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It creates an strong sense of who you want o become and will do anything to get you to graduate on time and has a strong religion afiliation. will make you feel like you belong but the food is the only thing but it is still an great school
Vanguard University is a beautiful university that centers around christian beliefs. The school cares about the students. There are many resources on campus that are geared toward the student's success. Professors are always able and willing to assist students if they are in need of help or just asking extra questions outside of class. The campus is located right next door to the police department. For students walking around campus after dusk they have safety officers that will escort the students back to their dorms or to the library.
Vanguard University is a strong Christian campus with people from all walks of life from the students to the professors and administration. The price to attend this school is very pricey considering it is a private school. If you want to build in your Christian faith this is a school I would strongly suggest. As for a social life the religion can be conflicting because there are many people there who don't go for the religious aspect but for other reasons, and others who go to build in their faith. The academics and the athletics are well emphasized, and the Kinesiology program is steadily growing. If you are a college student who wants to have fun and go to parties throughout your college experience I would not suggest this school. But at the same time, if you want to leave this school knowing you received a great education and you built a stronger character, I would suggest this school.
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The professors, as well as other staff members, are highly intentional and caring when it comes to the students and even alumni of their university. It is often encouraged that students grab a coffee or meet with professors outside of class so that they may get to know you for the person that you are. When a friendship is achieved between professor and student usually the professor is more understanding when a family emergency occurs. The counselors provide four-year plan guidelines that remove the stress of deciding which courses to enroll in. Campus life is very calm given that this is a private Christian university, in that there are no major parties but rather an emphasis on mental well being and academic achievement. As a resident, I would say my life has been relatively stress-free in that I am able to meet with professors outside of class at any hour.
I love the overall environment, their morals on balancing quality education with Christian values. Even with this, I would like to see stronger diversity within the students, primarily in the African-American sector.
I like a vanguard University because the school is a great community and support system. Faculty and students are awesome and inspiring.
Vanguard University is an amazing place to have an education. The professors are all amazing and very personable. Vanguard is truly focused on helping students grow their knowledge to be able to pursue careers, but they are also focused on growing the students as people.
I just finished my Freshman year at Vanguard and it is an awesome school. They gave me the opportunity to grow, the professors are willing to spend time not only in class but outside of class either answering questions or doing life with me and the staff is awesome. I got the opportunity to go abroad and spent a month in Italy getting two classes out of the way. It's not a party school which helps me to keep my focus on school and it's a small campus so it's easy to get around.
Vanguard University is an amazing campus with great student life. A diverse campus where everyone knows one another. Professors and staff are always willing to meet and speak with students. A small campus with a good variety of off campus restaurants down the street.
Vanguard University is a very welcoming place that encourages students to strive to be the best that they can be. The Christian environment is also very much appreciated. I have enjoyed my time here so far.
Vanguard University has been a home away from home this past year. There are many great qualities about the school, such as small class size. The class sizes make it easier to learn and get assistance from professors as needed. Another benefit is the small campus. This makes it difficult to get lot in the crowd. The best thing about Vanguard is the community. I was immediately surrounded by people genuinely cared about my life and wanted to be apart of it and help me along the way. Whether it is a professor or a peer, there will always be someone who will grab coffee with you and talk about life. The friends you make at Vanguard will be with you for life.
I've only completed my freshman year at Vanguard, but I am absolutely in love with this University! Not only have I received incredible education in this past school year, but I have been given some of my best friends, whose friendships I know will last for years to come!
The one thing that i love about this school is the community. No matter who you are people come up to you and talk to you and love on you without even knowing you. I remember my first time coming to Vanguard and my first reaction was wow the people here are being too nice, but i began to realize that just how this campus in and it helped me transition easier into the college life.
The school is a very small and beautiful campus. The location is perfect too because it isn’t very close to the beach.
Amazing school, with teachers who actually care about their students. Campus is beautiful. it is 5 minutes from the beach.
I will be attending next year as a freshman at Vanguard and every interaction I have had with the school has been extraordinarily wonderful.
Vanguard is a campus in which every student is received with open arms and is treated with great hospitality. Each student should view Vanguard as their second home.
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Very easy process and military friendly. The staff is knowledgeable and respond to questions immediately. Everything was explained and easy to understand there were no delays.
Vanguard University is a hidden gem. Although the school does not possess all the standard amenities provided by state universities, the humble setting offers the opportunity to foster relationships with faculty and staff that mirrors the bond that existed between Plato and Socrates. It's intimate. It's personal.
Vanguard is a good Christian school in southern California. The school is small, so classes are smaller and students can connect with professors. Housing and food are not the best, but it could be worse. Athletics are NAIA and compete against other Christians schools in the area. The location is in orange county so it is close to Disneyland, the beach, San Diego, and Los Angeles.
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