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Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology Reviews

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I came to this school from what i saw in ads throughout the tri-state and also from hearing graduates. But my experience so far is okay. The instructors know what they are doing but at times they can really have "fits". Attendance is strict.
I go to school online. Very good program. Most of the professors are very helpful. It is very relevant to what I am studying. If you get a chance check them out. Call the distance learning department for information. They are very helpful. Also, check out their reviews.
It a small campus with culturally diverse students. Its a college based on math and science majors . Vaughn focuses on students interest in aviation. Since its a small school, students have closer contact with the professors and the help they need. Usually classes have up to 25 students or less. Professors get to know their students better when its a small class. Classes are very close to each other and are only in one building so you don't get lost. Student life is key to be successful since working together will help you accomplish goals better. Since its an FAA regulated school there is no parties which makes the campus quiet.
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In general Vaughn College is a small school, but it has a great learning environment. Its a type of school that you want to go to if you want to finish quick and get a lot of hands-on experience with people who are extremely experieced. If there’s anything i would love to see it changed are the school doorms to at least make them bedroom bigger and more spacious. All in all, it’s still a great school and I would recommend it 100% to anyone.
This college is amazing. the staffing is a 10. professors and colleagues are a 10. Amazing view and close to LaGuardia Airport. we even have a small tower area where you can hear the ATC and observe take offs and arrivals. Oh and the cafeteria is awesome. must try the breakfast here. you'll definitely love this college. So far I have no complains and I am very satisfied with my education here.
I find the in campus experience to be very resourceful. The amount of courses are helpful in finding a career in the aviation field and le dan itself to many other possible careers. The extracurricular activities are very intriguing and come in a variety to choose from.
Small private school that's good for engineering and aeronautics. Overall good experience if you take your education serious.
All the staff at Vaughn College are super helpful. No matter what happens, they will make sure that you get the help you ask for and deserve. Also, the professors are really caring and enthusiastic about the academics that they provide. They will make sure that it is a fun experience for you to pursue the major you always look forward to.
Although it is very expensive, because it’s a specialized college, everyone attending is planning on being in the field of aviation so being surrounded by people with the same interests, keep students motivated
Very involved and handon learning environment. The college isnt huge so you get to see and meet many people who you can forge great friendships with. Learning is made fun, becuase proffesors are coming from the industry of aviation to teach students.
one thing I really like about my school is their aviation program it is the best in New York City and its close to home.
I like the small student to teacher ratio which allows for more hands on assistance. Professors are available to speak to during their office hours and provide more one on one help. Tutoring is free so plenty of aid is offered for a student to achieve to the best of their ability.
So far my experience at Vaughn College is great, most professors are great and the students are nice. The staff is always there to help you with your needs and questions. The campus is in a great spot especially for the pilots because it's right next to the airport. The one thing that can change would probably be the priceing of the school one semester will run you about $30,000 that's way more than the average college.
i had military aircraft experience and wanted to become an a&p mechanic, received my Airframe and was 1 semester away from powerplant, But by that time this school had me hating this industry as a whole, luckily i was able to join one of the construction unions in the city.the teachers often let us know how lucky we will be to get a job at an airline and how you dont get an A&P for the $$ , cause there is none.what kind of teachers say this?. Most teachers there just did not care at all. one teacher consistanly reminded us "im not the instructor on record of this class" so voice any concerns to the some other teacher whom wasnt teaching the class!
When I visited Vaughn College a few weeks ago for an open house, it was a simple and to the point presentation of what the school has to offer. Great, simple and direct presentation which was very well done. The tour of the campus was awesome, the faculty was simply awesome and informative, and the student volunteers were on their A game. It was by far a better experience than the other colleges I visited. Thanks guys and see you in the upcoming semester as a freshman.
Transferring credits was an easy process especially since I have received credits from another college because of the early college high school I attended. I have a class that some of my classmates don't have and I don't have to retake any classes the were credited.
The courses and professors are great, engaging, and informative. THey know what they're talking about and are always up for questions. All the classes are small with about 30 students or less.
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There are several career fairs and internship fairs that happen throughout the year. The school has and boasts about their connections to Laguardia Airport, several airline companies, and big transportation companies.
So far in the first few days of attending this college, the classes are engaging especially since the professors know what they're talking about and the small classes.The planned student activities and workshops are pretty cool and informative. The students who attend this school varies a lot in terms of age.It's not the most prestigious school, but there are good opportunities and connections if you do really well. The professors are familiar and speak about some alumnis that have been hired at big companies while still in college because of outstanding work; which is pretty good to look forward to and for attracting students.
It offers for other majors but not for mine
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