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I had incredible professors, intelligent classmates and met some of my favorite people that I will be friends with for the rest of my life. There is a really strong sense of "community" within the university that encourages deep, meaningful relationships. My major critique is that the student body is very homogenous - typically white from the Northeast in the upper-middle to upper class background. It is definitely something that allows for people to stay in a "bubble," but Villanova provides a lot of different classes, service work and groups to introduce new ideas and opinions if you're interested. The social life wasn't similar to any of the major state universities - but basketball games are amazing, people like to go out and socialize and if Greek life is your thing it definitely has a presence (but if it's not your's definitely not a necessity to have social events to go to).
Great quality school, prepare to be burned out fast if you do not have plenty of money. There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of because of the Alumni Association and the proximity to Philly.
I have loved my experience on campus so far. No complaints and would recommend Villanova to anyone.
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Villanova was the perfect match for me. The faculty, professors, and fellow classmates really care about each other and over 4 years really become like family. There is a lack of diversity, save for athletes. Community service is a big part of the campus culture and almost everyone volunteers at least once, whether it's on a service trip, Day of Service, or through clubs/organizations. Since it's 12 miles outside Philly access to the city is very easy yet it's not an urban campus at all.
Going to Villanova was the best decision I ever made. Between winning the NCAA Championship my freshman year, to meeting some of the best people, I am so happy with my decision.
I had an excellent experience at Villanova and would highly recommend it based off of the tight-knit community, strong academics, and solid network.

The tight-knit community was the most important factor to me. When I visited, I was blown away by how friendly the students were, how highly they spoke of the school, and how close students were not only to each other, but also to the faculty. That community was only further proven to me once I enrolled.

I was also drawn to Villanova due to its strong academics. The business school’s ranking was improving, and I wanted to pursue a Finance degree. Having successfully completed three Finance internships and landed a job at Deutsche Bank, I can say with confidence that Villanova prepared me very well.

Finally, I was impressed with Villanova’s solid network. Because the community is so strong, it extends after graduation. Villanova alumni are more than willing to help out students and assist them in landing internships and jobs.
The school definitely has good programs no matter what you major in. They are currently investing more money to improve the school which will allow for more activities. A downside of the school is that it struggles to create an inclusive community for students of color.
I can't even describe how much I love this university. Villanova was NOT at the top of my list for schools, but out of all the schools I got into I liked it the best. But even then I wasn't sure of it and was planning if I didn't like it then I could switch out. However, I could NEVER imagine doing that now because I love it so much. I was admitted into the honors program, and I chose to be in an Cohort where my three of my classes were very small.
The Villanova College of Nursing is incredible with state of the art simulation labs and outstanding faculty. They push you to your limits, and create a challenging and rigorous environment. The one thing I would change about Villanova is the demographics. It's a lot of the same people, and a lot of them are from New Jersey.
Villanova has ignited my passion and made me feel like a truly belong. The courses I have taken have given me insight into the world and I have matured since I arrived in August 2015. The community has welcomed me and I am proud to be a Villanovan.
Villanova has great academics, and their alumni take care of the students very well. The food is supplied by WaWa, and is pretty good, with lots of diverse options. There are lots of clubs, and many ways to get involved.
Some of the housing is subpar for the tuition, however, they are building new dorms.
Freshman teachers are apathetic and really bad.
Sometimes it can be difficult to find 'your' crowd and find fun that doesn't include drinking, smoking, or really crappy parties. Unless youre in som clubs, frats, or sports, finding parties is tough.
Great experience overall. Made many friends during my college years and had a great time in the process. However, the school needs to increase its diversity and the party scene can be waaay better. Police in the area is very stringent and bars are mediocre. I ended up going to Philly a lot which is not ideal because it is a 25 minute trip from Villanova.
Villanova is great for people who see college as an obligation not an opportunity. The classes are easy enough and with a huge alumni network, job placement is a safe bet. However, for students who enjoy learning and have interests beyond natural light, fraternity hoodies, and D1 basketball, the Villanova "bubble" as they call it suffocates all sense of intellectual and personal discovery. I am applying to transfer now after my second year, something I should have done over a year ago when I realized Villanova had lied to me. They lied and said greek life was not the centerpiece of student life. They lied and said that Philadelphia was readily accessible. They lied and said that Catholicism did not dictate the administrative and academic actions of the university.
The academics and student-teacher relationship is great. The professors are willing to help you succeed so, even though the work can be demanding and challenging at times, the difficulty of class materials is bearable.
Villanova is absolutely beautiful. I love that it is catholic. The campus is beautiful. I wouldn't change a thing. I especially love that it it conservative
Villanova had a beautiful campus and the education is fantastic! As an intended business major, I was a little disappointed on how outdated the inside of the buildings were for a school that is so well known. I hope to see in the future some more renovations. Also on my tour they did not show us their sports complex which was disappointing since it is a major feature that draws so many prospective students to the school.
My first year here as an international student is not lonely as I expected. I got into the Learning Community Program that the university offers and it has been a meaningful experience, and also an easy way for me to connect and get to know the other freshmen coming here. This program is about first-year students choosing the same learning community in which they can live next to each other, go to the same classes, and that has made life in university much more comfortable and fun! The professors are great and kind, they always offer help when you have trouble understanding materials. The campus is beautiful, and there are many places you can stop by near Villanova. The spirit here is also fundamentally strong, can be manifested by the passion for basketball here, maybe because the school's team won the NCAA last year. Overall: Nova Nation!
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I visited Villanova and fell in love. I can see myself fitting in perfectly. It is conveniently located near me yet I would still be moving away and starting over. I am pursuing a major in nursing and Villanova's nursing facilities are state of the art. I also loved the fact that there are train stations on campus for east access into the city of Philadelphia. The students and tour guides were very kind to me and the campus itself is beautiful. Overall I really love Villanova.
Overall, I am so glad I decide to come to Villanova over all of the other schools that I was considering. They offer a friendly, enthusiastic, and fun community of people all looking for a good time. This alongside with the high class education and opportunities provided make Villanova a college everyone should consider. Plus, we the Natty Champs!!!
Don't come here. The housing is horrendous, no AC and there is a cockroach infestation as well as rodent. Not worht the 65k you pay. Residence life does nothing to help students in unsanitary living conditions. Overall bad experience.
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