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Great experience for this school.i am attending Valencia for 2 years. This school has tons of clubs to get into and remains active with prospective and current students. Gives students tours of the campus to ensure everyone coming in has a safe and enagaging experience.
I have been attending Valencia College for about three weeks now and could not be more pleased. They have 5 campuses where you can attend and just broke ground on another one. They really care about you succeeding and set you up for great success.
I like that the campus is very diverse. The teachers seem to care about your learning experience and many of them will go the extra mile to make sure you are successful in their class. One thing I think need to be changed is the food that is offered on campus. There isn't much of a variety in the cafeteria so many times people have to resort to Dunkin Donuts but alot of times the line is extremely long so rather than risk reaching to class late many times people would just grap something from the vending machine or just don't eat anything at all.
Review Valencia College
Staff is horrible. Long lines for any type of service. They will not listen and they have weird rules about everything. I would not recommend.
I loved it, it's a amazing school. They have a great tutoring place that is held, an in there is teachers who can help you. That is what I really love about the school. I don't think I would Change anything about the school. It has a great lunch area as well. This school is just great all around!
Valencia is definitely better than going to UCF if it has the degree you are looking for. Down side to it is that I have had several online professors that rarely go online or check our work. One professor didn't see that one student was plagiarizing and giving out death threats to everyone. Another professor kept putting up the wrong tests and wouldn't grade our work for weeks. As long as you find the right professor, all is great.
If you're really into school involvement, they have many opportunities and events on campus. As with any school, there are professors that are hit or miss. They've definitely come a long way from being just a community college to a four-year college. There are many different vocational programs and options for an alternative to your average college education.
Is overall a great school and everyone does their best to make you feel welcomed while you are on campus. The teacher care and will go out of their way to make sure that you understand the material and if you need the extra time on something just reach out and you and a teacher can figure it out. Also, there is great food spots close by and even the food on campus is great. The campus store and book store provide you with the books and school supplies that you need. And the library entrance even has a Dunkin Donuts
Valencia college is an amazing school with great professors that genuinely care about their students' success. The admissions process and team (financial aid, adding/dropping classes, resident process, etc) are such a great help. They are kind and direct with the necessary requirements to achieve your end goal. The advisors are very helpful as well. Like every college institution, not ALL professors are great, the one thing I'd say Valencia can improve on is only having one professor for certain courses.
Valencia College is a community college with a diversity of people and small size classroom. There are 5 campuses, so you can attend to the one close to your house. There are no parking fees, the parking lots are big ,and it is very easy to find a parking spot. All the professors are nice, and they are willing to help and teach you. I have had 2 amazing years at Valencia.
The teachers are very professional and won't leave anybody out. The college is very nice and easy to get around. You will meet tons of nice interesting people and it is a good community of learning. I don't have complaints or problems with the college and atmosphere of learning there.
To be honest the teachers are so good and it's so much cheaper than 4 year colleges. I just suggest that you use ratemyprofessor to make sure you get the really good professors.
Nothing I want to change i love Valenica its been great to me i love the teachers,the staff, and students thus college offer great ways to further your education very helpful on getting the great success and a lot of clubs to join and direct way to ucf its great
Valencia is a very intimate campus that genuinely cares about developing community and seeing students onto success. In addition, to this Valencia also provides the cheapest option to complete your A.A or A.S degrees and allows you to continue forward with your education through their partnership with the University of Central Florida and the University of Florida. Overall, my current experience with Valencia has been positive due to their professors and campus activities.
Valencia College is affordable for both low and middle class families. As a student it gives me a chance to transfer my credits to any of the Florida universities especially the university of central Florida(UCF). Valencia college is within my reach and easily accessible, the staff are friendly and the students are great.
It's amazing the student to teacher ratio is great. Many things could be improved such as the academics. It's high school all over again.
I like the opportunities this university afford student from all different countries. It also has a wide variety curriculum.
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The campus is alright. You are located near universal and international drive. Students and teachers are all great to each other. It is a great place to go, especially if you are a resident. To get your general classes done before paying an insane amount of money for universities, it is smart to get the done here.
I loved Valencia because it was close to home, offered tutoring help, it was a peaceful environment and I always felt safe. The parking lot gets busy quickly and too crowded but one gets used to it and knows their way around the college. The professors always want to see you succeed and there are a lot of resources to help you like the library, workshops, answer center. It is truly a great college.
What I like about Valencia College is how they treat students. Staff and Professors are very friendly and interested in your academic progress. They also offer personal counseling which is very good when you have personal problems. Classes are small, so you are able to get a more personalized education.
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