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I lost of the hands on experience that was the appeal of the school and the only reason I stayed. I cant be too mad however because they didn't plan a pandemic but I think they should have at least refunded a portion of our tuition for labs since we don't have any worth charging an arm and a leg over anymore.
The facilities are terrible. Some of the teachers have no idea what they are talking about. There are very limited resources but you do get a great hands on experience. I just hope thats enough to get me through the VTNE.
I did not take any classes on line. All classes take place in the building with on hand professors. Very good experience so far!
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I am currently enrolled in this program. Everything is going well. At this moment I can't think of anything I would want to change about the Vet Tech Institute of Houston. Everyone has been everyone has been helpful and supportive.
There was alot that i loved about the vet tech institute campus! One thing i loved the most about the campus was that everyone there want you to succeed. The classes are more heads on.
Incredibly toxic earning environment. Be prepared to be shown that your personal lives and your voice doesn't matter. Almost a complete waste of $30,000. I have so much more to say but the character limit stops me from doing so. The hands on experience and job placement prevents me from giving this school a completely negative review.
I loved meeting like minded people who want to help and care for animals. There is not enough kindness in the world and to surround yourself with people who care and want to educate others and to learn how to be the best advocate for animals they can be.
All this place cares about is money. Told me if I needed help finding somewhere to live because I'm way out of town they would help, but their idea of "helping" was giving me a list of homeless shelters to go to each night.
It is a fast-paced program that I love. The teachers and staff are there to help you every step of the way and provide you with the tools that you need to succeed. I learn by doing, and this school is very hands-on which is the best way to learn!
It was a good experience talking to some representatives of VTI. I wish there was a way of helping me to pay for college the institute is very expensive for me. Overall it was a good environment on hands-on training, and the campus academics are excellent.
The admissions director has been incredibly kind to me and so have all of the staff. I can’t wait to start my future here and work with animals all day, and everyday.
While the hands on experience is invaluable, they don't care about students. They throw instructors into classes with less than 5 days preparation. There is constant misinformation and the school puts zero money back into the school. The chairs and desks are broken, there's mold in the basement, kennels are broken and don't latch, and they can't seem to hire competent instructors. A few of them are pretty good, but it's a select few! Students were threatened to be kicked out when this was brought up . This has the potential to be a great school, but is very poorly run. I will say that the animals are a top priority, and expect to have little to no time for lunch. If you can find somewhere to sit to eat.
Before applying here, you have to know what you're getting into. The hours are long and there's a lot of homework, not counting husbandry. The admissions director recommends not having a job while coming here because of how fast paced the course is. But the hands on experience is invaluable and for the most part, the professors are helpful and kind to the students.
The Vet Tech Institute of Houston has an excellent staff, they are also very friendly and encouraging. I love that all of the classrooms and labs are located in one building. The staff are committed to student success and offer much help any way that they can. The admissions office was very helpful my first time in meeting them for a tour of the campus. I felt comfortable in this environment and look forward to bein a student there.
The administration staff is excellent and very helpful with answering any questions you may have. The facility is very large and very hands on. also the financial aid department is very helpful and will go over everything step by step and will go over any questions you may have.
the place is old and outdated, also there is very little space for the students to learn and handle the animals. They also expect you to pay way more money for tuition when you're going to be coming out there with making less.
I really enjoyed being able to tour the facility before I started to enroll. It gave me the opportunity to get the feel of the area and to decide if it was really right for me.
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When i was interested in the school they immediately contacted me right away and gave me all the information i needed.
I am a freshman so there is not much I can stay about Vet Tech Institute. However, so far I enjoy the school like how friendly everyone is, how caring and helpful the staff and professors are. Although there are a lot of responsibilities as a student I am ready for what is to come with the program and prepared to start my future after graduating.
Admissions was very respectful and nice! After being accepted and coming back for more appointments they were even better at understanding my situation in student aid, one staff member staying a little late to work with my schedule. I am currently about to start in July and I cant wait to meet my teachers and fellow class mates!
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