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Valley Forge Military College Reviews

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The students are disrespectful and childish. No one takes anything seriously. If you're looking for a military school this should be low on your list. Although everything seems trashy, the campus itself is beautiful and there are always some amazing people to meet that are a part of the student body. There are plenty of resources to help struggling students pass any class.
A great stepping stone to get to where you want to be in life. The school is not bad but depends on what mind state and expectations going there. The food sucks and honeslty worry about the saftey of the food being served. The proffessors are understanding and are there to help you.
This has been the best decision we ever made to send our Freshman (HS) son to school here. He is excelling at every level. He's happy, doing amazing in the classroom and as a parent that's all we can ask for!
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The opportunity that Valley Forge offers is extremely unique. The school teaches professionalism to young men and women in ways no other school can.
Valley Forge Military College has its ups and downs but it is overall a very good college especially with its security studies program. The professors care about your education in class and the military environment provides a well mannered and disciplined environment. The dorms and mess hall need improvement, the dorms have signs of damage and don't have air conditioning. The mess hall food doesn't have much variety and the food taste mediocre at best. For a two year college the tuition is expensive and close to the amount of what some 4 year colleges but the financial aid provided from VFMC does cover most of the costs.There is an on campus security but as for door and gate locks the campus does have a number of vulnerabilities. I would recommend this college for those planning on joining the Army, pursuing a career in Homeland Security, and or prefer working in a military environment.
Valley Forge is one of the most prestigious military academies with a great ROTC program. Moreover, the staff is here to help with academic support making sure no child is left behind regardless of busy schedules or personal issues. Moreover, the environment around valley forge is very quiet and has magnificent scenery with a massive entertainment area within walking distance. The school has a massive resource to help promote the success of students future academics through the use of a highly diverse library and databases at no cost to students. Although we are a military school, the result is not necessary to pursue a career in the military – though nearly 40% of our graduates will choose this path. The VFMC “military model” is, at its core, a structured way to teach students life skills that will propel them ahead of their peers.
If you have no plans on joining the military do not attend this school! The dorms are awful needs a complete rennovation. the food is gross. the professors are the only thing that is okay about the shcool. it also lacks leadership. students who are given rank go on a powertrip and believe they can do whatevr they want.
When I went to Valley Forge I was welcomed just like any guest should be . They made sure I understood what was going on and what I would be going through . You can just tell that the staff is there for you .
Valley Forge military College is a wonderful school filled with rich history/memorabelia strict criteria that challenges students to strive for a higher purpose the student teacher ratio is really great on average there is an 16 to 1 ratio during classtimes there alot of interaction with student teacher
it is kind of annoying to schedule classes here, since it is so small there are not many different times you can take a class for example i had to take my science class at 8 am twice a week because that is the only time it was offered
i am not sure because i still have another year here
the only good thing about going to this school is it is a military school and after 2 years you can transfer almost anywhere you want if you have good or average grades.
there are only a few majors here and most classes are taught like high school, most teachers are very strict about the attendance policy which is you cannot miss more than 3 or 4 classes then you fail. some teachers do not care if you are in uniform or not but others will not even let you in class if you are not in uniform. the class sizes are small usually around 15-25 and the school is very small so you get to know all the professors and usually have all of them for at least one class
most of the teachers live close or on campus so you can schedule appointments with them easily but it is easy to get distracted in class here because only some people actually want to be here and some do not care about the classes at all
there are many good things about this school like the ecp progam if you want to go to the army. i am in d troop which is the equestrian company so i think that is a lot of fun and not all schools have that. there are also many things that could be better here like the food, communication, and the tuition is way too high for what we get, right now the tuition is 49,000 a year and almost everything here needs to be updated
Make a list for yourself about the finacial aid you have submitted and check it over when you are done. I would make myself a canidate for scholarships by submitting applications that impress judges and the more effort you put in the greater the reward will be for you scholarships. Make sure you keep a file on everything you apply for and try to stay organized.
It makes you prepared for the outside world. Its helps you realize that you have to focus on your school work. This school gives you a schedule that will help stay in shape and be prepared for any hardships that come your way. Your have to do a mandatory pt test that includes running miles, push ups, obstacle courses and much more. You will get a dose a learning how to maintain a strong military barring by learning the ways of the military and how they do things. They will teach you how to march how speak to certain person with rank with no sir and yes sir. They are very strict on everybody to do the right thing when told and follow rules. You will also learn ways of how the army does things to. This college will help you appreciate everything in the outside world and make you a lot more prepared in the future than just a regular person going to college..
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Most of my professors are very, very knowledgeable and the small numbers makes student-teacher interaction very good. All the teachers here want you to succeed and will do anything they can to help you do so.
There is no room for any kind of problems that might show up; you have to just push through the course on its apparently unchangeable schedule.
With this being a military school there wasn't much flexibility at all when it came to scheduling.
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