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Valencia College, although a community college, takes pride in providing students with a plethora of resources, from their online libraries, to the caring administration, and especially to the seasoned professors in a most reliable and professional way. During my time at Valencia, I have rediscovered myself and my love for research and writing. I also enjoy the broad diversity of Valencia College.

One thing Valencia College could improve on is providing students with an easily accessible platform to communicate with each other and share ideas and lessons.
I like the environment and how the staff try their best to help see you succeed. The events are also enjoyable and the classes are good as well. The students are diverse and interesting, but there are students that can be rude or annoying. But yet overall the campus (east specifically) is a great place.
I attend Valencia College as a dual enrollment student and so many opportunities have been open to me because of Valencia. I have access to a wide variety of classes and passionate professors that are flexible and academically challenging. The campus is visibly modern and new. The steps that I took to ensure the successful completion of my degree is using Valencia resources. I used the Internship and Workforce Services at Valencia to help me find success outside of an educational center. The key services provided by this center are assisting in securing internships in accordance with major, hosting job fairs, providing opportunities for employment and professional development. My academic success and career planning were greatly helped by this Valencia service.
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I like Valencia because it is a great local college. With amazing teachers and students always willing to help.
There are very promising professors there and as long as you choose your classes wisely you will learn a lot more than you expected to!
I have been enrolled at Valencia since 2016. I have not disliked a single professor in my two years, or felt as though I was receiving a subpar education. The professors always encourage students to engage with them and bring any concerns to them. They care about the students, and will do all they can to help you succeed in their class.
I attend the Valencia college from last semester. the school is a large campus and many professors are very helpful. also, many advisors want to help the student to go the right way and choose the right situation.
What I like about valencia was the dual-enrollment program. Because of the classes and the opportunity to be in college, while still in high school, has put me ahead of my peers by 2 years.
I don't think there's another school quite like Valencia College. The resources they have for students are amazing! I lived in the math lab. No, really. Lived there. I put in the work and they gave me all the help I needed. HOURS a day. I love that I am able to raise my hand and get help when necessary rather than having a one on one session like a tutor- I'm just not comfortable in that setting, but this was 100% so comfortable and I felt so listened to, cared for, and encouraged. Thank you, Math Lab team!!! I mostly was at the Winter Park campus which was such a nice size and super super low stress.
All the faculty and staff have been incredibly helpful in my journey of going back to school after almost five years. Orientation was even very informative as well as the people who were there teaching everything.
I am currently a Valencia student attending the nursing program! It has been the best experience here at Valencia West Campus as my advisers and professors generously help me attain my nursing dream. They encourage my passion and drive to be better in my academia, and to challenge myself to rise above life's obstacles that come my way while in the intensity of the program. I am forever grateful for the position to further my education in the field I have so desired to be since I was a little girl. Thank you Valencia for accepting me and giving me my opportunity!
I am currently enrolled at Valencia College, East Campus, and I love it. At first I did not enjoy the massive student body, but came to enjoy the feel of campus. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. Professors genuinely care about your education and go out of their way to ensure you are getting your moneys worth. There is great reward for attending here.
The best experience I have ever had with a school. The staff and everyone there was so helpful and polite and kind, the professors were fantastic and challenging, and I was never in want for anything during my time there. If I wanted to do things on my own, they didn’t force me to use an academic advisor either, which I appreciated greatly. There was always a person to talk to who would do everything they could to help you and make sure you got what you needed. There was always a parking space in their lots, though you might have had to walk a bit at busier times, and the parking decal as well as student IDs were 100% free. I have extremely high standards and Valencia met or exceeded every one of them.
I've been having one of the most wonderful experiences at Valencia College. This is because I've been learning how to communicate effectively with students from different countries. This helps me not only me, but other individuals to enforce their verbal and written skills as well. For example, if I join a club within Valencia College (which I am) I encourage other students from different majors to join our club and experience our journeys through the University. Because of this, after graduation, every student might have all of the communication tools and soft skills to experience the world of the workforce.
Valencia works hard to provide a positive environment for it's students. The professors are great and they try their best to make sure you are doing your best.
This school is a great affordable school to be able to advance in your degree for a low price. They provide amazing classes and great instructors.
Very accessible, professors are great. Easy to get your AA online. rarely have to go on campus at all.
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Valencia is a community college at different locations. It is very comfortable and quiet. The students aren't rowdy and are behaving. The professors are willing to help you with any confusion, you may have on the lessons provided. The food is pretty good too. Yeah...Valencia is a good place to start.
I am overall so glad that I made the decision to attend Valencia College. As a first time college student, I was initially overwhelmed by all that this entailed, however, the resources available at this college were extremely helpful. There is practically a department for every question that you can have, the way that you are able to connect with the professor's and your classmates, due to the small class sizes, are ideal for someone who does not do too well in large crowds. I also highly appreciate the cost of tuition, compared to Central Universities in my area, as a working student this makes it somewhat easier on the budget which is certainly limited as a college student. I also am really excited for all the growth that is taking place and the programs and degrees that are being added, which will allow students to stay at Valencia for longer than a two year period.
All my professors were incredible and available to help. I have never had any serious issues or problems while attending this college. My school year has been very enjoyable thanks to my professors and advisors.
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