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Coming to Vassar was the best decision I ever made. From the moment I stepped onto campus, I was welcomed and supported. The professors are AMAZING and are very approachable and easy to talk to, and will do everything they can to help you be successful. The students are very intelligent and hard-working, but never competitive. Students are serious about their academics, but at the same know when to take breaks and make room for having fun.
Vassar College has been a pretty good experience. Haven't complained much and that's a good sign. Great professors/academics, cool people, great support for low-income, first gen students if you participate in Foundations/Transitions.
Great place, had a lot of great experiences. Academically intense but does not foster a competitive environment. Great professors with a lot to offer.
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I had an amazing experience, and met people from all over the world. My professors were great and the campus is beautiful!
If you are a minority student from a low income background it is easy to feel lonely on this campus; too easy to feel that Vassar does not have your needs at heart or are willing to prioritize you. Spending everyday constantly surrounded by people who do not look like you or share even 1/5 of your experiences is what is hard. Trying to feel grateful for the scholarship that is not enough, for the stress and pressure put on every student at college, is difficult. Be prepared to trade soundness of mind for a degree.
The professors, President Bradley, and administration, campus , organizations, and intramural sports were terrific!
I've loved my time at Vassar College. Everyone who goes here is very motivated, interesting, and intellectual. The academics are top-notch and the faculty members are vibrant and fun. Although it's location can be isolating at times, there are always things to do on campus so you never get bored.
This is an amazing school where many competitive students, advocating leaders, and the future of our generations exist as a cohesive community. Even though it is a very small campus, the dynamics of the school allows you to experience everyday differently. Throughout the years in school, you will be able to meet people who are slowly changing your view of the world and also pushing for change in the school, community, nation, and the world. This is one of the best decisions I have made to come to Vassar
I've loved my experience here so far. The academics and professors are wonderful. The campus is beautiful and there is always some way to get involved with the school. I am eager to start my third year.
Overhyped. Basically impossible to get into biology class as freshmen and sometimes even sophomores. School budget is constantly insufficient.
While people find this college amazing, I don't. After a year here, I have found it to be not only the antithesis of what I was looking for, I felt I have grown a lot more conservative since I first arrived on campus given the hostile attitude toward free speech and open dialogue. Additionally, with the employment situation after graduation, I simply think paying $300k at sticker is a waste of my parents' money.

However, I do believe the academics in this school is amazing and professors are among the most insightful people I have met. Some professors truly light up your world and that's the only thing I cling onto here.
Vassar College is a great space for individuals who dont know exactly what they want to study. There are so many options for classes and the professors are really interested in teaching what students want to learn. Amazing academic experience.
I loved being a student at Vassar! The professors are incredible - always there to help you outside of class if you need it. The campus is beautiful, as well.
The professors are amazing and really helpful but the students as a whole misunderstand the meaning or being open minded. They take liberalism and progressivism to a whole new level and try to force everyone to be these politically correct robots that do not offend anyone ever. I have seen countless people be attacked for having a belief or simply a question that might stray away from popular belief. It's disheartening to learn that these are the better I must converse with for the rest of my years at Vassar.
An incredible liberal arts experience - though it's really what you make of it. Some classes are much easier than others. Vassar takes its need-blind policy very seriously and is the most generous with aid out of its peer institutions. The student body is made up of some of the most kind-hearted and accepting people you'll find anywhere. No one cares what you wear, where you come from, etc - you can truly find yourself & be yourself here.
The campus is beautiful. Classes are interesting and challenging. Professors care and are very nice.
It's nice that there are small classes. The town Vassar is in is not very exciting, but all the necessities are available.
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The professors and classes are all very good. The school has many great professors and allows the students to explore different subjects. The athletics are not supported as much as many of the peer institutions. The party scene is not great, but you can always find something.
A unique and transformative liberal arts experience. Your perspectives and ideas are always being challenged, and the free curriculum allows you to explore your interests. Clubs and organizations have a strong presence on campus. Facilities are fine, but nothing special. Financial aid is outstanding, the best I received from the 8 colleges I got into.
I went on the college tour for Vassar. I liked that the classes were small, so everyone got to know their professors and be heard. I loved how generous the school is with scholarship money, if you earn it. They have blue lights everywhere to keep you safe. There's even a mummy in the art exhibit.
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