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964 reviews
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I currently attend Valparaiso University. I am an Electrical Engineering major and in my second year. I love it here at Valpo! The university has so many people that care for each student. My experience here has been great. Every step of my journey toward my degree has not been easy. But, whether it be one of the professors, my academic adviser, or even another fellow student, there is always someone who has my back. The professors are always willing to give there time and effort to any student that needs it to help them succeed. I have many times dealt with a stressful situation, but ended up looking at it in a positive manner thanks to the great professors here. Overall, this is one of the greatest universities in the country and will always be my favorite.
I truly believe Valparaiso University provides a quality education for all those who attend. Challenging courses and kind professors are what make the school magical.
One great aspect about Valparaiso is the friendly and welcoming community. The size of Valparaiso is smaller allowing you to gain a relationship with professors. Having small class sizes have allowed me to excel in my academics. Valpo student life has many clubs and organizations that want you to join and will personally reach out to you to get you involved. The D1 athletics at Valpo are an intriguing factor, because every athletic event is competitive and has contests, food, and excitement. Valpo is a mix of feeling loved, feeling entertained, and feeling pushed to the best of your abilities. One aspect I would like to see at Valpo is to update their athletic facilities and some academic buildings, because they are outdated. Another aspect is they should add another food option on campus. Meaning there should be another cafe or store at a different location on campus with different options than the others to add more diversity.
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Valparaiso University has a positive learning environment and it one of the best places to both gain a higher level education and grow as a person.
This university is so welcoming to others, especially new students. It feels like a home a way from home. The teachers make sure that the students know that they care for the students' future as well.
The faculty and staff are very friendly. The campus is beautiful and just the right size. If there was more convenient parking, it would be five stars.
I am currently a freshman at Valparaiso University. The campus is amazing. I professors totally defy the "college professor " stereotype because they really enjoy helping students to achieve and get the hang of the college life. Even leaving campus, it seems that the entire city of Valparaiso is full of friendly people who enjoy their community. I never really understood how a community could impact each other's lives until I attended Valparaiso University. It's somewhat diverse and there are numerous clubs that help embrace the different ethnicities and different sexualities on campus. For students, like myself, who aren't extremely quick at understanding new topics and information, Valparaiso University offers numerous help/support groups as well as personal tutors. In addition, the professors are more than willing to expand or make their schedules more flexible/suitable for the students. Overall, my experience so far at Valparaiso is great.
Happiness is the ultimate accomplishment one can pursue. Some may say that investing in money and education is not quite everything. Although this may be just, comfort and security are two aspects that can be associated with money and education when conceived properly. Personally, educating myself and outstandingly attempting to have a remarkable cognitive is where I find security and comfort. I believe that education is the most important facet of having a healthy, intellectual mind.
What I like about Valparaiso University is how invested the professors are in the future of the students. The faculty and staff here genuinely want the students to do well. It's a great environment to learn in and everyone is really friendly.
So far I am enjoying Valparaiso University. I love how diverse the campus is and how everyone seems to get along and tolerate each other.
The professors are very approachable and do a great job of explaining things. All of my professors so far have had office hours that fit into my schedule in case I need to meet with them for help. Taking classes here has helped broaden my mindset about topics I hadn't given much thought before.
Well I went their on a visit and it is probably the most modern/safe school I have ever visited. With the college visits going one after another the people and the beautiful campus have remained with me, making this college the top of my list of choices. Honestly there is nothing to complain about!
A sibling of mine is currently attending the nursing program at Valparaiso, and she's been showing that she very much enjoys it. Out of interest, I toured, shadowed for a few classes, met with some of the professors, and often go to the library to study (I am still in high school). From my sister's experience, and my own experience from being connected to the school, it's an overall great quality university. Well deserving of the nickname "Poor Man's Harvard."
Committed to the students, atmosphere and education. Comfortable environment for anyone to feel like a part of the family.
You feel safe, it's a small town with great officers
They have the best admission staff, Nicole helped me throughout my application. She always got right back to me and answered all my questions. They seem to care about all students and really want them to succeed!
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They are remodeling the older freshman buildings on campus housing. I hear they are hot in summer months but tolerable.
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Greek life is easy to get into. They do a lot for the community & have awesome parties!
Fans at VU go crazy for basketball! They "bleed" gold & brown! The valparaiso university crusaders actually got second place for college basketball last year. VU fans celebrate all year! #govalpo
Everyone who works at my school has been friendly. I love how excited the students are during orientation! Valparaiso university is expensive, however, they offer students a hefty financial aid package paid for by alumi. It's in Valparaiso, Indiana which is the best city in America!!
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