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Small class sizes, a lot of hands-on and field classes. Many programs have an internship requirement, helping students to learn more about their field and get their foot in the door. Tutoring services, housing, dining, and financial aid serviced available.
If you sign up for a class, you commit to the time allotted. Some teachers will allow you to come in a bit late or leave early, but they mostly want you there. If something comes up in your life where you can't be there for a bit, they are usually understanding and will help as much as they can to keep you caught up. Communication is key.
Hands on learning for sure. Plus you gain so many skills that you never knew you could need for the workforce. It's great
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To graduate, there is an internship credit you must fulfill. The downside to this school is that there are a lot of people that will come up to get away from home and will try and waste your time by skipping class and trying to get you to skip too. Otherwise, if you are career orientated and your teachers see that, they will tend to help you out more than the average student.
My specific major is super fun, yet if you are looking to live it rich, it's not the major for you. With a diverse knowledge of the outdoors you will gain so much which, for me, is so much more than money.
If you love the outdoors, it's the school for you. It expands your skill level and shows endless job opportunities.
The one on one help students have available.
they are very help full and very dedicated to help you in all they help you expand and find a job.
It was a nice small school to get my gernerals done. I had fun getting to know my college professors. I maintain good grades and had fun with my friends.
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