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Vatterott Career College - Memphis Appling Farms Reviews

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Really cares about the students individually
Career services is great, they try to find you a job quickly
Professors are knowledgable of the topics they teach
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Learning material was out dated
The school, teachers and faculty are all great. The equipment used for training is not the greatest. Trucks are out of date and will not teach you about modern technology.
at vatterrot in the deisellprogram at the end they get you tools from your mony for tuituiion so we can perform job outside school other schools get students little amount tools so have by own after school on top paying school bACK
like i said previously the student teacher ratio makes lot easier to communicate with teachers also can email or call teachers and they respond very quickly.. they seem to be very interested in helping studnts best they can
from what i know vatterrott does there best to get students into a jobsite when we finish school and the percent of students to do so is high from what i know by talking outside of the school
its smaller STUDENT TEACHER RATIO MAKE IT EASIER FOR MORE DISCUSSION WITH TEACHER. ALSO WHERE TEacher canunderstand each students learning needs
I really appreciate my instructor. She makes sure her student know the material and skills. I wish the administration staff was a little more friendly. Sometimes they seem annoyed if there are students with issues or questions. I have managed to stay focused and will continue to do so.
I like the field that I chose. I feel the things I'm leanring will definitely prepare me for the workplace. I am confident.
I beleive the value of education I'm getting is worth it because I attend class everyday and truly enjoy what I'm being taught. My instructor is one reason I am able to grasp what is being taught. She is awesome.
Most students are young. Right out of high school. I'm not sure they are ready to steer away from drama and really focus. They are nice people, but are sometimes distracted by peers which cause grades to suffer.
I dont taken any online courses. My test are taken at the school.
they know most of us on a first name basis and if you ask for the assistance to find work they wont quit until your satisfied
They Want Us to Be Like Slaves to Them – always changing our schedules thinking we dnt have other responibiltys , we have kids , wrk and life but they dnt care about that. They till us one thing then tell us another .
The Tuition Went up and We Werent Told – It seemed like every time i turned around something was changing and we were being charged for stuff we didnt know about and not telling us . we always get the run around , they arent very knowledgable .
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We Work Mostly on Our Own , Teachers Dnt Teach Much – mostly people here are very young minded and not very focused. some of us would like to learn and try but this new program this school has is not very organized . I feel sorry i signed up , dnt feel like im getting my moneys worth .
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