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I love this school. Very great professors and amazing staff. They made my decision to go back to school so easy and helped along with the transition. I am not on my second semester back and currently have an A in my class. I am a single mom I work and go to school and they have made this journey so much more doable and I really appreciate it.
Great college. The veterans resources office is awesome. They have been very helpful during my time here at the college. I wish there was more opportunity to volunteer and get research done here. Although it is a 2-year school so that may be why it is like that. I go to school at night so I can’t talk much about how the college is during the day but it seems like everyone is ready to learn. The campus seems to be very safe at night and have plenty of security and police officers around. The parking lots are well lit.
I am new to ventura college, but so far i have had nothing but an amazing experience from the very helpful and friendly administration staff to the intuitive and motivation professors. I would recommend this school to anyone from anywhere. If i could see one thing change it would be to see this college grow and become bigger and better. which would be a stretch because to me it is the best school i could ask to call my own.
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It's my first year attending this school and it's pretty nice considering it is a community college.
Overall my academic experience here was a mix of really great professors or really terrible ones. That is what made the experience overall mediocre. Also, the counselors here were the least helpful I have ever encountered. I would say utilizing rate my professor helped a lot while I was attending school here. Once I learned we were able to look up our professors beforehand, it really changed my experience and I was put with really phenomenal instructors.
Ventura College is a very nice campus! It is always improving its structure. I love that it has a nursing program that is well known.
The distance corses are very convient and are a good choice for students with limited time in their day. I work, am married, and have three children, and the courses are easy to follow and fit a schedule I can fulfill.
Its a good local school if you want too stay local and close to home there town is simple and everyone is friendly.
I recently have completed my first year at Ventura College. The community that is present is overall great and everyone seems to care for one another. There are many friendly people that will always be helpful in guiding where a building and/or classroom is. Honestly, I'd have to say that this is campus is really great and I would recommend this college to anyone who wants to get their General Education out of the way.
Everyone on campus is very nice and helpful. Nothing but great professors and counselors. Overall a very good college experience.
Amazing campus and facility, however, classes are impacted and often times some classes are only offered at one time and don't have enough space for students.
So far I have enjoyed my experience at Ventura College. I am currently in my second semester at the college. It has been a crazy experience as well because while I am trying to do good in school, I am also trying to figure out what else I want to do with my life. And the professors and counselors have helped to figure out what I would want to do, which is Criminal Justice. My professor Lazaro Salinas is a former police officer and helped me realize that I would want to be part of the law enforcement. My counselor Brandon D'amacio also helped me create my education plan.
Venture college has a great campus with many activities and very hard competitive nursing program which makes them really good at what they do.
Ventura college is one of the best community colleges in Ventura County! Their educational advisors are amazing! Mine helped me get to where I am today and I couldn't be more happier!
I love the EOPS program here , the office workers and employees here really care about your education and ways to achieve your goal within the school.
Ventura College is wonderful. I'm in my third semester and I thoroughly enjoy my classes and my professors are great. The food on campus is great, as there are a variety of food trucks available every day.
I love this college. I've only been there for one summer class and it was one of the best experiences in my life so far. It has taught me the life of a college student when I was a sophomore in high school at that time so it made me know what to expect.
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Ventura college is a great college. I have been here for 2 years going on 3 and I have had a great time here. The city of Ventura is so beautiful and there many things to do like there’s the mall that is half a mile down the street with restaurants next to it. the people on campus are very friendly and if you don’t know your way around campus then there’s always friendly people to help you. Ventura college is especially known for their nursing program. I’ve heard so many great things about the Nursing program and how it prepares you for the next step in your career. Overall this is a great school with great people and staff.
At Ventura College I have had a great experience. I have taken a couple classes and have had great professors. They do an amazing job teaching their ciricula.
I live about an hour away from Ventura and my home college would be Moorpark but I chose to come to VC so I could play waterloo. I have never had so much fun in my life. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have played for VC and I am thankful for the connections I made. I also am blown away by the knowledge of all of my professors. I have not disliked one so far.
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