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This campus was really amazing in the way that I achieved 2 A.S. Degrees and a Certificate of Achievement. For automotive technology and for my general education. Everything was a great experience I would just recommend that the campus give more effort to changing the diversity of the choices of food that is being able to purchase on campus. Another change would be that the teaching staff should be well chosen for the position that is being selected to teach because I had some professors that we're not well chosen to teach a subject because they weren't able to assist students on practices that we're being done in the class.
I liked the overall feeling of the campus. The people who go there are great! I love the energy. I would like to see more help with counselors if i would change something
I love how it is located in the middle of the city, making it easy to connect to all the main streets, and get from one place to another. The parking is difficult at peak hours, but the professors are all very engaging, and the classes are great, with many resources such as tutoring available.
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It is a great community college to start off the "College" Experience. It is an easy transition from high school to college.
All the staff there are friendly and helpful. The cafeteria could be better although the campus is on walking distance from Starbucks and Subway.
Ventura college is such an amazing school to attend. The professors care about your future and help you with anything you need help with.
So far so good, this is an amazing campus. I really enjoy the campus and the library. I love the library, its such a great place to do homework and study! My first semester was good with an exception of a class. Before registering for a class check on the professors, i got a professor who wasn't all that great at teaching, she wasn't clear with her lessons! I learned my lesson.
Ventura College has been a great place to start my higher education - great teachers, classes, and resources.
My school is one of the most helped educational institutionals across our nation. They have impletmented a food pantry and also have one of the most student resources that is called EOPS. One of the events that I always remember Ventura College is Bernnie sanders.
I loved the diversity of classes it offers! There so much to take and it has a wide range of classes to choose from. I just don't quite like parking, it's always so hard to find parking to have to get there earlier for my classes. However, I love all my professors, they're great, helpful and completely understanding!
Great instructors at this community college. Couldn't believe my luck that California had such great programs at institutions like this one. Kudos.
Ventura is nice because it is small and easy to get around. The new science building is great. There is no food on campus but that is to be expected for a community college. I would add a food truck or some type of food on campus.
The level of experience brought to my major by the various instructors is second to none. Our facilities and practice equipment Are high tech and well maintained.
The college frequently has on campus events providing free food to students, extensive information about all college sponsored and related programs, campus clubs, sports programs, and volunteer opportunities. All supporting/administrative staff that I have encountered have been knowledgeable and helpful.

It would be nice if there were more food options on campus than the daily food trucks and a few vending machines. And despite the fact that there is a Starbucks across the street, it's extremely irritating that there is no coffee available on campus. College students live on coffee.
Ventura Community College is a great college that allows student to be able to commute and afford tuition given to many of its programs such as the Ventura College Promise and the BOG fee waiver which help low income students from all races and backgrounds to work and continue with their education without the worry of not being able to afford their tuition. Ventura College also offers counseling, tuition and guidance help through programs such as EOPS which also helps students with staying on track of their classes and offering early resgistration.
Ventura College is an excellent example of the university experience at a community college level. The staff are always willing to help you, even outside their office hours. The sense of community you get from just being on campus is one you have to experience for yourself
Ventura College has good as it is located in a good part of town. Class sizes are good, professors care, and the beach is not too far away. One thing about Ventura College that could improve on is the food situation, since there isn't much to eat on or around campus.
Ventura college is a community college that tries to push students toward transferring into a university. The counselors and the help they provide leaves much to be desired. If you can answer your own questions, or know where to properly direct questions, and know where to go and who to speak to the school has any resources to help you achieve your goals and further you education. The professors are also exceptional given this is a community college.
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Ventura College is a great campus to begin and pursuit your goals. The faculty there are very helpful and encourage you in accomplishing your goals. The parking is not so great, but it can be fixed.
Ventura College has some really good classes, offers the VC promise to high school students in the area. Close to the mall and good local food. Close to the beach
I enjoyed spending my first two years of college in Ventura. Professors are willing to explain any questions students had during session and office hours. The classes I took were challenging which I appreciated. The campus has many resources if one is looking for assistance such as tutoring. However, their aren't as many food options open. You either had food trucks that come everyday or the choice between three restaurants.
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