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Valdosta State University is a beautiful campus. The Spanish architecture is what attracted me to this school. It’s a nice place to live, whether you’re in the dorms or off campus. If you’re attempting to get away from Atlanta, I’d definitely say this school is an option for you. In my experience, the professors I’ve had are very helpful and willing to help you. The only thing I wish was different was the student life here. It’s quite divided, and I wish there was more unity.
Valdosta State University belongs in a friendly town. I developed friendships with many of my classmates, and the professors seem passionate about their job. The only thing I would change is the food choice. There are only about 4 places to choose from.
New to college but it’s a great school good area lots of things to do around the city Nice sports team and clean campus.
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Valdosta State University is a great school overall. The campus is beautiful. The professors really want you to succeed. The only problem with Valdosta is the parking situation. It’s hard to pay tickets once you have them but overall Valdosta is a great university.
This is a good, small school that is great for anyone who wants to start off their college experience. The city isn't too exciting around it, but there is definitely a great party atmosphere here with bars and parties going on almost every week. The professors are great; I am familiar with the ones in the business and math fields as I had to take quite a few of them being an engineering major. A great upside to this school is that it participates in and engineering transfer program with Georgia Tech, so if you couldn't achieve the high standards that Tech had coming out of high school, you will be prepared after leaving here in two-three years.
The school is diverse and full of life. The community is small but there is opportunity everywhere you look.
I think it a great school to visit it will be an excellent experience to go to and look around and take a tour to.
I am a freshmen at VSU. I moved eight and a half hours away from all my friends and family. The staff here is very generous and vey understanding in every situation I have had. The campus is absolutely beautiful here and it is always warm, except some mornings. This school has so many great things to offer for so many different reasons. The only problem I have had with the university is the parking. My residence hall is on the back side of campus and my car is in the parking deck(there are two but residence stay in the farthest) so I try not to go anywhere because it is about a 20 minute walk back to my dorm. Other than that my experience here has been wonderful.
My experience here was Amazing . Everybody on the campus was very friendly and the faculty was helpful . I learned so much on the campus just for one day . Taking a college tour here is awesome .
To me, VSU is a pretty good school to attend. The professors are kind of average, but they truly care about their students (at least the ones I have had so far). VSU does not mind helping its students and gives them amazing opportunities to reach their goals, such as the career opportunities office that many don't know about.
I love Valdosta State University and would highly reccomend it to anyone looking for an affordable but diverse campus experience. I have become extremely involved on campus through the Wesley foundation and have met all of my new friends. It is great to feel completely at home in your new college home.
I attended VSU from 2007=2011. I can truly say I enjoyed the social life of finding who I was and what I was capable of. Parties were inviting with dress codes or special events. The campus activities board always had an event you could go to meet new people and learn different information. The dorm rooms were okay and needed upgrading.
I can only speak for my focused major. I studied American Sign Language. My advisor, who was also my teacher for some classes, informed us on the necessities for completing the degree program. I only wished my advisor helped with the different platforms of interpreting. They only platform that was drilled was Education. In a sense, I feel stuck where I am. I also wished my advisor would ask me if there were other avenues I would like to take or major in. I wished my advisor would have sat down with me and had a heart to heart to ensure this path was the correct one for me.
There is not very much to do but the school itself is very good. The campus is beautiful ad the academics are very good though.
It's an okay school, it's just the right about of challenging and smooth. I learned a lot just from three months of being here and see myself improving everyday!
I had to get an emergency room transfer. The university was very supportive and looked out for my safety by following the protocols. I love my professors and how they work with me. The campus is well kept. I felt safe when I had to stay for a major hurricane. They university put a well planned emergency plan in effect. I'm glad I made the choice to come to Valdosta State. I feel it is the right choice for me.
I really like Valdosta State University. They have a few popular, fast food restaurants inside, a bunch of clubs, and really want to have students involved. They had a "hug me" Coke machine inside the Student Union where you would hug the machine and it would dispense a free can of coke from the bottom of it!They have a bunch of sororities as well. The professors are very understanding and want their students to be successful. The only main flaw was that they stated that they accidentally awarded me with the Hope Scholarship a month into the semester, and are now wanting me to pay for what the scholarship had covered. They knew for a month, but did not tell me.
Valdosta State University has a beautiful campus with an extremely active student body that gives the campus life. My experience at Valdosta was wonderful and I hope to attend soon.
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I do not attend this college but i would like to i am a junior in high school. my friend currently goes to that college and says that it is a pretty good. I wanted to go to Tennessee State University but we cannot pay for tuition.
I have been a student at VSU for about 2 years now. Do I love the area? Yes I am not a huge fan of the school and what it offers. I have had about 3 bad professors since I have been here. Bad as in, they never showed up on time even on test days but expected 100% of effort out of me as a student. I also had a teacher who didn't speak English very well and I was taking chemistry. Lets just say my grade and GPA suffered traumatically. The food options off of campus and at the Student Union on campus are great. Palms Dining hall and The Blazer Grille need some work. Very nasty at times and never have the resources they need to run a decent service. Georgia, Centennial, and Hopper Hall are the nicest places to stay on campus but if you have a choice, Stay OFF campus! There are more than enough apartments around our campus fro upperclassmen to stay. VSU's campus is absolutely beautiful. I love this location and being so close to Florida is a plus.
very good at informing students about processes and steps in orientation, enrollment, and move in. Excited to experience my degree program here and looking forward to graduation.
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