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Virginia College - Baton Rouge Reviews

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Well I pick this school because of the schedule being very flexible.
I was in a two year program ,some teachers were very helpful like Mr. Sparks and miss Thomas were great teachers. Plain in simple it turned bad towards the ending I seen how much the teachers did give a damn whether you graduate are not. I ended up not graduating then I tried to get my certification the damn teacher didn't want to help me knowing I had surgery and just came out .i ended up taking the very on my own which cost 300 hundred dollars and failed.then when the teachers see you growing they get jealous of you. So now I have no degree no certification wasted 3 years on this and owe over 20,000 dollars. This school does not care bout their students. Don't not go here. Better off at a university for the price. At least their help you
So far, I’ve had a great experience with my school! My name is Quinn Armstead and my major is Pharmacy Tech! Teachers are very helpful, intelligent, and caring. Administrators are there to help you every step of the way, that way you never feel like you’re in it alone! There are plenty of opportunities at the school as well! Financial aid is awesome as well, you get everything you deserve and it help is needed, they work hard to make it as easy as possible for students to attend the college and get an education! I love my college and I’m looking forward to graduation!—I hear it’s “THE BEST”!!!
The teachers had great knowledge of the subjects they teached so you definitely learned what you needed to but one teacher bragged on ruining students gpa's and some played favorites it was definitely a some what messy environment but as is expected when your in a program with all women you will definitely learn and earn your diploma but you may go through hell to do it
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So far everything has moved very smoothly. I'm looking forward to returning to school next month and getting started on working towards a successful career.
They offer daytime and evening classes. There are also some night classes and I choose your schedule yourself
I prefer a traditional classroom because I can see and interact more with my peers.
They actually help you find a job after graduating
We have small classes, the professors don't mind helping the students whenever they don't have class, study groups are formed, and many more. Everybody gets along and help each other out.
They are constantly asking students for referrals.
You do your general then core classes. Lastly you do your extern. I am a business student.
This is a great school with awesome benefits as a student or a professor. Their outstanding and I would recommend them to everyone looking to continue their education.
This is all new to me I don't think I would ever go to another school because everything I could thing of is right there at Virginia College.
Everything is up to date.
Everything you need is right there for you all you have to do is ask.
Nicest people that I've ever been around dealing with school.
I am able to go to school and still handle my everyday life situations without any problems.
I really love the school.
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The experience will last a lifetime.
I love it. I'm fine with everything that I've been presented with.
I am focused and I am able to work around my schedule.
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