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I will do try to best my level. Vanderbilt university is very good and nice place. All teacher is good and they always teach nicely. I like this university, professor also teach well. Lastly I say one things if colleges and university is good he /she will get good knowledge . Do we good and be good
A+ 100% the best place to GO VANDERBILT !!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!A+ 100% the best place to GO VANDERBILT !!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!A+ 100% the best place to GO VANDERBILT !!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!
Vanderbilt is a great university that offers lots of diverse opportunities for students inside and outside of the classroom. Vanderbilt continues to work to make research, study abroad, and volunteer experiences more accessible to all students. The Vanderbilt name is also well respected wherever you go and graduate schools and employees look favorably towards Vanderbilt grads.
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Professors are too caught up in making classes unnecessarily difficult. Students are under a lot of stress and pressure to perform well in impossible tests.
I love Vanderbilt and would encourage anyone to attend. Nashville is a lovely city and Vandy sits right in the middle of it. The people in Nashville are fantastic and the demographic of the university fits the city. The education is first rate and anyone that is lucky enough to be able to attend would be choosing wisely.
Vanderbilt is built for a specific type of student, and it really does help you figure out the type of student that you are. Make aware of your goals before you attend.
I am admitted to the school of nursing in preparation mode for classes to begin. The organization of the program is excellent with details, ease of navigation, accessible to staff and professiors, and the provide so many resources for your success! They have thought of everything, so I can prepare to the fullest and once on campus, I will be able to focus on learning and achieving my degree.
Vanderbilt University is a top-notch program with professors who are committed to your learning and peers who are well-rounded, intellectual, and passionate.
Love it here, work hard play hard. Professors are amazing and everyone here has a story worth hearing.
The university offers so much to the students: professors are truly approachable, great mentors throughout campus, resources for student showcases, and administration is receptive to student needs. However, the culture is very demanding, expecting students to excel in all areas - academics, campus life, leadership, services, physical fitness, and social life. Can make it very difficult to take a break.
I really enjoy my time currently at Vanderbilt University because there are a variety of activities to get involved with. All the people here are super nice while the professors seem to be interested in their subjects of teaching as well. Plus we're in Nashville where the food is great.
I finished my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering Department at Vanderbilt University in 2017. Vanderbilt University provides me excellent opportunity to be a professional engineer right now. I am very happy to be Vanderbilt Member and never forget this times in my life.
Vandy is a great rising star in the world of elite colleges. It still retains a lot of its individual character as an SEC school with a thriving social scene in Nashville which is also growing a lot. At the same time, the academic competitiveness is rising which sometimes conflicts with the non-academic aspects of the university and poses a challenge to administrators.
For graduate school, Vanderbilt is a top University that will give you excellent training, education, and professors.
Incredible experience with down to earth, nice peers and a work hard/play hard mentality. Attending Vanderbilt Undergrad was the best choice I ever made.
I see Vanderbilt as a place that encourages people to define themselves ahead of their future. Hence, it is a haven for prolific athletes, ingenious scientists, brilliant engineers and creative entrepreneurs. It is also work hard-play hard environment which makes it one of the most relaxing colleges.
It is an amazing place for people to explore different opportunities in life. I also love it because it has a great atmosphere for relaxing and hanging out with friends.
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I like it a lot. The school is hard but it is cooperative and the teachers are generally really qualified and it's not like other hard schools where there is no social life. Truly work hard play hard.
In the heart of Nashville, nice architecture, beautiful campus. Go to SATCO if you are ever near the area.
Vanderbilt has so many opportunities. It is harder to do nothing than to have something to do. If you want to be challenged and pushed in ways you didn't think you could be pushed, then Vanderbilt is the school is for you. If you are looking for an easy A, then Vanderbilt is not the school for you.