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Vance-Granville Community College Reviews

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Being part of the Vance Granville experence has been great! From the instructors to how I am taught the material, I am glad to have not miss an opportunity such as this.
I really enjoy the professors on campus; all the professors were friendly and willing to help with any questions I had.The staff were very helpful and the campus was always kept clean.
Vance-Granville provides a helpful and affordable start to your education. They have a wide variety of classes, certificates, and degrees available and the faculty are helpful. The outdoor atmosphere/landscaping on the Main Campus is also lovely.
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I like this college overall. good location. great atmosphere. However when I was placed on FA and my gpa was going down and knowing I had PTSD they didn't warn me until it was too late. Other than that the college is very nice and helpful.
Vance-Granville Community College is a great experience for people who do not want to go far from home. This college also gives people the chance to earn an associate degree and it has excellent teachers who cooperate.
Good school and good opportunity to pursue your educational dreams.I would give 5 stars, but administration and admission assistants can make life a little complicated. I would ask questions about my classes, financial aid, and would try to reach out to a few professors on help with homework. I hardly ever got a response unless I would call or email multiple times. The times I did call, the people I would talk to were unhelpful and gave me links to websites I can get my answers from. Not a bad school, but could have been great if they really took interests in there students and were more helpful.
I really like Vance Granville they give you many opportunities to change your mind about what you wanna do and redirect you onto a new better path. It is a small community college but the classrooms are all very structured and have provided with me a good education, something my high school did not provide. The athletics at Vance Granville are mainly focused around basketball and it would be fun to me to have a school more focused on volleyball because it is a sport that I enjoy. It is a small campus so there is no on campus housing but living in Henderson there is a good amount of diversity. As far as books and getting refunded money the schools does a poor job because they only allow you to return books between testing days and does not provide a sufficient amount of money for what was paid.
Vance-Granville Community College has been a privilege to attend the last year and a half I've stayed. I have never had an issue with staff or professors because they truly believe in their students, always striving to help them do their best.
I really enjoyed my time here, the instructors were really good to work with, and the work I did here was helpful towards my program. Additionally, they offer some classes with certifications included in the class, which was especially helpful for Computer Science students.
I have attended VGCC for 12 years now. It has been an overall good experience. The prices are very reasonable and the teachers are knowledgeable.
As an Early College student at Vance-Granville Community College, I was able to integrate into the college lifestyle with actual college students on a daily basis. I was challenged regularly in my courses, and my professors were always more-than-willing to assist me in any way they could. There ARE reports, however, that crimes (harassment, minor car accidents, etc) were not on state reports sent to the community college board, which is a very big deal, but the security on campus and teachers [especially] seek to keep students safe and comfortable at all times. My main complaint is that the food is a little pricey in The Grill!
I believe that the college is decent, but there are a few problems with the school. One is that the school remains open even when many are not capable of getting to the college. Another is that some teachers discriminate against younger students.
This community college is great for two year degrees or to prepare you for transferring to a university.
The welding dept. is awesome and I'm looking to get back to teaching and every instructor I've come across is well versed in welding technology.
Good professor's..communication is lacking...make sure you commicate with your advisors about your goals and what you are looking for in a career.
Flexibility has been good, but now I have to conform to the program which is good. I have made arrangements and am ready.
I had 2 online classes, and really loved them. I would love to take more.
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Not sure, but will find out soon!
I think overall it is OK. Not too far to travel. The hours are good. Class size is not too big.
Hopefully it will a good worthwhile experience. I have worked very hard to get this far! So, far I have learned a ton of stuff to be applied in the real world.
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