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I am a freshman so there is not much I can stay about Vet Tech Institute. However, so far I enjoy the school like how friendly everyone is, how caring and helpful the staff and professors are. Although there are a lot of responsibilities as a student I am ready for what is to come with the program and prepared to start my future after graduating.
Admissions was very respectful and nice! After being accepted and coming back for more appointments they were even better at understanding my situation in student aid, one staff member staying a little late to work with my schedule. I am currently about to start in July and I cant wait to meet my teachers and fellow class mates!
VTI really prepared me for my career as a vet tech, especially from never having worked in a clinic before
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My experience has been amazing. They give kids opportunities that you won't believe. All the hands on is amazing and is the best way to learn.
My time at VTI has been an absolutely miserable experience. Everyone there is so rude and judgemental. Most of the faculty and staff usually pick favorites and show it. They make you feel like you're not capable and stupid(there are some great teachers there though). The students are divided and don't get along like it may seem. The front office fluff up the school to be something it's not and leave you thinking that it's the best school in the world. However, I do really love all the hands on experience we get to have. It's something that will definitely set you apart from other people in your career. You pay $30,000 for them to basically set that money a side for themselves, and not to better the program or school. If you're on the financial aid list, you have an F in your main class until you go talk to them, even if it's just to sign a piece of paper for attendance! Long story short, I'm counting down the days till I can leave and never look back at the school or anyone there.
Everyone is very helpful at the VTI. Going there was the best choice I've made since I graduated high school.
I've learned so much. The faculty is beyond helpful.
The Vet Tech Institute of Houston has allowed me to accomplish my dreams and achieve my goals. I couldn't be any happier with the decision I've made by going there.
They accepted all my transfer credits from my other schools
The online is great and very easy to use
They have placement specialists that will help you after you graduate with getting placed in a job.
I like how it is very hands on from the start! They bring in new animals for each class.
The application was easy and having an interview with the admissions expert was so informative!
They have shown me how my career will advance when I am done!!
Everyone is very nice and they answer all the questions I have!
I went in for a tour earlier today and the vibe in there is amazing. Everyone I have met so far was extremely sweet and very united.
you never miss a beat .. you learn something almost every day .. the instructors actually care about you .. youre not just a number to them.
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I haven't started yet but I am already in love. ONE MORE MONTH!!!
We have special programs for students who would like to study specific aspects. Our curriculum is on track for everyone who attends because we all are there for one common goal.Our school offers after school programs.
We are all there for one major but we all specialize in our own unique ways. For instance, some like the aspect of surgery while others rather study cells. We also have those who just rather work in a daily clinic.
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