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Valley College - Martinsburg Reviews

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I have really enjoyed being a student at this school. The people who are employed at Valley College are so friendly and super helpful.
They are very polite and friendly. The schedule works if you have a job or family
The financial aid adviser made everything clear and concise.
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Resources provided on campus are field based. They are there to help us better prepare for our careers.
The student body always makes themselves available for study groups and tutoring.
The professors at this school are very understanding. They make themselves available to the student body so that we are given the proper knowledge going into the field.
The convenience of the flexibility is based on the situation of the students. It is specific for each student.
The academics in the school are sufficient for the start of our career in this field.
I feel as if the information provided in my major are fitting to what we will encounter in the field. We are given every tool to be ready for employment. Though the classes are challenging, they are career based and are made so that we have the best knowledge.
The support provided by staff is immaculate. They make sure that any questions that need to be answered are done so in a timely manner. They also make sure that your resume is complete and fit for the job that you are searching for. I am beyond impressed with the staff and their support and dedication to the students.
The financial aid advisor is great at going over everything
Everyone is extremely helpful, and I really feel like I'm getting the most out of my education here.
They're expanding the campus to make it even better for the coming semester
Its great, the professors are here to help and assist not just tell there lecture and move on. The curriculum is current and easy to understand as well as the workload.
It is a small campus, but for its size it is well organized and nice. I enjoy coming here everyday and seeing the positive uplifting signs on the walls in my workspace.
I haven't yet been through career services, but I hear that it is an amazing process form previous students.
The school has computer labs which allows us as students to complete all of our work without needing a computer at home. The administration is great and friendly, they always insure that you are ok and feeling good.
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I am learning so many things I thought I knew and didn't. This school is really going to put me on the right track to obtaining not a job but a career.
I think the cost for schooling if on point with what I am learning. I just wish I could afford it more, then I wouldn't stress.
I have never seen so much friendliness in a school. Everyone gets along with everyone and treats each other with respect.
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