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I attended VLS and enjoyed everything about the school, the faculty and the town. The rigorous JD program prepared me very well for a successful career in law. The teaching staff and professors were all top tiered scholars and the environmental law program was and continues to be well respected and highly ranked. I frequently travel to Vermont with my family for reunions, to ski, for summer vacations or to simply visit the law school and my professors. VLS is a very special place.
Vermont Law school is an engaging, small town, welcoming and highly intellectual community. All of the staff and professors are extremely intelligent, yet down to earth. They care about each and every student, and are highly ethical. They are creating a lawyers who care about humanity as a whole. This school is absolutely beyond compare. Highest rating in environmental law, and they practice what they preach. More law schools should be like VLS.
No - run away run away - this was a very expensive waste of time. Go anywhere else and above all DO NOT do the online program, you only spend a few hours a week on a couple readings and some joke assignments. I did have one good class and good week here and there in the other classes, but no attorney is going to honestly recommend the online LLM.
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I have concerns about finding an internship, the place is so tiny, but the real reputation of this school outside the rankings is low. People know the entire program is a joke.
I tried to apply and no one ever got back to me. No one. I gave up trying to get professional responses from staff.
I am in the online program and it is an absolute joke<br/>Teachers take vacation during a seven week class<br/>We have 250 word "papers" <br/>Don't waste your time and money here, I would not take these "classes" if there were free.
Computer labs are easy to access and printing is fine at the school. The network isn't always reliable because of how isolated Vermont is.
There are hardly any options for off-campus dining at the school. The places there are seem to be pretty decent in terms of quality of food. Most places close early though.
The professors for my MELP degree are wonderful. They are encouraging and helpful and expect nothing shy of success for their students.
Quaint and beautiful. South Royalton is no 'big city' but it has a lot of other things to offer.
It just depends on who you hang out with but I don't see anything going on.
Greedy Landlords Shoving Students Into Dilapidated Barns – $750/mo for a one-bedroom apt. in Nowhere, VT. By the way, that doesn't include heating (which can be another $100/mo), electricity (which can be $80/mo if you have an electric water heater), or internet (about $40/mo for the slowest). Given that property is worth next to nothing in rural VT, it's absurd that the landlords are all charging so much for rent.
Lab Are No Waiting – In most institution computers are at a minumium, but computers at Vermont Law School are plentiful. I have not experience non-reliability with networks or wireless issues.
Importance of Scholarship – The Vermont Law School is an intense learning atmosphere, were is a top priority to be the best. Each course is a full load to the point it is imperative that you take one course per semester. The curriculum is condusive to my place of employment within the environmental field. Therefore, obtaining this scholarship with be instrumental in me completing the Master's in Environmental Law and Policy would be an extreme success.
VLS seems to promote affirmative action, which is fine, but some accepted students are not quite up to par.
Environmental Law – VLS has an incredible enviro law program filled with knowledgeable professors and various areas of focus.
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