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I like the smaller campus feel because all of the professors know everyone's names. They each care about the student and their success. The campus is fantastic as well.
I am currently a freshman at Valpo. I really love everything about campus life. From all the activities they have to campus food. Everyone is really friendly and the professors are very helpful.
Valparaiso University Is a beautiful college. I enjoy this college very much, the campus is beautiful, down town Valpo is less than one or two miles away! They have fun festivals during the summer! Something that I believe Valpo lacks is that I believe that is should offer classes yearly around rather than just every other semester. I bilieve that they should also get better Advisors. I started school May 2019 and through out my acadamics, I have tried to reach out to her many times , and through out those times she has only contacted me back ocne. This is very irriatating becuase they should be there to help us, and it honestly feels like she does not want anything to do with me when I ask for help.
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The courses can be intense and time consuming, but what I have learned has been more than worth it. I also feel at home here and the professors are very nice and helpful.
I absolutely love Valparaiso University. I have made so many amaing friends, had so many amazing opportunities to meet new people, network, join organizations, get internships, and more. Valpo has opened so many doors for me and made me the person I am today. Everyone here is so nice and treats people with kindness. The professors are all very intelligent and helpful. The class sizes here are small and intimate which gives me a lot of time to get to know my professors and they can help when I need it. This is an amazing school.
Valparaiso university is everything I wanted in an university. The professors are always available to help and so are the advisors. Everyone is very helpful in guiding students through our college years. The library and study areas are very up to date. There is always something to do in your spare time, either on campus or the surrounding area
I love Valparaiso University! It’s a small school with a great community backing you. Most of the teachers are there for you, trying their all to get you ready for the real world. The only down side is the cost. It starts out cheap and gets more and more expensive as you go through your undergrad experience. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful campus and great place to learn!
I absolutely loved the school aspect of Valpo. Professors were excellent, class sizes were small. As a freshman without a car, you're pretty much stuck on campus for most of the year. Downtown Valpo is small yet super cute, but a lot of it is also pretty expensive for a college student. As for athletics, my teammates and I had a lot of issues with the coaching staff among other things, so that could've been better. I still love the school.
I love how many activities go on throughout the week. There is always something to do! There are also so many resources available to ensure student success.
Valpo is a safe community statistically speaking. Valpo city police, Porter County, and VUPD are very present and make sure the environment is safe.
I am a fraternity member. This is not a state school, so don't expect state school Greek life. But, for the size of this school, it does go above and beyond as far as expectations. Do not come here thinking you can blow off school and not go to class. Most everyone here cares extremely about their grades and were good and accelerated students in high school. You make your own fun and get what you put in. Pretty much a small private school in Northwest Indiana. It offers the academics of larger schools and is extremely reputable. Outside of class, everyone is obsessed with Valparaiso Basketball.
Valpo is a nice, small community with great people and opportunities. The curriculum is much more fast-paced than most other schools within the state.
The campus is beautiful, the people are lovely, and overall I feel confident in my decision here! The only negative experience that has occurred here was my friend needed medical assistance and she did not receive the best help. They accidentally disclosed her medical information to student and they did not give her roundabout transportation to the doctor.
Valparaiso University is a very beautiful place. Walking on campus is always nice because of the beautiful scenery. Walking to classes is never too far because of the smaller size of the campus. And although the campus is small it seems big enough. Living on campus is nice if you're not in the freshmen dorms(Lank, Alumni, Brandt) even though Brandt has recently been renovated. Otherwise, Valpo has beautiful newly renovated halls to live in like Beacon, Uptown, & Promenade.
Everyone is very friendly, and the professors are very helpful and dedicated to their work. I love how beautiful the campus is. There are lots of clubs to join, and lots of opportunities to go to research presentations or other events to gain more knowledge that you can apply to life. Overall, I'm so glad I chose Valpo, it's the perfect fit for me.
The professors are typically great and very knowledgeable as well as caring. They ask about your personal well being and class sizes are small enough to foster relationships between professors and students.
One thing I struggle with here is the lack of diversity and open mindedness. I hope that in my time here, I can help improve these issues. The university is religiously affiliated however, it could be more welcoming to everyone like it advertises.
I love this school! The people are sooo welcoming and very friendly. Always a friendly face no matter where you turn. The campus is beautiful looks clean and professional. I am majoring in nursing and the building is amazing! The simulation rooms and so realistic and very hands on allowing for the best real world connections to be made
I love Valparaiso University! All the professors I have had so far really want to see me succeed and the community is very welcoming.
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Valparaiso University is a very welcoming and enjoyable place to receive a great education. The professors truly care about the students and the material they are teaching. I struggled while trying to decide where to attend college, but I am so glad I chose Valparaiso. I know I will accomplish my goals here while meeting amazing people and having amazing opportunities.
Valparaiso University is a very welcoming and diverse school. Classes themselves vary with a great mix of upperclassmen and freshmen. There are many opportunities to meet new people, pursue personal interests, and experience different activities.
I came to Valpo university unsure of the whole college thing. I didn't know if college was right for me but that changed as soon as i got here. The community of valpo is super friendly and makes you feel at home immediately. The comfort I've felt here has allowed me to succeed as a student and citizen.
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