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Being going to school here for almost 8 months, and I love it! Since it’s such a short program it’s fast paced and keeps you engaged, which I like a lot! It’s a challenging program but the sense of achievement is amazing! If you are thinking of attending VTI keep in mind that you will be in class from 8:30-3:20 most terms and will have lots of studying to do! The staff definitely has some professors that pick favorites as if we’re still in high school, but they are all knowledgeable and helpful!
It’s not really a college it’s like a fraud school. And it’s located in a building in downtown Pittsburgh. The school was good because almost everything is hands on. The only thing that’s though is that it’s so rushed. The school is like high school 7:30-3:30 Monday-Friday. So with that being said some weeks we had 2-4 test a week which makes it hard to focus on studying. If it was 2 years instead of 18months it probably would have been a little less rushed.
I'm a single mom going back to school, all of the staff and teachers are wonderful, n they want you to succeed. Its hands on. Just an overall great place
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This school would of been great if it wasn't rushed and is the tutors were the teachers instead of the students. You spend 8 weeks on each class and get about 3-4 test a week, so its hard to study. All test are equally important so you have to study hard for each class.
They give you opportunities that you wouldn't believe. They have hands on training so you can actually learn by touching and feeling.
You can be a full or part time student. if you need to be out be a certain time the school will make it work
It's OK, it would be better at a actual school.
All the teachers teach great and are willing to help you if you need it.
Its one of the best school!!
The program can help you go into alot of different type of veterinary technician careers. its alot of work but worth it. they also help you find a internship and a job when you finish the school
Its a vary unique school. The school is just for veterinary Technician learning. There is people everywhere willing to help you. It is a very fast pace school but its worth it. plus there are on sight animals. they have Dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, and hamsters. you can for the most part go and see the animals any time you want. its a amazing school and i'm grateful i got the opportunity to go to the Vet Tech Institute.
I like going here to be a future veterinary technician. Yes the workload can be a bit too much at times, but I think that is because they are educating us in such a short time. But as far as the facilities, they have an on sight kennel that allows us to work with the animals at school rather than having to travel to work with animals.
They help place is into internships upon graduation.
I think all the courses offered are fit to the veterinary technician field. And the class sizes are not too big, they are just right.
They help with job placement for life. They will help you anytime to get a job.
It is a very good school that teaches everything needed to be able to succeed as a veterinary technician upon graduating from this school.
I love my school. The courses are challenging, so you have to work hard and study a lot. However I love that there are animals in the school that you can visit and care for. Its very hands on and helps eith real on the job skills.
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VTI is amazing as long as you actually work for it and put your best foot forward!! Everything I am learning actually matters and pertains to my future, I get hands on experience (not everyday but most normal days) with animals practicing procedures and medical duties, and I'll never stop learning. The program is intense and strenuous because it's a program condensed into 2 years instead of 4. You learn everything so fast that you feel like you didn't retain anything (everyone around you feels the same you aren't alone), but you'll be surprised to know you actually DO know :) You don't get the summers off, but you finish the program quickly. It WILL fly by so fast you can't believe you'll be done in less than 5 months!! If you are not fully dedicated to animals and are in this field because you "hate people", you will have the worst time here and when you graduate. The teachers are always wanting to help you, whether it be academically or personally. I will say the faculty does come off as snubbish sometimes. But as long as you are professional, appropriate, polite, and respectful to them they will (they should anyway regardless) treat you the same. I honestly think VTI is top notch to go for an education as a certified veterinary technician. I don't regret choosing this place, and overall this has been the best experience of my life so far ^-^
I love being able to work directly with the animals
It's been nice so far and I plan on staying until the end.
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