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I play volleyball for the college and the professors are always understanding and always free to help me out.
It's a great school to go to. The teachers so far have been great. The campus is beautiful as well. Only down side is the parking. I found that if you show up 5 minutes earlie than other students parking is not a problem.
Overall my experience had been a great one. My advisor has helped me make my schedule, and has eliminated classes that I'm exempt from so that I wouldn't waste my time and effort on something that's not needed for my degree that I'm pursuing. The employees are so helpful and full of life, they make me feel welcome and not out of place eventhough I'm 30 years old. I thought with going back tp school I wouldn't fit in and that I would feel it off place, but it's just the opposite I realised that I'm not the only adult that has had a large start towards their career of their dreams. Im glad that the are people out there that are willing to take the time and help out those in need.
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Victoria College is a great place to lay the foundation of your education before transferring to a university.
Victoria College helps me succeed with its numerous resources to assist students with their academic needs. There are many programs to help students stay on track.
Victoria College has excellent academics, which is made to be much more difficult than is perceived. The courses are very thorough and the professors surprisingly are very attenive to each student. I would like to see Victoria College improve by seeing a larger variety or majors rise in the school. Such as an engineering degree.
Victoria college has a great teacher student ratio. I love the small hands on classes and the great teachers.
Victoria College is amazing! It has a unique atmosphere that is filled with kind, and awesome people! The school has many programs, an offers a varied of options.
I enjoyed the ambiance around Victoria College. The student to professor ratio is small therefore professor have more personal time with students if need be.
I enjoy the size of the school and how close it is to home. Most of the student I've talked to are pretty nice individuals. The teachers are very friendly and want their students to succeed. The classes are quite rigorous, so no class is an easy A. I enjoy this college and would definetly recoment to anyone wanting to start out small.
Victoria College is a well rounded place to begin furthering a person's education. There is a nice rotation teachers in subjects, making it so there is few classes where there is only ever one professor teaching it every semester. The campus is very well kept up, and in general the school is the best that it can be.
I have been enrolled in Victoria College for two years and I have enjoyed it. The campus is beautiful and the staff is great. Especially if you go to the student center they are wonderful they always know how to help. I have been to the UH-V dorm and honestly, it was all that great.
The professors give the students numerous ways to contact them if they have trouble like their office hours and campus email. Most also post lecture power points where students can access them and print them out. The staff is also helpful.
I like that the majority of the professors are amazing. They are all very hands on and helpful. Student life seems to great, I am not personally involved in anything right now. I do, though, have friends that are involved in the sports teams and the SGA, and they always seem excited about whats going on.
Victoria college is a well rounded school that has one on one teaching. Highly recommend for a starter school!
I have been at Victoria College 3 times over the past decade and I have always received the best education I could ask for.
Amazing college that helps you get ready for the bigger and better future. It offers plenty of services for the students to guide them and help them grow.
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Victoria College is a good school the professors are hands on will help before or after class on whatever you don't understand. The tutorial room is my favorite room because you tutors that are there to help. So yes I invite anyone who wants to go to college to go to Victoria College.
Absolutely adored Victoria College. The professors were always willing and able to meet with you and discuss your standing in the course, and the staff were very friendly and wanted you to succeed . There were services like a walk-in tutoring center with online submission options, and many study areas. The tuition was also very very affordable compared to a 4 year university and the quality of the education can't be beat! Loved it.
Victoria College is a great college. The tutors are super friendly, but honestly should have more math tutors who know at least up to Calculus 3. The campus is not too big so travelling around campus isn't an issue. But parking can be a slight issue. The college is fairly cheap in my opinion. Overall a great and cheap college to start your path towards success.
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