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I enjoy the small class size and the professors that truly want to see you succeed! The business program is EXCELLENT. You never feel unsafe on the campus. All facilities are very clean. The student life regarding the party scene could be better, but overall a fun university to attend!
Valparaiso University is a great mid-size campus. Everyone is very friendly and has no problem with helping others.
I love the fact that this is such a close knit community, everyone is nice and awsome. There is no risk of bullying and everyone is there to support you.
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The Valpo community is very diverse and a pretty tight knit community. The campus is beautiful. Academics are taken seriously and the professors are great. There are many clubs and activities to get involved in. Our basketball team is good, so it's always fun to go to games. One thing I would change about Valpo is the food choices.
Valpo gave me experiences that I will never forget, and it set me up to have the successful life I have now. I could not be more grateful for the small class sizes, personal connections with professors, and beautiful campus that made me feel at home for 4 years of my life!
I feel that Valparaiso University is overall okay school. The student involvement on Campus is really makes the school. There are different clubs and activities on campus, so there something for everyone. However, I find the surrounding area small and not as accessible to navigate. They offer may academic resources that are extremely helpful. VU does great job to make sure students can strive on and off campus. The professors encourage students to be engaged and not afraid to ask for help.
If your looking for school that is has small, but vibrant community. You should consider Valparaiso University
Very easy to get involved in more than simply academics. If you're going to college just to study, then you're spending way too much money. Valpo can give you book smarts as well as help you develop skills that can only be obtained through experience.
Valparaiso University is very different than any other college I have visited. I am now a sophomore at Valparaiso and can easily say that choosing to attend this university was the best decision I could have made. Valpo goes above and beyond the average college expectations. They genuinely care about each student and provide them with all the tools and knowledge they could need in order to succeed. The only downside to Valparaiso University would be the expenses that some people cannot cover. Often students are forced to leave, not because they want to, but because they have to. Student debt is a reality that most who attend a private university have to face. Unfortunately, if you are not able to afford a private university such as Valpo, you must withdraw and enroll in another school.
Coming in as a transfer student, it's usually difficult to make new friends, however VU has become my home and I have met a lot of new people that I genuinely like. The community is warm and welcoming, although you do run into some snooty people from time to time. Professors are usually excited to be teaching and NO teach assistances are teaching the classes unlike other private colleges where newly graduated students replace the professors. Great population diversity, not only nationally but from around the world as well. Great experience.
Overall, I liked the school I feel like the professors try their best to push students everyday. The campus is small but very beautiful, the locals around are very nice. Just wish there was more diversity.
This is a great university! Class sizes are very small so you are able to develop a relationship with your professors. Content and curriculum are relevant. I would like to see more steps towards a sustainable campus, such as community gardens for the cafes. However, they do have recycling bins next to almost all trash cans.
People associated with the university are friendly and helpful. The campus is always clean and the dorms are quite.
Valpo is very welcoming. Every time I walk through campus, many people smile or say hello. The staff is wonderful. All of my professors are kind and great at teaching.
Valparaiso University has a great staff that is dedicated and passionate about what they do. VU is a small, inclusive university that is accepting of all different kinds of peoples, and it has a very high post-graduate employment rate.
Valparaiso University is the first campus in general that I've felt accepted for every part of my being, from my identifying as pansexual to my spiritual calling as a Wiccan. The university is Lutheran-affiliated, but they welcome people of all backgrounds and diversity is what the students, faculty, and staff advocate for. I knew from the first visit to campus, a rainy, cold day filled with lake-effect winds, this was the place I was meant to be. It was different from other campuses in how my visit was catered to my MAJOR and my interests. Instead of showing me only what the campus was famous for, we also peeked into the buildings I would frequent and my questions regarding safety on-campus, religious diversity, and multiple other questions that are definitely not frequently asked were easily answered by any student I asked. I recommended this college to every upperclassman from my high school because I want others to feel as welcomed and happy as I do.
Valpo has great programs, professors, and academics - overall a great school. I have had nothing but good experiences with my professors and advisor. However, much of the administration will treat you like nothing more than a bank account, and will do anything and everything possible to protect themselves and their money, often without considering their students.
I currently attend Valparaiso University. I am an Electrical Engineering major and in my second year. I love it here at Valpo! The university has so many people that care for each student. My experience here has been great. Every step of my journey toward my degree has not been easy. But, whether it be one of the professors, my academic adviser, or even another fellow student, there is always someone who has my back. The professors are always willing to give there time and effort to any student that needs it to help them succeed. I have many times dealt with a stressful situation, but ended up looking at it in a positive manner thanks to the great professors here. Overall, this is one of the greatest universities in the country and will always be my favorite.
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I truly believe Valparaiso University provides a quality education for all those who attend. Challenging courses and kind professors are what make the school magical.
One great aspect about Valparaiso is the friendly and welcoming community. The size of Valparaiso is smaller allowing you to gain a relationship with professors. Having small class sizes have allowed me to excel in my academics. Valpo student life has many clubs and organizations that want you to join and will personally reach out to you to get you involved. The D1 athletics at Valpo are an intriguing factor, because every athletic event is competitive and has contests, food, and excitement. Valpo is a mix of feeling loved, feeling entertained, and feeling pushed to the best of your abilities. One aspect I would like to see at Valpo is to update their athletic facilities and some academic buildings, because they are outdated. Another aspect is they should add another food option on campus. Meaning there should be another cafe or store at a different location on campus with different options than the others to add more diversity.
Valparaiso University has a positive learning environment and it one of the best places to both gain a higher level education and grow as a person.
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