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I am overall so glad that I made the decision to attend Valencia College. As a first time college student, I was initially overwhelmed by all that this entailed, however, the resources available at this college were extremely helpful. There is practically a department for every question that you can have, the way that you are able to connect with the professor's and your classmates, due to the small class sizes, are ideal for someone who does not do too well in large crowds. I also highly appreciate the cost of tuition, compared to Central Universities in my area, as a working student this makes it somewhat easier on the budget which is certainly limited as a college student. I also am really excited for all the growth that is taking place and the programs and degrees that are being added, which will allow students to stay at Valencia for longer than a two year period.
All my professors were incredible and available to help. I have never had any serious issues or problems while attending this college. My school year has been very enjoyable thanks to my professors and advisors.
I enjoy that the professors truly seem to care and do not leave you on your own to learn things and figure things out. Although I do dislike how sometimes, faculty does not seem to be on the same page as each other as far as academics and activities go.
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I am participating in Valencia via Dual Enrollment so I get to know the campus decently well. I have been to several of the campuses including West, East, Oceola, and Lake Nona, and they overall look nice and have decent professors in all the campuses. Valencia College have several student events in order to get people in the community to get involved. I personally do not attend them, but they definitely want you to get more involved on the school. The education itself is pretty good for a community college. The price is cheap and it gives me the credits I need in order to progress to further education.
The only thing I like about Valencia is the price. Everything else needs improvement. The staff is never on the same page and rarely have all the information a student might need to solve a problem.
Class sizes are typically good. Teachers are great as long as you do some research. Everything is designed for you to get through.
The Valencia experience is a good value. The professors are knowledgable and engaging and classes are offered at a variety of times Monday through Saturday.
It's fairly okay. The teachers are nice. There are more than one campus available and online classes available
I have been a Dual Enrollment student at Valencia College for 4 semesters and it is a great opportunity
So far I really like Valencia College, I'm glad that I can go here and it's affordable (I'm working part time with studying and living with a parent). Professors are excellent. I'm not sure about athletics or party scene because I don't have time outside of school but they have a UFit program (sports). I think the only things I would see improvements for is more security and for campus food less expensive.
Honestly, I love how easy it is to seek help if you are having difficulties, but the enviroment is not intellectually challenging.
During my time at Valencia I had the chance to develop my speaking skills and passion for marketing. Valencia has given me the resources to get out of my comfort zone and accomplish goals I had restricted myself from accomplishing prior. The professors care very deeply about their student's success.
Great staff and professors! I completed my associate's degree at Valencia, I was also a work study student, now a part-time employee, and now starting the new business bachelor's program!
Valencia is a great college but just like every other college it is your responsibility to shape your own experience and path
Small Campus with the ability to take various courses online and work full time. The staff are able to provide one on one attention whether it be in the financial aid office to advising from academic counselors. I've taken all my classes online and have still been able to make a connection with my professors. My professors have always been great about responding on Blackboard to any messages or concerns with the curriculum.
I started college late but I had an awesome time here getting an education. So many great teachers to choose from! I have not finished yet but I am 2 classes away and I will have successfully completed my mission here at Valencia College.
What I like about Valencia college is at Valencia college you'll get a quality education at a price you can afford. They offer the same education as a state university only at about half the cost. Also with smaller classes you'll get more support along the way. you'll also have the flexibility to take classes when and where you want day or night or weekend at any of the campus or online.
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Valencia Community College is a local college in Orlando, Fl that gives allows and and every student an opportunity to succeed. Small class sizes, an abundance of resources, and professors that care allowed my 2 year experience to go smoothly. Valencia's UCFDirectConnect allows you to ease into an education, yet complete your degree at a 4 year university.
Valencia was a great place to start out! There is plenty of clubs/ways to get involved. Students tend to be pretty friendly, I ended up meeting some great people here. Most of the people who work there are really caring and ready and willing to help you. You can actually get to know your professors because of the smaller class sizes, so you can network and make connections that will possibly help you after you leave. They really try to set you up for success!
What I personally liked about Valencia was all the extra help with tutoring that was provided on campus. Even when I was trying to take my PERT exams I went to Valencia for studying and they helped me pass and still continue to help me strive to this day!
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