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I never had an online course so I don't know the difference between the two.
At my school you are free to be yourself. No one is judging you based on your appearance. It's like when I come to school I can get a peace of mind; Happy spirits are everywhere here.
Its so many different roles....everyone seems to be detail-oriented.
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The Resources on campus is very useful and helpful.
The network at my school is fast, accurate, and has great high technology.
Not quite sure on all of the courses they offer but they offer Medical Billing and Coding, MA, HVAC, you can obtain your CDL-A through Vatterott, Dental programs, technology programs, etc.
They try to make everything as easily accessible as possible. They have a computer lab that is open (not sure on what times) for many hours throughout the day, for those who are even attending online classes, they can go to campus and access their computers to complete their work. Excellent network reliability and all resources are easily accessible.
We have discussion boards that we have to post to weekly on top of replying to 2 of our classmates posts. The discussion board is where we get peer-to-peer interaction. The registration process was pretty fast and convenient. The professor/ student relationships are awesome...the professor's are there for you through any situation and you can reach out to them for any kind of assistance you may need, if they can't help you, they will definitely lead you in the right direction. I couldn't be more satisfied and couldn't have made a better decision and choice to make Vatterott College a part of my career path! : )
The instructors at Vatterott College are awesome! They work with you in extenuating circumstances, they are there for you 100%, easy to reach and communicate with, they sincerely care about each individual, and they make you feel comfortable to reach out to them for any kind of assistance even if it's a personal issue. Vatterott and it's instructors stick to their word when they say they will help you get a career. Je'loni, the career advisor, is absolutely amazing and the student resource services they offer work with you immediately to help resolve any situation you may be facing. The day I went to enroll, they done all of my paperwork and financial aid in about 3hrs, one trip, and my classes are online. They make things as conveniently as possible for their students. I have NO complaints on Vatterott, they have been absolutely amazing to me and I feel blessed to be getting my Associate's Degree in Medical Billing and Coding through Vatterott, they have stood by me 110%! : )
They have day and night classes that go over the same material. If you have a work schedule that varies, you can attend either class and keep up with your work.
The people that choose to attend this school come from many backgrounds. Overall, we all get along and enjoy sharing our experiences. The classmates that I interact with are typically employed full time, married and have children, and are living paycheck to paycheck, like myself.
Very Easy and Affordable – It was very easy to get everything started. I thought it was going to take hours to get just my fasfa and financial aid done and it took like 30 minutes! I was surprised and very happy!
Everyone Is Super Nice! Everyone is super nice! Everything is easy to find! The classrooms are big but the class size is small.
Everyone Is Very Nice and Very Helpful. It seems like to me everyone is very happy at the school. I have a friend who went here and she really liked it. I look forward to starting school July 2, 2012!
My Instructors – I have this instructor that take the time to listen to your problems and helps you when need help.
Vatterott is very flexible with a students schedule. There are a few certain classes that must be completed before one can take a specific class, however that isn't the norm. Online courses are also offered to those who prefer schooling at home.
Vatterott Curriculum – I believe the curriculum is appropriate for the degree programs offered. For the medical assisting program, phlebotomy, billing & coding, anatomy and terminology are all offered. Classes are on a fast track schedule, 10 weeks per phase.
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Vatterott is the most expensive degree program in the surrounding area. Most of the teachers/professors use power point and study guides. In some instances it seems like the students are teaching themselves. The only help for scholarships and grants was a handout of sites to go to and look for yourself.
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