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I like Villa Maria College for the most part. The graphic design program that I am in is the best in the area, if not Western New York. I am very lucky to be a part of the graphic design community and know that my professors want me to succeed and are very helpful when it comes to critiques and projects. Downsides to my college, there are no dorms or housing so if you do not live in the area, you are forced to pay an outrageous amount of money to live off campus. There is a limited supply of food for our dining hall and it closes at I believe 2 which is not very helpful if you have night classes. I want to see the college expand more, ESPECIALLY in the dining hall area, athletics, and student life as I feel like we are not involved with the community unlike other schools in the area.
The relationships between students and or the staff has been the most rewarding part of my college experience thus far.
A lot of people will tell you their experience with Villa Maria college wasn’t all that great. I can tell you Villa is where I met the most wonderful friends I know I will have forever. Between going down to the cafeteria during campus hour when no one has a class and the students gather in the cafeteria for Kareoke, free coffee, free pastries and cookies. My whole group of friends and I would sit at a table which always had an overflow of mutual friends so we would sit at two or three separate tables. But we would all still talk to each other and talk about the funniest stuff and we would talk about all hanging out and plan game nights where the whole friend group was invited to have a bon fire and play games, no drinking or doing drugs. Just simple innocent friendship I had always yearned for.
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A really great small college. The professors and staff are very nice and help you get connections. They also offer work study and the student success center~ free tutoring.
Rated four out of five for friendliness of the staff and their willingness to help students in need. However, the area itself the college is located is a bit rough.
All of my professor's are so sweet and very helpful. They are also very easy to approach with certain concerns or questions I may have had. I would recommend Villa Maria College to any of my friends looking to go into the art field. I have learned so much in just one year of attending Villa. I am using what I have learned so far, in my everyday life now!
Villa is a very small school with a lot to offer. It's very community-oriented, and the staff is very helpful to new students.
I am still at villa maria college and experiencing many things that i will remeber for a long time. I feel that the things ive experienced at villa have made me a better person. I have learned so much about myself and what my weaknesses are, my strengths ,my likes ,dislikes , wants and needs while im attending school. The knowledge i have learned so far amazes me because of all the help and technology that is provided for me to succeed my career. The professors are great and are always willing to help with anything im having trouble with. I highly recomend this school ,the technology,staff and resources they have are great and reliable.
this is a comfortable and great environment. the staff and teachers and advisors are great people that will keep you confident and focused. i honestly wish they had master degree programs because this is a school that i will forever miss once i get my bachelor degree in psychology.
It's a nice, small school where the teachers are always available to help if you need it. There are a lot of opportunities and clubs, my only real complaint is no on campus housing. They have a lot of deals with Collegiate Village (a local dorm community) and I was able to get a $1,500 scholarship just for dorming at CV (and the facilities are excellent! Internet, cable, heat, everything but electric is included in the rent, as well as a gym, pool, ganeroom, and Cafe are there). I love the teachers, I love the small school feel, my only real complaint is that some students don't realize what kind of opportunity they have starting college at 18, but that's not in the school. Overall, would recommend to art students especially! I'm going for psych with the goal of being an art therapist.
It's great! A great look, happy people! A very clean environment. Easy to get around, very self explanatory.
Villa is a great place that offers an awesome learning experience. Villa allows you to be yourself in its diverse environment.
Attending Villa Maria College has been such an incredible experience. Classes are incredibly hands-on, and the professors provide us with stories of their real-world experiences in the field to give us just another taste of what we will be expecting once we graduate.
The faculty and staff go above and beyond to help students with anything and everything needed, whether it's clarification on assignments, tutoring, working with personal issues, etc. If there is something you need, there is someone around that can help.
Another amazing quality of the school are the small class sizes. Students aren't just a number in a classroom, and there are plenty of opportunities for one-on-one interaction with the professor.
We're all a family at the college. Throughout my years here I have made a large yet very close-knit group of amazing friends, and it just keeps growing!
My experience at Villa Maria college is going great so far. I am able to maintain good grades and gained good relationships with my professors. I would recommend that high school graduates attend Villa Maria College because this college pushes students to do and be better. My first semester ,which was fall 2016 my professors helped me and guide me to success. I ended my fall semester with a 3.6 GPA. When I started college I thought it was gone be difficult but Villa Maria made it easier for me. Now I'm in my second semester spring 2017 and I'm am hoping to gain scholarships because this could help me with the financial struggles I have in college.
Villa offers a very nice student to teacher ratio with it being such a small school, this allows teachers to give students that one on one they need to better their education.
Registering for classes that accommodate your schedule can be difficult sometimes because they can fill up quickly so it's always a good idea to register as soon as possible. I've never had a problem with transferring credits.
I'm not actually sure about the post-grad services because I'm only a freshman but the career center is very helpful.
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The class sizes are very small so professors can give you their undivided attention. The professors are very passionate about their work and are always willing to help. The students are also very friendly and we all get along great.
The career services center is always looking out for out for new job and internship opportunities. They are always keeping students up to date on them.
The animation faculty actually have real world experience in the industry and they teach you those skills. The work load can be a bit much at times, especially during finals week, but it's worth it in the end.
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