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I love Vatterott. They are hands on and seem to care about their students. They offer classes that are small and instructors that go above an beyond to help their students.
The instructors are great, the staff is great, they have a flexible schedule. They are very friendly and want to see everyone succeed
I have always been more of a hands on learner. with the ability to have actual hands on we learn more and get a better understanding of how the equipment is to function and ways to trouble shoot when needed
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Easy to fallow instructions. never had any technical issues with canvas
Plenty of job prospects constant interaction with potential jobs and real world prospects
Plenty of opportunity! Job fairs regularly plenty of hands on experience with your future job skill
Knowledgeable teachers more then willing to assist if needed
Lots of lab time and actual hands on experience!!
Friendly, creative and fun learning enviroment
Some good moments. Keeps you on your schedule. Study for long periods of time is required to excel. I didn't realize the magnitude of what was required. My attending school was a decision between nursing and court reporting. I needed the money that it would provide so I chose court reporting with anticipation of graduation in 2 years.
My school was closed because of low student enrollment. However, there are no campuses in the city to go to lab and such.
I am responsible for my own paper, ink, computer, internet, software, books, etc.
I think the tuition here is very expensive. I need assistance in scholarships to complete my education here. I would like to complete my education here because I love this school.
I have classes that I had previously taken at the University level. They were not even considered. The curriculum changed which also put me into a longer graduation expectancy.
It could be better. You are mostly on your own search but the association does give alerts to some job availability.
Not in touch with a lot of the student body to determine diversity.
It allows you to attend classes at your convenience. However, you must be dedicated to your schedule.
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There is always and supportive and caring staff to help and guide you throughout the process from registration to academics toward graduation.
I love the fact that I am constantly learning. It is really a challenge which takes stamina and much dedication. You are never alone because other students are in the same learning challenge and understand the pitfalls. We support and encourage each other in this program.
For the amount of money im paying i think im getting a great education. The financial aid process didnt take long at all sometimes it seems like forever. I received more than expected back which was a surprise. I have learned never to delay and wait until the last minute to apply for finanical aid that could casue a issue.
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