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Everyone here is so friendly. It is a great place to learn. I feel like it is a misunderstood school. The community doesn't have a whole lot, but all the nice people make up for it.
Valley City State University is a great institution. The instructors are wonderful. They have been easy to work with and willing to help. I love the fact that my program can be completed online.
This campus is very safe, not once have I felt that I was in danger. We have campus security that no one ever see's but when you do they are always kind. Even with not being able to see them knowing they are there makes a person feel safer.
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All of the courses i have taken the teachers are very helpful. If a student is really struggling the teacher will personally make time for them. The biggest class size I have had it a biology class with 70, but even with that size our professor knew all of us personally.
The people on campus send out a weekly job opportunities which is very helpful is someone just needs to make some quick money. They also end out job opportunities for long term jobs which is very helpful for the older students here.
While living on campus is one of the very best expierences a person can have. The campus requires freshman to live their the first year, and I believe that it helps you meet people instead of just going to class. A person can walk to class and be nervous but they look in and their is someone that they met at the dorms or in the cafe which make class a lot less stressful.
We do not have very many Greek things on campus, maybe once a year we have a Greek week and that is it. During that week it is very fun all the activities they have around campus.
The athletics at this school are great, almost everyone attends. The varsity sports are fun to watch but intramurals are the best! When everyone gets together to play it is fun and in the end even the loosing team is happy!
Since starting a VCSU I have felt very accepted. The teachers at this school are so helpful whenever a person needs them. I can email my teacher at 10pm and they answer by 10:30. Not only are the teacher the best but finding a group of friends on campus is very easy. It is not like high school where there are cliques everyone says hi to everyone. To sum up this college I would say, "we are a family growing together."
I feel that the safety and security on campus is okay. I usually walk with friends to my car or dorm in the evening. It is a small campus and the campus has good students, but I usually don't make a habit of walking alone at night outside on campus. I feel safer with a group and like to take precautions. I try to be smart about this.
I am finishing my generals up and starting to get more into my major courses. I am enjoying my courses and professors so much more in my field of study. For the most part I have had good professors and they seem to care about you as a student. The class sizes have been small, and I really like this. I am used to a small school environment and really like the special attention you get by being in a small class. I feel that the quality of my courses and professors has been okay. I really enjoy my advisor and feel she is very helpful and caring about how I am doing.
I am majoring in Elementary Education and Valley City State University is well known as a great teacher's college. I feel that I am getting a very good education and having a great experience at VCSU. Valley City State University gives quite a few field experiences so you are able to experience first-hand classroom experiences. I really like that I am able to get these experiences in many different settings so that I know if it feels right for me or not. VCSU has good placement services so when I graduate I feel that I should have good options on getting my first teaching position.
This is my sophomore year at VCSU and my second year in the dorms on campus. I have had very good experiences in the dorms and enjoy living on campus and having easy access to classes and other facilities. I have made many friends and like getting to different things on campus within walking distance. The convenience and cleanliness of the rooms have made campus life easier and more enjoyable.
Greek life is pretty low key at Valley City State University. It is somewhat easy to join Greek life on campus. They do have good ideas that are good for the school but I haven't had the time to join any Greek organization. Greek students do not pressure others to be in their group and don't treat others differently. There isn't any special Greek housing. The Greek organizations on campus don't affect the social atmosphere of the campus at all. The Greek organizations are very small.
The athletic facilities are pretty good but will be better once the new athletic center is completed by next fall. It will be a great asset for the athletic programs at VCSU. VCSU seems to have pretty good coaches and assistants for the different sports. Valley City State University has good team performance from most sports. VCSU is a small college but has good fan support and school spirit. I really enjoy following and supporting our sports teams because I like to support our teams and am proud of them.
My overall experience at Valley City State University has been very good so far. Quite a few of my family are alumni from Valley City State University and have had great experiences from VCSU. They talk highly of VCSU and feel that they have received a good education. I really like the small size and the feeling of a small community where you are a name and not a number. It is a college where it is affordable and most professors seem to care about you and if you are in class of not. My favorite experiences are it has been easy to make true friends, be involved, and not feel overwhelmed with the size. If I would have to choose again I still would stick with VCSU because it is a great school.
I am overjoyed that VCSU offers an entirely online education for Business.
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The college has its pros and cons. The laptop system is great for schooling. The college feels more like a high school for how small it is.
i have had a great experience in college
There are good things and bad things about this college. Some of the great things about this college is the low tuition, the large amount of people aware of opportunities in Valley City from all over the United States, and parts of the world. The classes are small enough that I can easily interact with all of my teachers, and I have found a good group of friends. Some of the downsides to this school would be the availability of alcohol and drugs on campus, the amount of rumors that spread about people, and when rumors spread, it's easy for a good number of people to hear about it due to its smaller size. And my last complaint would be about how some students behave on campus. All in all I take the good with the bad, and try to live a good life from it.
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