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Video Symphony Pro School of Media Production Reviews

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understanding that this school started out as a refresher training place for working industry professionals, explains the lack of SCHOOL type expectations. This school is very hands off, you can work on as little or as much as you like. You can audit as many classes (while a student) as you would like. When you graduate, you have 18months to audit any classes. This school pays you for any recruiting you do for them. The owner of this school also wrote a book that every student gets. It is a great book at showing how to get the job after school, to include networking, interviewing, etc.
everything went smooth, although you have to keep up on them to get timely responses and feedback.
The Academic staff are wonderful and always eager to help with any questions
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School offers so many ways to learn, instruction from Techs and teachers and up to date classes and programs.
If you have the motivation, they have to skills to allow you to thrieve in this business!
This place is awful. All of the A+ reviews are plants. They offer no training that you couldn't find elsewhere for far, far less. And the classes and teachers are so marginal, hours and hours of lab time (self-training) is the what you wind up doing. And while Mark Flannigan touts the lab time and access, VS has actually cut their late night hours. That makes a lot of sense. Much of their senior staff has left and moved on. They've reinvented themselves numerous times since 2010 (how many different times can they paint the walls?). There's just no reason I can recommend this school. These are the kind of schools President Obama issued a warning about (to soldiers returning home).
Convienently located near parking, Restaurants and the Mall. Beautiful area.
Beyond what any other school is teaching. Industry professional come to Video Symphony to retrain there employees!!!
If you want hands on learning and to learn above when all other film school are teaching "Theory" this is the school for you. Intsructors have the highest knowledge of all the latest versions in Editing and Motion Graphics. This School rocks. Out of my co-hort withinthe first 3 months from graduating, 3/4 are all ready either assisting as and editors or working as editors.
We used to have free wireless, but they changed the password and did not give it to the students.
Great Location – In the heart of Burbank where most of the movie studios are located. It's great for networking.
There are many rooms with Macs Loaded with many applications like Avid, Adobe CS6, Maya and more.
Students Want to Be Here – The students that really want to learn about post production can get a lot out of school if they want. Most students really want to learn and stay the extra lab hours. There is a big diversity of students here from all over the country.
Dozen of cumputers loaded with all the programs needed for class and lab. Constant upgrading with programs needed. I.e CS6, Avid 6.
Also an amazing teck staff on duty everyday when, open for questions and help if needed.
The student services and financial aid staff are wonderful.
Excellent Career Guidance – From student services to the job placement team and the hands on teaching by working professionals, this school rocks. Intellegent, harding working, and knowledgable staff are always there for your questions and Guidance their fields.
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