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Valley College has made the opportunity to further my education one to enjoy and feel comfortable and confident in. The staff here is absolutely amazing. They are all so kind and they truly CARE about their students. The atmosphere is friendly and energetic.
Valley College is a great school. The teachers are amazing and so helpful, they're understanding and ALWAYS ready to help. I love it, it's been the greatest decision of my life.
I like that I am an to do my schooling online. When I am done with my course of study I will go and take my test for graduation. The online professors have really helped my experience.
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Everyone is super helpful, they make it very easy to get resources needed to end up with an amazing and rewarding career. Not to mention the fact that they help you pay for it. The only thing I'd change is more varied majors. Not a lot to choose from.
My favorite experience is how friendly all the faculty, staff, and students are. Valley is unique because it's campus/classes aren't like most others they are one subject at a time three weeks at a time which makes it alot easier because you only need to focus on that subject meaning better grades and most likely better success in life with your career. If I had the chance to choose my School again would I yes I would and sooner then what I did.
It's online so it's whatever works best for you. If you miss a live lecture it's ok because they are.recorded so you can view it later when it is best for you. Also you can do your assignments anytime as lotg as it's by.die date day or night whenever you have the time. It's really easy that way ecspecially for working people and parents because you can do your classes whenever your busy day to day schedule allows it.
The workload is ten times less than traditional because online it's one class at a time and not five at once like a traditional class. The registration process is about the same except you need a windows eight or better for the class and Microsoft thirteen or better. The classes are small as we'll so it's more individualized for each.student so the professor student interaction is better. With online peer to peer is still just like traditional only you answer study questions and answer each others replies instead of grading each others papers.
The career center has everything you need to get a his from the skills to how to do a resume. Even dressing professionally and how to do an interview. Also there job graduation rates is one of the highest in the country so there are many opportunities to get a job of you take them and work hard.
The professors are extremely helpful anytime you need help they,are willing to help. The classes are small so you can gain individual help. The courses are excellently done because unlike most schools you take one class at a,time where at others you take at least four at a time. This way you learn more and understand it better. Plus all courses are career oriented so no extra cost for extra classes you don't really need. They offer many courses and are trying to build up and have more to offer. My classes are all online and are awesome because instead of being on a schedule I can do them wherever and whenever is best for me.
Valley has,one of the highest rates of graduation and hiring rate. They work close with the workforce, hospitals,and senior homes in the area (specific to my degree choice anyway). Almost everyone that has graduated from valley has amazing careers and the ones who don't either didn't try, dropped out, or changed their degree.
I'm online for my classes and it'Once completed if yps only one class at a time the class lasts.three.weeks a piece. The work load isn't impossible because it's only one class at a time. The facility is awesome. The all about what you.need.for the job in my case medical front desk and Billing and coding. The facility is awesome on campus it's just easier online because I have an eleven month old baby girl. As for job opportunities if you don't.get.hired within three weeks you don't pay an outstanding balances you have. This college is where to go of your interested in nursing or HVAC.
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