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My college experience in VVC was difficult at first but it was fun as the years went on. I learned more as a student academically. I learned to speak more and ask questions. This helped me to gain more information and confidence to perform better as a student. I was became more articulate and improved in my speaking and drive to learn and produce excellent schoolwork. This school taught me to also not be better as a student but as a young adult.
Second semester at Victor Valley college and my experience has been good so far. The setting of the campus is beautiful with a lake in the middle, their is diversity at this campus and its welcoming.
For being in the middle of the high desert, VVC is as good is it's gonna get. There are a lot of great professors here, too, so it balances out for the most part.
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The flexibility of many class courses. Now they have added classes at hesperia high school so I don’t always have to travel 30 minutes... I would like to see more night courses overall.
A lot of people have told me it's a easy college to get into but you have to work hard. My Ex is currently in the college and she enjoys it very much. And it's an easy start to get more comfortable on the college life.
It is a very nice school but it can be kind of confusing sometimes they are still growing and expanding so it is to be expected. Great classes, teachers, and very helpful staff and experienced students.
They are starting new construction, great opportunity for expanding education. Teachers are scarce, it doesn't look beautiful, and there is not much interaction with students
Victor valley college is a college that transforms you into anything you wanna be. It is a school full of wonderful students and faculty and everyone is so kind and helping. The associated student body is on everything and makes sure that students have a wonderful time in college.
Although I have only been in school for a few days, the atmosphere feels so much different then high school (in a good way), there are many dedicated teachers and you can tell they love what they do, you can also see the appreciation on the students eyes.
what I like about victor valley college is that it is affordable and that it has a great online classes, I also believe their college classes are great as well.
I think it's decent if you go in person but if you want to take online classes they don't really work whenever you take a test. It's hard to get in contact with some of the teachers. The teachers at the school are very nice and they are willing to help you out if you go after hours to their office. The financial aid building is chaotic during the fall and spring semesters.
I love the staff and dedicated teachers! I am easily successful with all the resources available! I look forward to the new/interesting experiences I will soon have.
School has a lot of various classes and career opportunities for a great price as well as having great counselors. What I would like to see improve is organization in financial aid and bursars offices. I would also like to see an improvement on the massive waitlists for all the classes.
I have been blessed to be at a college where the staff genuinely seemed to care about my academic future. They are willing to help guide me and help me use the available resources. From counselor to financial aid to assistance with childcare.
The People who assist the veterans are very helpful!
The school does need to work on getting more assistance with the financial aid.
Great school when being introduced into college. The professors here can teach people many things. The lessons that I have learned from them I typically apply to daily life. That is not so easy to write about any teacher.
I think VVC is a great place for those who are not sure what they want to study or have a plan but maybe are not ready to move to a bigger university. They have many options to help in studying, whether it is math or science or writing. Overall it is a great start up place for an educational career.
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I like that Victor Valley college provides a plethora of degree options and helpful counselors to outline your educational career. However, they do not provide many online classes so many of the courses will be on campus.
Victor Valley College is a great campus to fix your academic mistakes and leave ASAP. Not much of a college atmosphere. The majority of the professors are pretty good but not all.
It is my first year of community college at VVC, and so far it has been good. I am focus on passing my classes so I don't know what activities they have. The teachers actually care about you passing their classes. At least the ones I have care about how you are doing on the class. There are cops everywhere so I feel safe. The food is easy to afford. And there are a lot of places where you can just relax. Especially by the lake.
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