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I had a few really good instructors but there was more that were just a joke!
There's 10 week phase during one phase the instructor just wouldn't show up there was 3 weeks we would just sit in the class waiting for someone to show up they never did. So finally they switch one of there personal training instructors to be our hvac instructor. After not learning anything for half the phase they just went a head an passed us for that class. Another instructor out the blue quit in our 6 week of the phase and some how we were only in week 3 work wise. There are two very good instructors Dennis and Gerry great guys probably the only people that have taught me anything and I graduate in a month. I do not feel like im ready for my trade. Also the equipment you work with is packed into a very small area and they don't have half of the equipment they say they are teaching us about
Just though the enrollment process, I've met great people and its been an easy process
I anticipate that this school is going to prepare me with all the knowledge and hands on skills I will need in my career.
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Haven't started the classes yet, but I have only heard good things
The admissions process was very smooth and quick. Everyone I have came in contact with has been very enthusiastic:)
I just recently enrolled in the school and will start classes on August 11, 2014.
Getting accepted was the most difficult part because of financial aid issues.
I just recently enrolled in the school and have not had a chance to communicate with the career services department.
I have not talked to the career services department yet, but I have been told very good things about that department.
Every professor I have talked to seems very interested in helping the individual with the subject
I have not taken any online courses from this school
When I took a tour of the campus, I was really impressed that the class sizes are relatively small, so you actually feel like a real person, and not just a number or dollar sign on a sheet.
The diversity amongst the students is great! Everyone seems very career-oriented.
I have just recently enrolled at Vatterott College-St. Charles, and everyone has been super nice and flexible. They worked really hard to get me enrolled and help with financial aid.
Everything was quick and smooth
Everyone has been so nice
i haven't taken one but I hear they are great
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They made applying so easy and smooth
So far everyone I talk to says it's great
Medical Assistant w/ office management - awesome
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