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Vatterott College - Des Moines Reviews

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They have plenty of books and resources in our LRC.
Its very clean but there really isn't anything to unique
Only complaints I really have are the fact that your grades automatically take a hit if you have to miss a class - even for family emergencies. Points are automatically deducted from tests and quizzes for missing, which is completely frustrating when you work so hard for your grades. Also, I'm a little lost with looking for extra grant and scholarship opportunities - I wasn't told anything about it. Now I'm trying to find out what I can on my own, like can I qualify for any state grants, etc.
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The students here are very diverse. Some are attending college for the first time, some are adults like myself returning for a new degree while working full time and managing families. It's easy to make friends here and learn from each other. I've found that everyone is eager to help everyone else out when it comes to understanding the subjects and homework. It's nice.
I was never told about any additional opportunities to apply for grants or extra funding. After filing my FAFSA, my loans will not cover the total cost of my tuition, leaving me to pay at least $150 out of pocket to the school every month I attend, in addition to paying my other student loans. I also pay a mortgage and work a minimally paying part-time job, it's going to be difficult to come up with the extra each month. I think the education I'll receive is well worth the cost, however, covering the extra expenses out of pocket up front before graduating may prevent me from finishing.
Great Instructors – Very small class sizes with lots of personal attention
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