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My overall opinion of Villanova University is that it has truly earned its prestige. I chose Villanova University because I wanted a university where there was a strong sense of community and because of my experiences here, I know I have chosen the right college. Villanova's faculty and students put their best effort support each other. By the end of my freshman year, I had a multitude of encouraging mentors who I have appreciated as an extended support system. It is difficult for Computer Engineers to study abroad after your sophomore year. However, we are learning incredibly interesting and relevant skills by professors who are enthusiastic about the topics they teach. There are countless clubs of a wide variety that will fit everyone's interests, and if not, Villanova encourages students to begin clubs to suit more people. While the food isn't always great, I have come to Villanova to learn and grow professionally and personally, and I can attest that it is going wonderfully.
Very competitive to get involved in clubs and other organizations. People are very nice always and it is not super cut-throat.
The value and community in Nova are SOOOOOO good. Everyone really cares about each other and wants to change the world so how. Go Nova!!! Go Cats!!!
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There's not too much diversity, but everyone is very nice and everyone accepts everyone else as part of nova nation! the campus is very nice and its great to be so close to philadelphia. go cats!
I love being a part of the Villanova Community. I have found a home here among service organizations, Campus Ministry, Villanova Voices, and several other activities. While I agree that there are many valid criticisms about Villanova's lack of racial and socio-economic diversity, I also see how these issues inspire action among some groups of students. I am always impressed by the pride that students take in making this community as vibrant and inclusive as possible. The level of motivation and enthusiasm among Villanovans is inspiring.
Also- NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2018!!!!!!! Thank you, and go cats \\V//
I was a Chem major in the class of ‘62, and, after a wasted year at FSU and three wake-up years in the Army, graduated as a Math major in the class of ‘66. I received a great education and loved the experience. My daughter graduated 25 years after me as an Accounting major. She was also well educated and loved the experience.
Certain things that I like about Villanova University are the small classrooms ranging from 25-30 students and that is really helpful for me because all of my professors know my name. I also like that the professors really take their time out to help the students with any subject and they do this by staying after class and office hours. One thing Villanova could improve on is the diversity and this is important because the race is predominantly white and I would defintley like to see a change in that.
As a nursing student at Villanova, I am excited to have the support of my professors. They are all so caring!
You leave Villanova not only a better scholar, but a better person. Excellent academics, community and value system. You get out what you put in, and Villanovans are known for going all in.
The Experience at Villanova University is Phenomenal.
What i Like about Villanova, they are so generous to hold Special Olympics Fall Games at their campus. I would like to see more Gluten Free options in the Cafeteria.
I think that while Academics and the campus environment are excellent, Villanova needs to foster better relationships between faculty and students.
Villanova has been a wonderful experience thus far providing wonderful online options allowing students to work full time.
Villanova is a great university. The academics is good especially Business and Engineering. There is a high graduation rate and it is easy to get a job. The basketball team is the best in the nation.
Although there is somewhat of an academic challenge, you are a part of a network of people, who want to help and change the world for the better.
Villanova has such a warm and welcoming atmosphere that made transitioning my freshman year a breeze. There's so many opportunities to get involved and find your niche on campus. I always described it as the perfect fit for me because it's a smaller community with the excitement and pride of a large state school.
Everyone at Villanova is so nice. Ever since my first day I have felt completely welcomed by all staff, students, and alumni. The connections from this school after graduation make the price worth it.
At first i disliked villanova- i was homesick and felt like there was no outlet for the stressful work (aka a struggle to party). But as the semester progressed, I met new friends, I managed my workload, and found it easier to go out at night. Villanova is not a top party school but the parties are fun, the students are friendly, and (if you manage to create a good schedule for yourself) the classes are interesting and the work is manageable (most of the time). Students do tend to be preppy, which I am not, but I do not feel discredited with having my own style. Love VU can't wait to go back.
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Takes a very specific kind of person to love it, but if you love it you LOVE it. Academics are difficult and most professors are good, the advising freshman year is solid, parties are annoying first semester freshman year because its all word of mouth and you need to get rides to frats (you can't uber to a frat), food is decent but repetitive, baskeball games are fun, dorms are nice but forced triples are not.
Great community spirit, caring and accessible professors,basketball scene really unites the campus-challenging yet fair academics;lots of student activities that appeal to the entire student body
Villanova gets a reputation as a preppy university because of the expensive tuition. However, the school provides a massive amount of opportunities for students that is worth much more than what is being paid. Villanova provides top tier education as well as a multitude of different ways to get involved on campus. Diverse clubs, entertaining music, and exciting athletics is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what students can do at Villanova. This school also provides an unmatched sense of family among students. Lifelong friends are truly made here and I would not want to be anywhere else.
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