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I like the campus. It is safe, close to the police station. There are many things to do here. The campus is small and the professors care about the students. They take time out of their schedule to try and help the students. Things that should change is to have more club involvement or clubs around campus. A little more diversity could be good, although they say there is diversity but most people are Caucasian. Most people here are also friendly and in this college there is SI and tutors that help you if you're struggling in classes
Vanguard University is quite the experience. It is a campus that is filled with lost spirits with the desire of hope. What I mean by this is, many come to Vanguard with broken pieces or just completely unsure of who they are but after being on campus they quickly realize that God has strategically placed them right where they are. Vanguard is filled with bright life's willing to take on the world with the sole flame of Jesus with-in them. If there was anything that should be changed with-in Vanguard it is definitely towards the food being provided. It is not that the food is bad, it just could be better. If all a campus needs to improve is foodservice, they must be doing something right. Vanguard is a home to many people who have discovered who they are. It is a school that not only excels with excellent professors and campus life, but a school that takes your purpose and morphs it into a future.
Vanguard is a great, Christian university. They have many programs that people can participate in based on their interests that range from sports to human trafficking prevention.
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I like how the campus is small and everyone knows each other, it makes it very easy to get one on one help from professors.
Attending a small Christian university is great since the professors actually care and help you out. Financial aid is also good, which is one of the reasons why I am attending Vanguard. I believe the college experience here is different from a public school but overall you get the experience you want.
I feel like Vanguard is an excellent small college in a great location. The professors are engaging and competent, however, the college could be more organized in their accounting office.
Very goodbye school and have had great experiences in classes and with professors. However, there is rule of completing 30 chapel credits per semester
I love how welcoming the environment. On the first day I moved in, I was immediately welcomed by people with friendly looking faces and constantly saying how happy they were to see that I was here at Vanguard. I also love how some of the classes are fairly small so I feel welcomed to express an opinion I have. The cafeteria food is alright, though I wish they had more gluten free options than they do right now. Other than that, Vanguard University is a very welcoming school for anyone and everyone.
My experience here at Vanguard University, I would say is very good. I'm learning new traditions. meeting new people, and making a difference where ever I go. The professors are very nice, and work with you on a personal one-on-one level. It is a great institution that is growing each and everyday.
Your experience here at Vanguard will be a life changing experience in your life time. The diversity and the love that everyone has for each other is nothing short than amazing.
Dealing with the people here tales some getting used to. I absolutely love the professors thought. They are always open ears and are willing to devote their time into you. You can have a lot of one on one time and lots of discussions in the classroom, which I really appreciate. Being right by the beach is also a plus!
Such a helpful and caring place to live and study!!! Love it here! The people are so nice and they geniunely care for your success. There are so many opportunities to plug yourself in and become involved in the community!
Vanguard has amazing people, I have made great friends and I have enjoyed my time there. They make you feel welcome and the professors try their best to include everyone.
Love the environment, and the Christian community. Such a small school, but it fits with my personality.
I attend Vanguard University and I am an involved student athlete. At Vanguard people are given many opportunities to succeed, but it is all about the work that the student is willing to put in. There are small class sizes, therefore it is easier for the professor to know you and help you individually; you are a name, not a number at this University. Knowing my professors on such personal basis makes it easier for me to understand and connect to the subject I am learning.
i loved Vanguard because the community is so heart warming, they are the type of school that want you to succeed and you matter to them so much.
Vanguard is amazing! This can only be said because I made it that way for myself. It is a small school but the people here are grand. Excellent Professors and staff. I wish it was a little more diverse but the students are still from various areas and walks of life. Finding friends that you connect with and joining school activities makes the strange and boring moments fade away!
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I have no bad thoughts about Vanguard. The location there is perfect, the staff is so helpful, and you are guaranteed to graduate in 4 years!
I love Vanguard! The people are so kind, the staff and faculty are helpful, and the all around atmosphere is peaceful. The campus is beautiful and there is always something to do. The cafeteria food could definitely be a little better!
Choosing to attend Vanguard was probably the best decision of my life. The school has really impacted my life in a good way. The community is very welcoming and it feels like home.
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