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Villanova is a great place for academics. I've had a lot of amazing opportunities as a science major. However, it is super homogeneous. The student body (the villanova nice) just doesn't really care about anything. My classes have been great except for intro theology, which as a non-Catholic was disastrous. I know most theology professors are not like that, but the one I had really just ruined my semester experience and never failed to make my views feel unwelcome.

Diversity is next to non-existent, basketball is fun to have around, if you research and pick woke professors you'll be good, housing honestly isn't bad at all, the campus is super safe, the party scene is extremely lacking, the local area and police doesn't like the university much, the food isn't the worst (some locations are better than others). You'll get a good education for sure, but the environment is lacking at best.
Villanova University has a wonderful, welcoming community. There are so many ways to get involved, and the staff and students are very friendly and encouraging. You do not feel like you are competing in a classroom, but working with your peers. I would say two criticisms are the food (at times) and the limited business classes available when registering as a freshman.
I love the academic excellence and desire to always improve. The process to apply was very easy and the recruiting coordinators were excellent.
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So far I have loved my experience here at Villanova University. There are hundreds of clubs and organizations that are available as extracurricular activities, from martial arts and business societies to baking club and being ambassadors for either the entire school or the School of Business like myself. The professors are fantastic and provide the time necessary within class and outside of class to ask questions and make sure you understand the curriculum. Around Villanova are several pretty towns that have great things to do, and our athletic programs provide great games to watch for students. I know leaving Villanova I will have a great job and will have had a great overall experience as a college student.
Villanova is a good community where everybody is friendly and easy to get a long with. The campus is a very safe place where everybody can reinvent themselves and start a new life. The campus life is unique where there is always something you can do to the people at Villanova it is one of the most engaged campuses anyone has ever seen.
Coming to Villanova has been one of the Absolutely BEST Decision I've ever made in my life!!

Super Friendly and Outgoing Student Body; Gorgeous, Safe, and Vibrant Campus; Easy Access to the City; and an Incredible Sense of School Spirit.

Villanova is an incredibly special and one of a lifetime experience. There's always so many things going on here: Basketball games, Campus events, Club events, Fundraisers, Retreats, Celebrities Visiting, Concerts, Traditions, Parties, Gatherings, Socials. I've traveled to sports games, performed with music groups, and done community service domestically and globally in both popular and exotic parts of the world hugely thanks to Villanova. Numerous clubs to find your social circle. Food's pretty good, and it's all you can eat so you'll rarely ever go hungry. Dorms are awesome!! Students really bond together and there is an incredible sense of community!!
The school is clearly overrated. The professors are extremely incompetent and have NO passion about teaching their students. It seems they don't care about our success but only their research. No wonder it was ranked so high, but definitely not for teaching. Go for Villanova if you want reputation, choose somewhere else if you want real QUALITY.
I love Villanova because of its large sense of community. Everyone is connected in some way and always willing to lend a helping hand. Visiting the university during high school gave me a small glimpse of what life would be like and influenced my college decision. Go wildcats!
I am not religious and came only because I had a good amount of financial aid, but the school does not shove religion down one's face nor does it ignore other beliefs. It has a nice campus, great professors, and you'll have a good time with others.
Great opportunities for those in the nursing and business school. That being said, they have a severe lack of focus on the College Science. Very little research being done in the sciences, which is contrasted by constant renovations of other College buildings. As a biology major this was very frustrating. Overall a pretty friendly and welcome community. Good basketball team if you want that to be a part of your college career. Party scene is lacking if that is what you are looking for. There is no Greek row on campus so almost all night life happens off campus so get used to scrounging up pledge rides and paying for Ubers. Two of the three local campus bars also just closed down so it is unclear what that will lead to. Housing is fine. They have been expanding incoming freshman classes, but not expanding freshman dorms so most freshman now are forced into triples when in the past it was mostly doubles.
Villanova was the best decision of my life (honestly). I had just ok grades as a senior. But, the Career Center on campus had several high profile companies come in to interview the graduating seniors. No lie, I had 4 industries to choose from Pharma, Commercial real estate, stock brokerage and high-tech. I graduate with a job and started working just 5 days after graduation (in high-tech). Good salary, car allowance, car phone and expense budget. Villanova is great for connections and employers that are serious about hiring hard working career-minded students.
Villanova is a wonderful blend of challenging courses and friendly support. The classes you take are always geared towards preparing you for a professional career. The workload can sometimes seem like much, but the student community is extremely open to helping. There are several places on campus where students help with Mathematics and writing papers. Plus the professors are always around for extra help. Overall Villanova is perfect for students looking to challenge themselves and prepare for their career.
The classes are small which is extremely beneficial to getting to know your teachers. However, the classes themselves are not very diverse and is lacking in a sense.
The community at Villanova is by far the best aspect of this university--everyone here has a sense of pride in their school and this shows in the activities and events that we put on, whether it is Special Olympics weekend or a basketball game. The campus itself is beautiful and is currently undergoing major renovations. Housing is definitely better than any comparative schools that I've heard of, and although the food isn't the best, I don't know of anyone who loves their dining services. Would choose Nova again and again over any university.
I had incredible professors, intelligent classmates and met some of my favorite people that I will be friends with for the rest of my life. There is a really strong sense of "community" within the university that encourages deep, meaningful relationships. My major critique is that the student body is very homogenous - typically white from the Northeast in the upper-middle to upper class background. It is definitely something that allows for people to stay in a "bubble," but Villanova provides a lot of different classes, service work and groups to introduce new ideas and opinions if you're interested. The social life wasn't similar to any of the major state universities - but basketball games are amazing, people like to go out and socialize and if Greek life is your thing it definitely has a presence (but if it's not your's definitely not a necessity to have social events to go to).
Great quality school, prepare to be burned out fast if you do not have plenty of money. There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of because of the Alumni Association and the proximity to Philly.
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I have loved my experience on campus so far. No complaints and would recommend Villanova to anyone.
Villanova was the perfect match for me. The faculty, professors, and fellow classmates really care about each other and over 4 years really become like family. There is a lack of diversity, save for athletes. Community service is a big part of the campus culture and almost everyone volunteers at least once, whether it's on a service trip, Day of Service, or through clubs/organizations. Since it's 12 miles outside Philly access to the city is very easy yet it's not an urban campus at all.
Going to Villanova was the best decision I ever made. Between winning the NCAA Championship my freshman year, to meeting some of the best people, I am so happy with my decision.
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