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Scam school- don’t care about employees or students-closed almost a month with no data. Irresponsible leadership shame on the Corporate President of this school!! Obviously this all doesn’t affect her -her children or family- disgusted about how little they care about the holidays and the tough time their employees and students are having! They didn’t even pay there employees their holiday time-there employees have always been treated horribly! Do Not Spend Your Money on this school in Any state!! Choose a more reputable one-that abides by their mission statement and cares about their students and surrounding communities!
Everyone in administration really wanted to know me as a person, thought that was something rare
don really know them yet, but from what I have observed they are really friendly
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They really work with you
The career staff work with you and help us to obtain gainful employment.
they explain and allow you to meet the directors and all the staff.
The financial aide personnel are very helpful, and the really try to get you the best for your money.
they really helped during a difficult time, and was very suportive
it ok it kool and understandin
ok school teachin me a lot
my trade is in building maintanence mechanic, and thus far is exactly what i expected.
my school have a shuttle van that is centralized for students that dont have transportation or is on the city transportation. This really blew me away when i was told, very VERY convienent
I think the flexibility is wonderful, if you cant make it to your day time class you can attend at night so you dont miss anything for that day. Also, the faculty is eager to help reach the goals of the students and are extremely helpful which i love the most unlike other community colleges etc...
getting fasfa was a breeze, the operator was very courteous in concluding the process, however, I still have to pay 2000 usd while attending school and it's tough with a parttime job and cost of living ontop of having two teenage daughters that need certain things(not living with me) and im presently homeless living in a shelter while trying to do what it takes to survive not making good money to do like a father should however my financial counselor is GREAT
Student and Teachers – The students at my school are nice and easy to get along. they are also easy to get work with and will help you study for tests and pass them. The teachers up here are always on their job to help the students pass their tests and to prepare them on what they need to do on the job. overall, they are good citizens and workers.
The main reason I chose this school was because it was a hands on school, but at the same time you get the lecture which is perfect. If you cant make it in the morning for any reason you can come in at the night classes. So its a very flexible school.
The academics offered there are great. You have the building maintenance mechanic which is the most expensive, but will be well worth it at the end. Shouldnt have a problem paying your loans back. There starting a nursing program, hvac, and plumbing problem.
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Finacial Aid Proccess – The proccess was smooth. Was able to tell me what money I had available.
the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful
When it comes to the tuition, the education was worth it. however, the uniforms and tools seemed to be a bit over priced. The office attention needed is easily obtained. maybe purchasing our own uniforms and tools would have been an option but may have become more of a problem depending on the individuals finances. overall, its suitable for me
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