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As a grad student in IGP, I find my classmates in general two groups: either very bright and willing to share ideas (collaborative) or just in grad school to postpone finding a job (and party) but don't want to be scientists. There are many intellectuals in the faculty, but you have to find them in the right class. Some are just focused on trying to be landlords or working with big biotech companies. The undergrads are not very future-driven and their party atmosphere revolves around frats and getting slammed drunk. I have even seen my peers who are advanced MDPhD students, get incoherently drunk, and hope they will stop when they see patients. Postdocs, too. Basically, there is a huge drinking culture, little diversity compared to Stanford, but Nashville is enjoyable.
The freshman experience is completely unique and unparalleled, in my opinion. The support provided by VUceptors and House events makes the transition a lot easier. Classes are rigorous, but I love the majority of professors I've had so far! Having Nashville as a stomping ground is wonderful as well.
While Vanderbilt may be extremely challenging academically, the students who contribute to the student life and the city Nashville truly make for a great college experience.
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Vanderbilt is an excellent place to continue your education. It is easy to find your place at this school because the environment is amazingly friendly and welcoming. Greek life is huge here and many people get involved. The weather is usually mild and the faculty is great. The food is ranked in the country, and as a sophomore, I still enjoy it. Anchor Down! This school is not without flaws, however. The campus is pretty divided racially. There is no malice, but it is clear that intermingling between races only truly occurs in the classroom. That is one thing this school could improve.
Well-managed school, relatively balanced culture, people are nice but there is a slightly fake culture.
Beautiful, small campus, right in the heart of music city, close proximity to every neighborhood in Nashville, relatively safe, and wonderful professors and academics!
If you are a driven person who is willing to work hard, Vandy is a great school! All the classes and people here are so interesting and unique. Students can get really stressed though, and while the university is trying to combat that, at some times it feels like everyone is over-scheduled, over-worked, and just kind of sad. School spirit can be lacking.

Student health is also not great. I know many people who have went to student health, not had their conditions treated, and ended up hospitalized. It's nearly impossible to get an appointment for the psychological counseling center within a reasonable time frame. Also, it's third in the country for something you definitely do not want to be third in the country for: sexual assaults.

There are many great things about the school, and I've had some great experiences. But these are things I would still consider before deciding to go here.
Vanderbilt was a great place to go to college. Students come from all over the country (and world), making it an interesting place. The academics are challenging, but the community is great. The SEC is a great sports conference. The campus is located less than 2 miles from downtown Nashville, making it an awesome college town!
The atmosphere is one of collaboration among students and most of the faculty is looking to help students in any way they can! I love the city too- it's a perfect distance from the tree filled campus and gives the college student the best of both worlds.
Vanderbilt is a top notch university that's on the rise. Currently ranked number 15 in the nation according to US World News and Report, our school is on an upward trend. We're in a nice growing city in Nashville, TN which is not as big as a New York or Los Angeles but there are a lot of nice neighborhoods in the city near campus. The professors are top notch and while the academics are no joke there are resources available on campus to help.
I love Vanderbilt's energy and sense of community. There is a welcoming atmosphere to the university and Nashville's weather make it a great haven. The university's dining and social life are great - it is no surprise that it is ranked by some as having the happiest students on campus. The amount of research opportunities available and the engaging professors also make this university amazing.
Vanderbilt has top-tier academics and students, and the campus is stunning. We have SEC athletics, and Nashville is awesome! There are no schools with a greater balance of academics and social life out there.
Vanderbilt is one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever been to in my life. The faculties in each department, especially Peabody School of Education, are knowledgeable and experienced in their fields. Most students are easygoing and relaxed all the time, except the engineers who always look stressed out from their STEM courses. With its world-class medical school, Vanderbilt is proud to offer pre-med programs that yield e medical school acceptance rate of 70% among its pre-med students. Despite its pros, the school's party scenes are wild, and one student die from alcohol intoxication every year.
Many students I know that have graduated have found jobs quickly or have gone on to grad schools of their choice.
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I have developed some great relationships with my professors and they genuinely seem to care about my well-being. Classes are good sizes and I have had some really great classes in the different departments across the campus.
They are good at notifying the students when there are issues on campus and I generally feel we are well cared for by the school and campus security.
The freshman dorms are great! The new dorms - Kissam, were really nice as well. Currently living in an apartment style dorm with three other student and I really like this set up.
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Some of the fraternities and sororities are really party orientated, but others do a great job of serving the community.
The facilities are great, but our teams don't perform as well as we would like them to. The fans are not always enthusiastic about going to the games. Having the matching band/pep band really helps for the football and basketball games. The students are very loyal, they just don't always show up at the games.
I am getting an awesome education and have had numerous opportunities at Vanderbilt. I have enjoyed being part of the marching band, taking part in the student run radio station and many other extra curricular activities as well. Working in a research lab as well as having a TA position has taught me a lot beyond what I would have learned in a classroom. It also helps that the financial aid is great here and my professors have been great as well..
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