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Virginia College has been a great experience for me. They recently changed their programs, and made it simpler. They are still getting everything organized based off of this new change. All of the administrators and professors work with you. They really want to see you graduate and make it out into the field of your desire.
The school just started a new accreditation program and they haven’t worked out all the kinks. Terms start off with confusing and conflicting information
class schedule was messed up and then it caused a problem with the end of my program, now having to pay for two quarters which I cannot afford
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they really don't help with the online classes you do them on your own mostly
they are helpful in giving some information about places hiring
There is alot of career oppourtunity in Tenn for medical students
the courses were helpful and the professors were helpful when you asked
they try to work with you and your program
Had some trouble with the financial aid and transferring from one campus to another
If I have any problems, the school is behind you and trying to make a way for the success of the student.
It was very easy. If I needed help I could always go to my program director.
They always come back to give back to the school.
If I needed anything or help in my class, asking my program director was easy. They never said no and was very willing to help me any of my problems.
The student here are well determine.
I get hands- on teaching.
Virginia College of Augusta,Ga is always helpful in the student success.
the only problem i had was getting information from my former schools in PA to the proper people here. Also due to my financial status i could only take two classes for the first three quarters which now has me attending school for an extra quarter
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the school is giving me exactly what i need to move forward in my career. the plus to going here is not only will i be certified in medical assisting but i also get certified as a phlebotomy tech.
each teacher has their own unique styles of teaching I personally had a very difficult time this last quarter 3 weeks in we got a new teacher. She was more technical in her teaching whereas the former teacher was more interactive. the class size are a little much for my comfort level in this same class there was at least 40 people. It may vary based on the subject and the availability of multiple instructors.
there is a lot of diversity in this school; since a lot of the people in this area are military affiliates coming from different backgrounds, ethnic grown etc. being in my late 40's most of the students are just out of high school up to their 30's. the issues in this school don't have much to do with diversity as it does personality clashes
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