students how to perform life like tasks, tests, vital signs and so much more. Not only is it just the Medical Assisting program that allows our students to have more than enough experience, but also the Cosmetology program, the Medical Billing and Coding, Business Administration, and the Networking and Programming program. Nothing is too hard at Virginia College when you put your mind to the work and apply your skills and knowledge. Learning is very successful.
I have attended MGCCC JD campus. In my very little time there, I found that more instructors focused on particular students and did not have the time to individually work with those who needed extra help. I immediately found myself out of place and I had no desire to continue an education there. I started Virginia College in May of 2014, and since I have been there, my outlook on my career path has greatly increased. The instructors are the type of motivators, leaders, and teachers that any student with or without hope for the future would need. They truly care about the student's education and want them to succeed. The campus as a whole entity admires students for their achievements and academic success. The participation rate of the campus brings in a loving, motivated crowd. There is never a day when events and classes are not particularly awesome. I could not have made a better decision of where to continue my education.
Great schedule with flexibility to change if needed.
Small classes with a lot of one on one interaction.
A lot of hands on practice, labs and test.
The work really helps you understand what it is you have to do and the correct way to do it.
Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
they are always there to help you if you need the help.
The instructors seem really laid back and easy to talk to. The registration process was smooth and easy. All in all it took me about two hours to complete my registration, talk with faculty, and apply for financial aid.
I have always had a passion for technology and the classes offered here are awesome. It's a small group setting and I won't feel embarrassed to ask if I need help or have a problem. At the university level a lot of people just keep to them selves because the classes are bigger and they don't want to embarrass themselves by asking questions for the fear of others laughing or making rude comments. Virginia College is great because they are very hands on in the classroom so you don't waste time taking classes that aren't really used in the field.
I have to take night classes due to working during the day. The classes meet Monday-Thursday from 6pm-10pm with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. Some nights I will be coming straight from work and hoping to make it in time.
Everyone is there for the same reason to further and advance their careers. The class sizes are very small so there is more one on one attention and the classes feel like a small family.
The financial aid process was straightforward and results came within a few days. The amount you pay for tuition covers everything from your uniforms, books, supplies, and fees. Best way to find out about the financial aid you may receive is to do the FAFSA online.
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The financial aid process was very smoothe. The value of the education I am receiving is worth the amount of tuition. It is a great investment! Getting financial aid is easy as pie. All you have to do is talk to your financial aid specialist.
My experience has been a good one so far. The curriculum is very clear and easy to follow. My credits were easily transferred with no problem. However, transportation is the only frustration I have had with my experience.
There is a lot of uniqueness here and there are little to no problems with being accepted in regards to diversity.
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