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Beautiful location & campus. Everyone is very friendly. Sports are popular & there is great school spirit. Academics are challenging and professors are professional & dedicated. we
Great for personal academic attention and career services, but poor for social life. But college is about more than going to classes and getting a job. Of course those are important factors one should consider when applying to schools, however, that should not be the sole deciding factor. In Villanova's case, the social scene is very poor. This is in part due to Radnor, the surrounding community. Radnor will try to do everything in its power to undermine Villanova. This in turn takes away from student life and the social scene. Because parties are not able to take place in walking distance, there are fewer parties and they are very exclusive to greek life or select clubs. Students need an outlet to blow-off steam and parties are the typical remedy. Villanova is not the place (at the moment) for students who seek a well-rounded college experience. I sincerely hope this changes as I believe Villanova is near-perfect in many other ways.
There is something for everyone at Villanova. There are a vast amount of clubs, organizations, and sports opportunities for someone to become involved. The school community and pride are amazing. The classes are challenging but interesting and the faculty is very accessible. The only downside is the dorms could use some updating (compared to facilities at other schools I visited), but the University is working on that.
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Villanova is a great school academically but lacks in what many call the typical "college experience". Many have grown up in a bubble, which persists within the school. The school also lacks in diversity, which may be a culture shock to many who have grown up in a diverse environment. However, everyone is nice and class sizes are reasonable for personal attention from professors.
I visited Villanova over the summer and was wowed by how friendly they were there. I got to talk to students at the Clay Center and it seems that their recruitment opportunities for finance students are outstanding. I'm really looking forward to becoming a Wildcat, but financial aid is still a question
The school spirit at Villanova is incredible. From the basketball team to special olympics, there is a strong community that always comes together. The scenery with the stone buildings are beautiful. It is a medium sized school in the suburbs, but still close enough to Philadelphia to take a short train ride. I love everything about it.
While I am only a sophomore now at Villanova, I have had many experiences in only my first year. At times, it shows that the diversity on campus is lacking; however, there are many clubs and opportunities for students in a minority to see peers who look/are like them. Villanova is the 8th most expensive school in the country; however, there does seem to be a very good return on the investment. And I shouldn't even need to mention the 3x National Champions. Go Cats!
Villanova is a great school. Professors really care about you as a student you just have to be willing to go meet with them. I would change and add more food places on campus
I have had the most wonderful experience thus far at Villanova! Faculty members are actively invested in your academic and personal success. Classes are challenging in a productive way. The entire campus is a supportive community that comes together for events such as Special Olympics and sports games. Food and dorms are both better than I expected, and the campus and surrounding area are beautiful and very safe.
I have found my home away from home at Villanova! The people, professors, and everyone in the area are so welcoming and kind. I love going to back to school!
Great school. Incredible professors. Humanities department is one of the best in the country with professors who are engaging, knowledgeable and among the bests in their field.
Villanova is a very welcoming school. I felt like I was a part of something as soon as I stepped on campus. However, the diversity can definitely be improved.
Villanova is a wonderful, cultivating environment. The university encourages not only personal growth, but a strong sense of community.
I believe that as a student of color going to Villanova I have learned a great deal and had many experiences that were amazing but some experiences that were truly disappointing. It is tough always being the only person of color in your classes or always being expected to fail simply because of the color of your skin.
I've only been at Villanova for one year so far and I absolutely love it. I was so nervous when I first came to Nova; the school is far away from where I live in Illinois and I did not know anyone attending the school. I didn't know if I had made the right decision, but those feelings quickly went away as I began to meet some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Villanova is truly a close-knit community. I found myself surrounded by equally ambitious, driven, kind people. Along with all the amazing people I met, I had amazing professors at Villanova in the Villanova School of Business and outside of it through required courses like Ancients and Moderns that have helped me make connections outside of the school in the field I want to establish my career in. I could not imagine attending any other university; I found my home at Nova.
I love Villanova so much. It truly lives out it’s motto of caritas (Love), veritas (truth), and unitas (unity). As a community everyone is very inviting and there are so many so many different ways to get involved on campus. I currently participate in athletics and the baking club. What other school lets you cook in the dining hall? The professors are also great. Many of them are truly committed to your learning and will meet you based on your schedule instead what works best for them. The campus is also drop dead gorgeous. With just celebrating 175 year’s, Villanova doesn’t look old. The campus is constantly being renovated over the summer months so each new year the students come back to the best college campus. The beautiful stone dorms and buildings are amazing to walk by to class. Villanova just completed a new walkway bridge and are in the process of building new apartments for seniors so that more students can stay on campus.
My alma mater has been the best experience of my life and the best investment I have made in education for my eldest son.
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I am a Finance and MIS double major at Villanova's Business School and I have had an amazing experience so far. There are so many resources available and all the professors are always available to help and they all truly want you to succeed. Sometimes they help to put you in touch with recruiters from top companies and they even offer some interview prep advice. We also have peer tutors who are current students that counsel and help you. Honestly, the institutions in this school are set up in order to ensure that every student succeeds. It's a great school.
My overall opinion of Villanova University is that it has truly earned its prestige. I chose Villanova University because I wanted a university where there was a strong sense of community and because of my experiences here, I know I have chosen the right college. Villanova's faculty and students put their best effort support each other. By the end of my freshman year, I had a multitude of encouraging mentors who I have appreciated as an extended support system. It is difficult for Computer Engineers to study abroad after your sophomore year. However, we are learning incredibly interesting and relevant skills by professors who are enthusiastic about the topics they teach. There are countless clubs of a wide variety that will fit everyone's interests, and if not, Villanova encourages students to begin clubs to suit more people. While the food isn't always great, I have come to Villanova to learn and grow professionally and personally, and I can attest that it is going wonderfully.
Very competitive to get involved in clubs and other organizations. People are very nice always and it is not super cut-throat.
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