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Valparaiso is an amazing university, due to the fact that there are so many options given to students and many resources. There are many jobs a student can apply for on campus, scholarships, people to talk to for anything, fun opportunities, food places around the campus, etc. The classes are small, which gives personal attention to students when needed. Student counselors are usually available to talk to the students and have flexible office hours.
My experience at the university has made me experience school, friends and professors differently for the better. Being at Valpo, I've thought about my life and who I want to become. I currently major in criminology to learn more about the problems of the world, many kinds of people and where we go wrong as humans. Also, learn about the role of higher government with law enforcement. Valpo is challenging me and making me enjoy ever challenge everyday.
Valparaiso is a smaller school, but it is no less valuable than larger schools. Valparaiso's key goal for students is to help you reach your full potential and help you build a strong foundation before entering "the real world". Apart from Valpo's extensive academic course selection catalogue, they have many courses, clubs and organizations that help it's students learn about different religions and cultures, become better students as well as better people overall and prepare for life after graduation. Everyone on campus is friendly and helpful. This is an amazing university to attend if you value community, family and religion.
I really like my first year at Valporaiso University. It is very different from high school. I have met alot of new people from all over, and tried alot of new things. I really like the option to be a commuter student, so that I can save money on living expenses.
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The school is nice but is limited on specialized programs. Lots of free stuff if you look for it and nice activities. Core class taken freshman year is a waste of time. OMP is pretty cool and open but I wish more people on campus came. Needs more diversity or people to unite together instead of being so cliquey. It's a small school in a small but amazing city; there are a lot of things to do.
I am a commuter and don't spend much time on campus but as a local i can tell you the surrounding area is amazing. it has the best downtown just down the road and is a 1 hr train ride or bus ride from Chicago.
I'm only a freshman so things may get better. The staff and resources here are outstanding, it's just the students that are the problem. The diversity is LOW but according to the native Hoosiers it's high? It just depends on what you're used to. The students aren't interested in interacting with people of different ethnicities, this goes for both Caucasian and ethnic groups here. The food is terribly bland and the surrounding area doesn't have much good food to offer. Like people literally tell you the same 4 places that actually have good food. But aside from the students and the food, the staff and townspeople are quite friendly, and the environment, despite it's lack of diversity, greatly encourages and welcomes it. The clubs are wack, the dorms( your beds are about 5 ft apart) and showers(3x4ft maybe) are WAY too small.
I love the community. The academic departments are great. They have an amazing ROTC program. I am current students who enjoys his classes.
Valparaiso university has very clear strengths and minor weaknesses. The campus is beautiful. The professors are friendly and very willing to help and the student body is very welcoming. There is definitely room for improvement though. Many professors do not post grades frequently enough, and some of the course and campus required events feel tedious. If you aren't a Christian/Lutheran you may not want to come here because they are very open about it. All in all its a great school with some minor problems that can be a little aggravating at times. And if you are in engineering, your second and third week will be tough.
They give a lot of importance to Greek life and athletes. If you're not part of any of these you might feel like you don't fit in. However, academics are great and offer many tutoring options.
Valparaiso University is a fantastic school. The professors love helping their students and there are so many different ways to find help for a course.
A small, close-knit college which gives the feeling of a community. The professors are amazing at their jobs and will help you find your career wants and goals. I believe they could improve in their Physics department.
Valparaiso University gave me lots of opportunities to thrive and build my leadership and communication skills. The only thing I would like to see change is to provide more funding for student organizations and get more advertising for them.
I enjoy the small class size and the professors that truly want to see you succeed! The business program is EXCELLENT. You never feel unsafe on the campus. All facilities are very clean. The student life regarding the party scene could be better, but overall a fun university to attend!
Valparaiso University is a great mid-size campus. Everyone is very friendly and has no problem with helping others.
I love the fact that this is such a close knit community, everyone is nice and awsome. There is no risk of bullying and everyone is there to support you.
The Valpo community is very diverse and a pretty tight knit community. The campus is beautiful. Academics are taken seriously and the professors are great. There are many clubs and activities to get involved in. Our basketball team is good, so it's always fun to go to games. One thing I would change about Valpo is the food choices.
Valpo gave me experiences that I will never forget, and it set me up to have the successful life I have now. I could not be more grateful for the small class sizes, personal connections with professors, and beautiful campus that made me feel at home for 4 years of my life!
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I feel that Valparaiso University is overall okay school. The student involvement on Campus is really makes the school. There are different clubs and activities on campus, so there something for everyone. However, I find the surrounding area small and not as accessible to navigate. They offer may academic resources that are extremely helpful. VU does great job to make sure students can strive on and off campus. The professors encourage students to be engaged and not afraid to ask for help.
If your looking for school that is has small, but vibrant community. You should consider Valparaiso University
Very easy to get involved in more than simply academics. If you're going to college just to study, then you're spending way too much money. Valpo can give you book smarts as well as help you develop skills that can only be obtained through experience.
Valparaiso University is very different than any other college I have visited. I am now a sophomore at Valparaiso and can easily say that choosing to attend this university was the best decision I could have made. Valpo goes above and beyond the average college expectations. They genuinely care about each student and provide them with all the tools and knowledge they could need in order to succeed. The only downside to Valparaiso University would be the expenses that some people cannot cover. Often students are forced to leave, not because they want to, but because they have to. Student debt is a reality that most who attend a private university have to face. Unfortunately, if you are not able to afford a private university such as Valpo, you must withdraw and enroll in another school.
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