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None of my traditional college courses were transferred. For the most part there is flexibility in when you can do classes.
Not fond of canvas - not very user friendly at all. You kind of have to explore to find what you need. I also feel that not all teachers are engaged as much as they should be. If I have to turn homework, quizzes etc. in every week, they should then be graded every week and not sitting there for 2 weeks at a time ungraded.
class sizes seem small which makes it hard when answering a discussion. Everyone says the same thing and not much you can respond with. I have one teacher that will add to the discussions...that helps. Otherwise, the caliber of student does not seem to match me.
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Some classes have a lot of work, while others have barely none. If you keep up with homework than everything else is easy.
I have had a couple teachers that are awesome, and a couple others that seem to just do the minimum possible. I suppose this could be the same anywhere.
I'm not completely happy withy choice but I will say it could get better this is just my first term.
For online courses I like they fact that the students are graded on there interaction and responses to our weekly discussions. Also the class sizes are good.
I think our peer-to-peer interaction is great.
They don't explain anything to you about how much school is gonna cost you. And financial aid there horrible, you will think your suppose to be getting a certain amount of financial aid and you won't get even close to that. There estimates on how much tuition and books will cost is way off. By way off I mean like almost $1,000 off.
Teachers are great. The registration process is a bit rocky they don't tell you much and you have to contact them. They don't stay in touch with you about things you are to know before you start classes. Especially the online programs.
Online paralegal program is okay. I'm taking ethics, legal terminology, introduction to paralegal, and legal keyboarding. This isy first term so all of this stuff is pretty new to me. The teachers are amazing they are willing to help you as long as you ask them for the help.
No one contacted me about finalizing my degree. I had to spend a lot of my time contacting the correct people to get me my diploma and transcripts. Then instead of official transcripts they just stuck them in the envelope with my diploma. And they did not contact me in time for walking so I missed graduating with my peers.
The level of intelligence I expected from students who were attending this college did not measure up to my expectations. Not that this is an Ivy League school, I was still disappointed in the amount of people who could not use correct grammar even when writing a simple sentence.
The course work went well. Finishing the program caused me problems because no one stayed in contact with me after my last classes finished.
Does not apply to me I was an online student.
Easy program to follow, instructors did a good job.
I paid a lot for a degree that will not really get me anywhere that I want to.
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The course work went well. But when I completed the program it was hard to stay in touch. I had to contact them several times to get them to mail my diploma and I missed walking to receive my diploma because I was not included in the original sign up email.
Does not really apply to me I was an online student they did not involve us in campus activities.
The instructors did a great job of designing the courses and they were always available if I needed any help.
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