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4,790 reviews
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Its a great college, everyone its very helpful. They have a lot resources to help the students and its a great community environment.
I've been attending this school for about 3 years for dual enrollment and now as an official freshman. Valencia is very diverse with age and people from all over the world, I've always seen security roaming around, and the professors/staff that I have personally come in contact with are friendly and helpful.
I feel that Valencia College is a really welcoming place that allows you to be yourself and to find your path in your life. They also help you networking and finding new ways for us to find scholarships and other financial aids.
Valencia is much more welcoming and certainly less frightening than entering a big university right away. The smaller class sizes and people-friendly staff make the experience worthwhile.
Even though this is my first year on Valencia College, i'm really excited! This is one of the best colleges I even been. The professors are awesome, and the college it's own are always doing activities for students.
Valencia College is an amazing college if you're looking for a cheap and good school. However if you're searching for "college life", it probably isn't the best for you. The area is good and I'll be transferring to a big university after 2 years so I'll get to get experience "college life" after all.
Valencia is a great school. The teachers really care. Most of the class sizes are small, so you get the help you need and it is easier to make friends in your classes. Valencia offers many opportunities for growth even outside of class. There are many workshops, club activities, tutoring services and more available to you on campus. Whether you plan to get your AA or you AS Degree, this is a great place to start your college journey,
Valencia College was probably one of the best schools as far as teaching ability goes. Not only were the classes engaging and interactive, the teachers cared for their students too. The only issue that I had, which I am sure that I will experience elsewhere, was that the math teachers just seemed like they did not like people. They were great at teaching but none of them had good personalities.
I love Valencia! the class sizes are perfect and are beneficial to more one on one teaching from the professors. I love all of the professors at Valencia and it is a great way to transition from high school to college.
Overall Valencia College is a great school! I attend the Osceola Campus of Valencia College and I have had a great experience. This is my third year on Campus and I have seen a huge group of diverse students. The college does not have any dorms available so the "party scene" is at an all time low. Most students who attend Valencia are living at home so outside of class, we live our normal day-to-day life with full-time or part-time jobs outside of our full-time or part-time school time hours. I personally enjoy the fact that this campus does not contain huge parties, or fraternity scenes because it doesn't take away from my learning, and school projects.
What I like about Valencia was the professor are good and take the time to make sure every students understand the material; moreover, the classes are not to big and does not have that many students which allows to understand easier
Valencia, Osceola Campus in particular is very clean and full of useful facilities. But some of the professors should listen to their students more and see which teaching style works best for the group of students they have. For example visual or audio learning.
Valencia is a wonderful school with so much diversity. The structure of the school is easy to get around and the environment is beautiful. Professors are always friendly and classrooms are modern.
It's a great school for a first start in college, the professors and staff know what they are doing. The campus is clean and not confusing to locate classes. I would highly recommend to graduating high school seniors.
Valencia is very affordable and has some of the best professors found anywhere. Its an awesome campus with many educational and extra curricular opportunities. A well rounded education for all plus the opportunitu to transger into UCF.
I have two Associates Degrees from Valencia college, and I would do a Bachelors Degree if I could there. Valencia College is a great school, it is affordable and has many different majors to choose from.
My school experience has all been great at Valencia. I have yet to have a horrible time getting information about my classes, Financial aid, or help in any of my work. All of my teachers were very helpful and considering of unexpecting life events that could happened. I really do enjoy going there
Great School, the professors are amazing and make your experience there even more exciting. The staff is great and they are always willing to help you out in any way.
Wonderful staff and very helpful in the process of my degree. I appreciate all they do to keep us as students going and continuing with our degrees.
Very good school if you are not trying to break the bank and would like to get into a school that is affordable prior to going to a 4 year program this is where to go
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