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Very good college with good professors. Vermont Techical College has lots of programs to choose from. And staff are really nice and helpful.
I am a nursing student at Vermont Technical College. I love this school because the class sizes are small and there is a lot of hands on work involved. This semester I averaged a 3.5 GPA, which is something that I have never done before. The professors are also engaging and really want their students to succeed in their program. I also work at VTC during the summer and the staff here are welcoming. The last thing I'm going to bring up is how I feel safe at VTC because the public safety are strict and there are many rules that students have to follow.
The Campus is in the middle of no where, it gets very cold in the winter and there is little else to do in the winter but go to class.
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I did a visit to VTC recently and I really liked everything about it. the only problem i had was room size but being a college it's going to have small rooms. I would also like to see more vegan options in the dining hall.
I have heard nothing, but wonderful comments on Vermont Technical College. However, the college's programs are competitive, I am honored to be accepted into any one of their offered degree programs. Vermont Tech is highly competitive and caught my attention because of how competitive their nursing program is. I am excited to join the college in the upcoming year, as well as gain an exceptional education from my top college!
One of the best things about Vermont Tech is that it is small in size and that makes it easier to have more one on one with the professors and it also makes it easier to maneuver around campus with a quick 5 minute walk between classes.
Vermont Technical College is a great school to attend. Students get hands on expirence in the field. The classes are small so professors have more time to work with students. Overall, a top school to attend.
Nursing program was competitive to get into. Helps prepare for nursing jobs directly out of the program. I did not live on campus for the time I was taking the nursing program.
This school has a great friendly environment. I have had a great experience so far. The staff is very willing to answer all your questions that you may have. The classes are hard but the teachers are very educated in what they are teaching. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The environment is very nice and there are selected quiet areas for studying.
The school is very accepting of who you are, but requires you to be professional in their workplace. The materials you needed to acquire before the first semester were hard to track down, but its all apart of the experience.
There is a 90% job acceptance rate after the completion of your degree. It may not be the best in the world, but its still very admirable and one of the reasons I chose this school.
The courses appear very challenging, and the professors seem very stern, that's because they are.
I value the degree from this school as much as the experience it gave me. Interning at clinics and working in the one provided by the school is something I actively look forward to.
The heavy workload, at times, was very discouraging, and at times I didn't think i could make it. After a while you get used to it, you realize this is what you will be doing forever. So don't think about it as work, think about it as your future, and make the work your own.
School is more than just an education, its an experience. No matter which one you choose, you will only learn what you allow yourself to. My experience has been truly amazing, I have grown as an individual and I am prepared for the years to come because of it. I would never chose another school, not because I never had a bad experience, but because it means I might have became someone else, and I love who I am. So, much like I would never chose a different school, I would never choose another me.
we have a high precent job rating when we graduate, and that, I find to be true!
Well, I am a female mechanical engineering freshman, and there is however, only one other girl in the whole class. This can get rough at times, getting picked on, secluded, and having to deal with a bunch of guys, but overall the Professors treat us like humans and we are able to get the work done just like anyone else!
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Some courses are great to be in, and the professors are very helpful in teaching what is next, but there are some classes I wish I didn't have to waste my time with.
Granted this school is a technical college, but it has the best offers for degrees around. You will get to know beyond what is necessary for your degree, and sometimes that is not a bad thing. It can allow you to be able to switch what you want to do down the road very easily
I never truly enjoyed online courses. Always thought they were a waste of time, as I never interacted with anything but my self and a computer. maybe a book or two
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