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It's a top college that gives good financial aid. It's really different this year because of COVID, but college is still lots of fun.
Amazing experience staff were excellent teachers were excellent and great university, would highly recommend for medical field
Amazing experience staff were excellent teachers were excellent and great university, would highly recommend for medical field
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Third year at Vandy! The collaborative environment and friendliness of the student body and faculty is amazing. I must say that the the academics are extremely rigorous and the bar is very high for all students so be prepared
Taking mostly hybrid classes with some of them being remote. Vanderbilt has invested a lot of money and has put a lot of effort into making this remote environment much more bearable, so I am very grateful
Once you graduate, you'd give anything for another week on campus with your friends, just the way you remember it. Certainly there are areas for the university to improve, but I'm proud that students here wanted to push for changes and talk about issues that mattered to them. I had the ability to build a "custom" academic experience, generally had very small classes and really genuine connections with faculty and grad students. I miss the incredible opportunities to bond with strangers who became best friends, to try new activities and clubs that welcomed me like family and I miss Grin's Vegetarian Cafe, most of all.

At Vandy students went all out at everything we did, whether it was studying, being creative, pursuing our passions and certainly partying. This is what made Vandy such a memorable place, was that people put their all into everything, and it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to experience four years there.
I haven't taken classes online, but I am pretty sure they would be incredible. Moreover, I would think the content online would be flawless.
My time on Vanderbilt's campus has been wonderful. It's a beautiful campus, and the people are nice. It's a very diverse community as well, which makes for rich relationships and opportunities to engage with students and faculty from all over the world.
It was a very positive course experience online. The support provided is top-notch, and the university invests a lot in training professors to utilize online resources and tools to make the experience the best it can be.
It was great! The professors did their best to cater to our specific needs while at home, all while still providing us with an excellent education.
Vanderbilt is an amazing university. I have loved every second I have spent here. Not only am I challenged consistently by my coursework, the organizational culture, and my peers, but I am loved, appreciated, and driven forward by everything at the heart of this school.
The best thing about Vanderbilt is the setting. I chose Vanderbilt over other schools I was accepted to at the time because when I visited, the campus immediately stood out with the vibrance of the students on campus, how they always seemed so happy. The campus was so alive. In terms of academics, class registration was probably the most stressful/frustrating thing. You think to yourself--I'm already accepted into this prestigious school, but it's all based on chance whether or not you can get the class you want to take because there's only a limited amount of seats in this class. Multiple times, it's a required class too. If only they provided more options that matched the demand of people wanting to take the class.
Some professors used zoom, some professors uploaded study documents for students to complete on their own time. Professors generally became very understanding (no professors creating fake Chegg answers to seek out the cheaters).
Vanderbilt really cares about its students, and the community is great. It holds very high academic standards, so each student would have a chance to challenge himself.
All of my professors did a fantastic job transitioning to online learning by using different apps to record lectures and slides. Exams were organized perfectly, and the professors were very supportive during office hours and via email.
Friendly community, work hard play hard mentality, wonderful college experience, good college town, great professors and students
My undergraduate experience at Vanderbilt was incredible, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I learned so much in my classes, and it set me up for success in my career.
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When we switched to online, the transition was smooth, and we were able to stay on track for the remainder of the semester.
Vanderbilt has strong academics, a beautiful campus, and a great community. The financial aid is also very generous and extends to on-campus activities such as alternative spring break trips. Highly recommend. Also, all housing options cost the same, so you can live in a single room as an upperclassman.
The Vanderbilt community has always been supportive, but I especially felt this during the last semester. Although it was frustrating and disappointing to have to leave campus so suddenly, the professors were incredibly understanding regarding the unique challenges we all faced during the COVID-19 outbreak, and worked hard to support our continued learning.
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