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Vatterott College - Kansas City Reviews

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Easy to apply, real world courses in fields of expertise that are in high demand. The flexibility of hours is amazing so going to school and having a full time job is feasible. Love the instructors they are highly experienced and eager to teach. Smaller class size gives us more one on one attention.
There are many excellent professors at this branch of Vatterott, however like any school, it is what you put into it that counts the most. The greatest professor can't do a thing with the worst student and vice versa.

The building is reasonably constructed though, during intense rain, you will hear it through the walls. While I was attending school there, the internet was questionable, though I'd heard of talk of this getting fixed, so I'd ask to check this before you sign up if it is a concern for you.

The school costs is about average, which means you will probably want to work out a payment arrangement so you can start cutting that total bill down before it is due, thus taking a lot of stress off of you after you graduate.
Battery is an amazing school. Who helps bring out the quality and skills I. People who are wanting to pursue their passion wither it be automotive ,welding,cosmetology, dental it's a good positive environment with teachers who actually care and want to see you succeed. So let your dreams come true and enroll their today.
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Vatterott college has been a life changing experience for has made my path to my dream come true to be an automotive mechanic and so far I'm on the dean's list and it Will continue with the help of the instructor s and staff couldn't of done it without to others I highly recommend you take a step to better your future with vatterott college. Thanks for everything,. Mallorie Smith of vatterott college Kansas City mo
I really enjoy watching each chef show off their skills and tell if the many falls they had to take to get to where I'm trying to go. I'm aiming to become a chef and own my own restaurant in the near future. So learning about the themes, locations,target of people to have at a restaurant is really worth learning because it have me an inside on the places I've eaten and what drew me to them. It is a lot of work with in the culinary field and not many chefs get the recognition they deserve for all the blood, sweat and tears they put in. So I continue to stay strong and know that ALL this hard work will pay off. Since I've been a student at L'ÉCOLE I have went from being an employee at Popeyes to becoming a prep cook at Magnolia's Southern Bistro!
I'm the beginning it was amazing, then as the phases got further everything started to change. My group of people I started with ended up being "lab rats" as if every phase there was a new change and they used us to see if it works well. When it came to the chefs a few really showed their passion with me and others as a whole, but others weren't as welcoming at first. I mean the material was all together but to the wrong books so there were minor changes in the dushesthe chefs made us prepare. I love the fact that it's mostly hands on but wish there were more hours to do everything. Now what I liked least was that L'ÉCOLE Culinaire is based of French cuisine right, well we learned NOTHING about Feance, it's culture or dishes!
Our students dress up for Halloween. .bring food for food drives and are aways willing to help.
Diesel program brand new. Its nice to be the first to start the program
Vatterott carrer center is good.My adviser got me a interview with a few companys in my field of study. They ask me often if I need work or help with my resume. I have a part time job now thru my career center so im happy. I talked to a alumi of Vatterott and he is and has been working since he graduated a few years back. I plan to graduate in January 2015 and continue my education.
should let people know about there financial aid asap
Its fine, I have not got to spend alot of time in there. but from the most part ok.
I don't have any online courses. But I hear they are good
The teachers are all knowledgable and very helpful with school work. The new facility is very nice and spacious. There is a lot of hands on work which will help out in the field. And if you ever have any questions the office personnel are always there to help.
Class schedules are flexable and instructors are understanding of schedule conflicts and help you work around issues that occur.
The school has a share ride program which is helpful. They also offer tutoring on a flexable schedule nights and weekends.
Sometimes the printers are down which makes it hard to turn in assignmaents on time.
The facilities on campus are improving. We just moved to a new building. They are expanding with a salon and a gym.
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The library isn't too bad, but with being an online course we have an online library. I am giving it a B only because it took awhile to learn how to navigate and use it. Plus, it doesn't have all of the topics or subjects that I need all the time.
Why I Would Not Choose This School Again – I thought there would actually be lectures from professors but they are just powerpoint presentations. I will however finish my degree here, but disappointed for the most part.
Very Corperate Like – It's a tech school. It is a training center not a college.
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