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I love Vanderbilt! I feel like I'm a receiving a great education. There is a positive campus culture and I feel like students are extremely involved. The students here also are truly academically motivated.
I took a tour about a month ago and it was phenomenal! I really enjoyed myself. Everyone on campus was so polite and welcoming. Also Vanderbilt requires you stay on campus and also helps you find a job on campus!
I absolutely love Vanderbilt. It is the perfect balance between students who care about their grades and experience, but also are down to have a good time and create a fun social atmosphere. My professors have been amazing as well.
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I love my time at Vanderbilt. The are some aspects in which the school lacks such as overcrowded dinning halls and some older dorms but the school is definitely making an effort to improve. Being in Nashville is one of the greatest college experiences because there is always something going on.
Vanderbilt is full of bright kids, and everyone is insanely welcoming. This is truly a community-based university, with everyone trying to help out the underclassmen, and the professors always being receptive.
Being at Vanderbilt has been a wonderful experience! The faculty takes an interest in you and is very supportive of your learning and specific goals as a student. They care.
Amazing city. Amazing people. Amazing atmosphere. It cannot get better than this. So many happy people everywhere.
Pretty good school! They really make sure the the freshman are taken care of as we all transition into college.
It is a prestigious high ranking school in the South with amazing students and professors. Visiting will give you a modern but also historic vibe in the great city of Nashville.
Vanderbilt University was my no. 1 selection when I was looking into programs for Nurse Midwifery. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to attend such an outstanding program.
Vanderbilt is an incredible school with amazing academics and great professors. That said, it is also very difficult academically. In addition, diversity is definitely not the greatest but Vanderbilt does try to make everyone feel included, though this does not always play out.
The staff is extremely helpful and they work hard to make sure that you are comfortable. The school is also very diverse and good with financial aid.
I love the educational rigor of Vanderbilt and the general attitude and environment of the student body. It is ridiculously expensive though.
i love going to school here; the only thing that i would say needs improvement is greater inclusion of students of all backgrounds; the culture of the school can cater more to people who come from a higher socioeconomic status
While I was only a highschool student at their summer programs, I still found myself with a sense of comfortablity at Vandy and was treated as a college student with the proper challenges. Overall, it was much better than some other nerd camps I've been to at colleges.
As one of the nation's top collegiate institutions, Vanderbilt equipped me with the knowledge I need to go into the world and ask the most difficult questions.
First and foremost, Vanderbilt is interested in maintaining a good reputation. They will do whatever it takes to mimic Ivy League schools. That being said, if you can help Vanderbilt achieve that image, they will give you the world. If you do not, they will take your money and hand you a degree after 4 years. Nevertheless, the students at Vanderbilt are diverse enough that you will find a group you fit in with, no matter what kind of person you are.
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Ever seen an 18 year old in a shiny new BMW? Then you know a Vandy student! The lack of diversity here is staggering. The rich, elitist, white-privilege bubble that exists here will absolutely blow your mind.

If I had it to do over again, I would have gone to a public college. Once you've heard the phrase "C'mon, his parents *only* drive an Infiniti!" uttered, or seen a kid refuse to do a community service project because he was tired of the homeless wanting to buy his new Nikes, you've officially heard it all. True stories (and you know who you are, a-holes).

PS - School spirit is a joke. What are we proud of: a "Commodore"? A rich, robber baron Railroad tycoon from the 1900's who broke the backs of the working class for his billions, that's what. If you want to be exposed to non-millionaire kids NOT born on third base (I.E., the 99%ers) then choose better. I wish I had.
Pretty good, like it here! Great community, horrible food for anyone with dietary restrictions, beautiful campus.
I have enjoyed each of my four years at Vanderbilt. The start of my career was rough, but thanks to the resources offered at Vanderbilt, I entered my second semester with refreshed energy and an improved outlook on my college career. I have been eager to continue challenging myself and my potential ever since. I applied my new life lessons and not only improved my academic performance but expanded my horizons. Sophomore year, I started a mentorship program through our pre-med society for upperclassmen to mentor underclassmen, and I joined a research team investigating PTSD therapies at the Veteran’s Hospital. In my Junior year, I advocated for required relationship education for student groups and organized on-campus facilitators to educate our peers. I also hosted an assembly at my high school for education and prevention of unhealthy relationships. Inspired by conquering my own failures, I found not only personal success, but also ways to educate and benefit others.