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Vatterot College - Spring Valley Reviews

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Great I think I get everything I need and it very helpful.
The computer network at my school are work great.
It's very great to be at my school as my major because I'm on my way to make my dream come true.
Review Vatterot College - Spring Valley
The Academics at my school I think it's very helpful.
Students who are spoken English as the first language is mostly easy for them to study in any class. If they do their best. Students who are not spoken English as the first language is very hard for them in some class like political or ethnic. Which is this kind of students need to have a lot time to studies for their class to pass than students who spoken English in their entire life.
The classes are set and there is no choice on when you want to attend or how often
The Veterinary program is like a family. The overall student body of the school is poor and stays together
Supposedly 100% placement rate in the Vet department
The school overall does not offer much but the Veterinary program does fun events often
Although the work is tough and sometimes feel impossible, it has been full of great experiences.
The Veterinarian program is great! The speed in which some chapters go on is sometimes overwhelming
I absolutely love the program, most of the instructors are helpful and passionate.
I feel that I am getting my moneys worth in the Veterinary program, but the rest of the school is poor.
There are computer labs which are always available. I have never been into the library. There is no Wi-fi in the building.
Most of the time printing from the original computer is a fail. It's been 3 weeks since a printer in a classroom has been out of toner.
The program is very expensive, and I can only hope it's worth it.
The director of financial aid was incredibly helpful, but I am still worried about paying off the balance after I graduate.
My teachers are awesome, the program director is amazing. The Cleanliness is questionable, and the wireless internet is non existant, which is frustrating.
Review Vatterot College - Spring Valley
The computer lab is easy to access, but there is no wireless internet available.
Students, are split into sections they are in separate class rooms for most of the day. Students meet in the lounge area on brake, but not all students have the same break period. Most students work an go to school other just school,no discrimination take place vatterot has implemented a zero tolerance policy.
Vatterot is a unique school.Vatterot has a good staff, teachers they really want you to know and understand your studies so they go to great lengths to help. I can remember playing the wi to help with marketing teachers related advertising to the game to give you a better understanding making it a unforgettable experience.
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