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VanderCook is a specialty school. If you want to be a music educator, there is no better place to be. It is very small. I graduated in a class of 13 people. Total enrollment was 90. The school has an excellent masters degree program, and undergrads are permitted to take graduate classes for undergraduate classes. What a way to learn - sitting next to people who are already out there, and who know what they need to learn. I will never regret a day of that education, and living in Chicago offered all sorts of opportunities.
The program at my school is amazing. The fact that we focus solely on music education is why i decided to come here. If anyone wants to become a music teacher this is the only school for them.
There is only one place you can get a student discount and that's Freddie's which is a 10% discount on Vandercook, Shimer, and IIT students. Other than that there is no discounts.
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Vandercook College of Music offers you the overall experience that you need for the college life. It is a small school where you know everyone from staff, faculty and students and yet, it is inside the Illinois Institute of Technology where you can get lost in their big campus. You can use their same facilities such as the Bog which is a social gathering place with bowling allies, video games, pool tables, ping pong tables, a bar and a nice sitting area where you can enjoy food and watch different performances or be your own performer and do some Karaoke with friends. You can also use IIT's library, their radio station (WIIT 88.9 FM Chicago), gym (which has an Olympic size pool), and eating areas such as 7-Eleven and assist their events.

The only draw back as a Vandercook student is that you can't have a hawklink (which is their form of an email address) and so it's really hard to hold a position in one of their clubs/organizations. Also, since we're all Music Education majors in that school, it is very time consuming and stressful but once you figure out that this is the teacher life, your career will be much more easier.

Vandercook is a tight knit community. A family. They, facutly, staff, peers, will help you with anything they can and you will get a job right after you graduate and do your student teaching. You always get emails and honestly information passing is great because everyone wants to succeed and everyone wants to help each other succeed.
All of the computers here at VanderCook College of Music are fairly new! We have MAC computers mostly throughout the building. Most of them have all the expensive music software in them to make sure all students can complete their assignments. They are maintained and kept well. I have never had a complaint while using the computers here.
The program that is set up at my school clearly sets you up for becoming a music teacher in the real world. The work and studies that are required throughout your school years here will advance you as a musician and teacher. I have met some great professors who's lessons I will never forget in life.
The great thing about VanderCook College of Music is that it is the only school in America that solely focuses on Music Education. All of the courses are focused on advancing music students. The staff including professors are very smart and are always willing to lend a hand to the students. The school is fairly small as well which means there is more time for each individual student.
The scholarships are divided among everyone as equally as possible. I am not talking about that everyone will have the same amount of money. But it all depends on the student themselves. If they are willing to work hard to earn the scholarship then they will benefit greatly from them. So the saying "Practice makes perfect." does apply here.
The atmosphere here at VCM is pretty relaxed unless it is midterms or finals or Midwest week. Other than that every one is generally in a good mood. During the times I had specified before everyone is on edge because we want to do well on everything. Almost everyone here has the mentality of everything needs to be a close as perfect as possible.
We are located in the city of Chicago, so layers are your best friends through out the year.
I believe that everyone here has the same goal and that is to become a music educator. At the same time, none of us are the same in any way. I have come to enjoy the fact that we all work towards the same goal, but learn different approaches to the goal. It really has changed my perception on how to do approach teaching.
I believe that the strictness of the campus is pretty flexible. They understand that we are in the city, so certain security measures are taken. At the same time, it allows us to explore and be free to learn things.
The computers here at the school allow us to do multiple things at a time. The software that we need for our classes are all on them. This rid us of any worry of buying the expensive software, like Sibelius or Finale. They all work really well and allow us to get the job done. The only thing that I am not happy with is the network work. It at times does not work properly, but it gets fixed in a timely manner.
There's some free parking in places like Wentworth and Michigan Avenue, the parking permits for school lots are a huge rip off and not worth having for a 2 minute shorter walk.
Lots of Housing Options – Lots of places, some are pricey, others are reasonable, but you have to watch out for unsafe areas the father south or west you go of VanderCook. The further north or close to the loop you get, the pricier the rent obviously. I've seen $500-600/month studio apartents for rent in places like Hyde Park or Kenwood which are very nice areas and pretty safe and pretty close to VanderCook.
Chicago, Illinois – The atmosphere is awesome. There's always something going on and there's a lot of opportunities here.
AMAZING!!! The school is location very very close to the trains and right off of the main street, michigan. You can't get any better with the transportation then Vandercook.
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The school offers on-campus housing, but doesn't match the uniqueness of the off-campus housing. So many locations are around that have great qualities and opportunities. Also the transportation is exquisite.
The school is over a hundred years old and is connected through ITT in chicago. They have just bought a new building that will be used as a performance hall that is quite extraordinary. It is a great atmosphere and the facilities while have some use are still in excellent shape.
Wonderful Program – This is by far the best Music Education program around. The professors are masters in their field, and are always available and willing to help!
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