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When I went to vvc it was great I got my money back that I payed for classes at the end of a term the campus is easy to memorize, and the instructors are really good. I high recommend this community college.
I love VVC so much!!! I’ve been attending since 2015. The professors are very helpful. There is a lot of studies to choose from. My major isn’t available here but academic classes are great.
I love how the campus is very welcoming, and how the professors take there time to explain and teach when you need it .
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When it comes down to helpful information and actual help this school lacks big time. Even when issues are taken to the higher ups. They put all the blame on you instead of taking responsibility for their staff to improve the overall school.
There honestly is nothing special about VVC. It is beyond packed here and it is very hard to get the classes you need/want. There needs to be more classes available for each subject, and more classes need to be available online. Their website makes things hard to find and the website to register crashes a lot. The bookstore makes prices a lot more expensive on textbooks so use other websites to find your books. The staff can be kind of rude too, especially some of the students who help out with ID cards and such. Take advantage of free bus rides and the local business discount card you receive. Parking can get expensive and it is always hard to find a parking spot. If I could change something about VVC, I would provide more updates to students. I understand that college is about independence, but couldn't students at least get a heads up on when to register through email without checking elsewhere?
Victor Valley College is a good school academically but the school is far from ideal. It will get you where you need to go but it may not be done in style.
I love attending Victor Valley College. I am a freshman and the process of going back to school has been a great experience. The staff and other students are helpful and considerate. The only thing I would like to improve is the process in the bookstore. Sometimes the lines are incredibly long, maybe they can streamline the process to make it quicker. I look forward to attending VVC next year.
There are some amazing teachers here, it's a great place to start your education after high school. Just know that you have to keep on top of what classes you need. I really suggest trying to see a counselor early on to get yourself on a track to graduate.
I personally love Victor Valley College because it's in the middle of everything for me as in my house, work and classes are great. However, some teacher don't seem to care and the campus is nice at night but during the day it seems mediocre if your more into that kind of campus.
Victor Valley College provided me with a good experience. The instructors in the CIS department were always involved with the student's in classroom and lab activities. I enjoyed collaborating with my classmates during lab or group projects.
This school is great for students who wish to complete their general classes without having to pay a lot of money for a 4 year uni.
Victor Valley College has many opportunities to pursue a career. They have helpful programs and clubs that are great for peer involvement and finical help. My overall experience so far at Victor Valley College has been good, I have learned so much since first starting community college. The professors at VVC, for the most part, are very professional and care about the students and their success and have a love for teaching.
Victor Valley College is a small and intimate community college located in the high dessert. There is a great vibe in regards to the campus that it is built around a lake surrounded with wild life. There are benefits of attending a small community college such as Victor Valley. The main reason for me was the ability to communicate with professors who had experiences in teaching in lager universities in their careers, and are able to prepare a student for the future.
I had a good time at vvc. Spent a year longer there than I would’ve liked. The school helps students with many possibilities since it’s a 2 year and they truly want you to succeed
As this is my first college experience I would say that starting off at Victor Valley College is really good. The campus is nice and small, teachers aren't boring for the most part, and there is always help and resources available no matter the cause.
Victor Valley College is a small, but welcoming college. The professors try to make you the best they can be. I am glad I chose to attend VVC, it has a very welcoming community.
There only a few things that can use enhancement at Victor Valley college. Most great schools will always have a slight room, for improvement. At this college there are three areas in this school that’s will help students with free tutors and tech support. This college offers loaner books for students at the begin of every semester with courses book in their library. However, on every Monday, at Victor Valley their student lined up trying to speak to a counselor. Some teachers that work at Victor Valley are doing a great job, however they are using a lot of parking space. Victor Valley college have named parking areas for faculty member. There was a time, I went to Victor Valley college I notice that an area I wish to park was for faculty. Mournfully a faculty parking area are just along the opposite side of the same building. Beside low parking areas and standing in line for times, Victor Valley College is a great college.
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All the professors I had at VVC were pretty great. I enjoyed my time there and the faculty were pretty helpful. The campus is ok, some duck poop here and there. But it has a nice lake with some nice scenery.
My experience was very good. Professor’s were very helpful and wanted you to learn. The school tried to kick me out because I was asking to stay one last semester before I graduate and I now I am appealing it and in this whole process I currently lost my Financial aid to help me buy my books. Other then this very process it was a great experience coming here.
I have been going here for 2 years and my experience has been outstanding. The advisors are very helpful.
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