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I would like to see more in regards to more clubs for lgbtqia+ and those that are non-Judeo/Christian/Muslim religions. But the teachers are very understanding and many are willing to accommodate particular situations. Some will go out of their way to be able to help students make the most of the education they are trying to get.
I’m a freshman at Vincennes University and I strongly feel that VU could use a lot of help when it comes to helping their students. First off, the financial aid building is no help.. some professors are rude but some are really nice. The food is not good it literally makes me sick. The campus is so small and not very diverse and although VU admits anybody into their school I believe that should have a second guess at some people. I wouldn’t have thought fights would be happening nor bullying and the school not stepping in to do anything! Now if you commute from home or off campus housing you might have a better experience but if you’re staying on campus in the dorms ... think twice! The water in the tub doesn’t stays in till after you get out, some of the sinks are clogged and some of the beds aren’t protected! I feel the faculty needs to be addressed and something needs to be done to make Vincennes University a better college campus and to make it feel more like home!
Very Poor professors and Extremely bad financial aid and any other assistance help. I personally have gotten told to drop out multiple times by professors for small petty reasonings.
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Vincennes University is a good, cheap school to get general classes and maybe some beginning classes for certain majors. Otherwise, its best to go to another university as VU doesn't have very much that's worth your time.
I've been here for over a year now it is my second year here at Vincennes University and it has been great. The education that my professors give me is beyond what I expected when I came here. I've learned more information about my major, and it makes me want to use that knowledge to pursue my passion even more greater than previously. The professors are so caring and they want the students here to become successful in the end. It really helps me as a student, to push not only myself, but my professors to show them that I deserve to be here. The people that I've met here are so nice and kind. Some of the people that I have met, they have became some of my closest friends that I hope to have a connection with for a long time.
What I personally loved about Vincennes was that it’s nice and quite , and it seems like students and teachers get along well.
One thing about VU that you cant deny is the excellent professors here that want to see you succeed. I've only had one professor where I felt like they weren't putting me in the best possible position to pass the class.
The college offers a very good program for my major. Students are very social and like to have fun while getting work done in the process. The teachers help the students get the best grades they could possibly get through the semester.
I am still attending, but so far the school is very nice. The only negative thing about it would be the fact that some teachers don't care about most of their students. There is no interaction between the teachers and the students. However, the higher classes that you take in the college, the more they seem to care. So, classes for new students are going to be difficult due to the inconsistent teaching methods from the first year and second year teachers. This makes it difficult for the students to want to go to class and learn. I would know, I was that student.
The professors are amazing and I love the small class sizes! The price per credit hour is extremely affordable. The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to help with any questions one may have! I love the ability to take classes online and utilize an exam proctor for testing. The university has several extension campuses which is a tremendous benefit as well!
It's a fairly small campus that offers small class sizes so you can interact one on one with your professor if you need to. There are plenty of student ran clubs so one is sure to fit any attending student, and if there isn't a club you would join or there isn't one you would like to see starting a club is a fairly easy process as well.
Attending Vincennes is one of the greatest experiences a college student could ever have. The small campus makes it easy and available for all classes and its a warm home feeling living on or near the campus. Academic wise it is a great school to start out if you're still deciding on what
This school is what you make of it. There are many resources for student success if you know where to look, the teachers are very kind and helpful, and it is a good stepping-stone college if you are looking to transfer to another school.
I feel that Vincennes is desperately lacking in the cultural department. The financial aid helps no one! Every classmate at my school at least 3 out of 10 cannot continue the course because of the pricing or lack there of efficient up to date books and novels. I was extremely disappointed my last year at the University it has changed dramatically. There is NO MultiCultural organizations. I believe the school board at VU needs to be addressed . The majority of the student dorms are trifling and needs serious attention. We spend so much money for a greater future and excellent education but our living environment is poor like my rating. I don’t mean to bash the school but the truth must be told.
The Distance Education option is excellent for students who have a family or are currently working. You can fit school in to your schedule!
The faculty is wonderful to work with. Everyone is freindky and easy to work with. Campus and the town offer many great experiences!
The only thing I wish could be changed would be to add a soccer team because I love soccer and would love to be on a Vincennes University soccer team. Other than that everything else is very great!
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My experience with Vincennes University has been great the teachers are very helpful, and the Tudors are great as well. what I like about Vincennes university is that the school is very diverse and always have fun and exciting events for students to be involved in. I love that the teachers actually care about their students education they stay after class and help the students become successful in the class room. Also, Vincennes university has a great clubs like student government and honor society and fraternity and sororities that are actively involved on campus and in the community. What I would like to see change is the cafeteria food selections I would like them to offer more of a variety of foods
Vincennes University is a great college due to the fact it’s a cheap college to get in to. It’s one of the cheapest colleges in the state and it’s really nice for it’s price. Class size is small which is convenient for those who want smaller classes instead of the high-numbered classes. Professors can focus on the student even more and can help out when they need it.
Vincennes University is a wonderful place to further your education. The professors are amazing, helpful, and kind.
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