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Everyone is very hands-on and friendly, the campus is beautiful too! People in the admissions office are happy and ready to help, and touring the college is a breeze, the tour guides know just what you want to know and get right down to business.
First semester, the food is okay but I'm not having a bad time. School is school, but now I just have to worry about paying for it so it stresses me out which is the reason why I'm probably not having the best of time because I have a continuous burden on my shoulders. Education should not be this expensive.
Valdosta University is such a great option for me. They have many opportunities that fit my liking that could help me in my future. They have a great psychology program and nursing program that I am for sure interested in. Another thing I love about this university is how close it is from home that way I am not traveling far. I would love to attend.
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It is a good school, and overall the teachers strive for you to be grate and go on with your life to make you a better person and all.
When I visited the VSU campus, I was quite pleased with the outcome. The staff is very welcoming and the upperclassmen are very helpful.
I really like how they teach up on the student and that they’re there to help out. They have many opportunities, I and I love how they are friendly. Also they have many majors to pick from. I really want to go into nursing so I am glad to know they have a nursing program .
Everyone that works at VSU is committed to the school & it's students. I was impressed that so many staff members started as students. The campus is beautiful and everyone, staff & students work to keep it that way.
Valdosta State University is the best school ever! It is very comfortable here, and I absolutely love the people. You will not regret coming here.
So far, it has been an okay and fun experience, definitely get involved otherwise you are going to be very bored. The area can be quite boring especially if you do not have a car. Depending on certain majors you may struggle when it comes to certain subjects, especially sciences but you can do well here if you work hard and try and use the people on campus as much as you can.
I wild a appreciate it the financial aid and the colleges management would be more informative. I was told I wouldn’t be able to attend my classes if o didn’t pay 8 thousand out of pocket yet I’m being charged and I never attended my classes .
The campus is so nice and clean. The employees here are also the best. First semester In and I could not be happier. VSU!
I love the experience . I love how everybody comes together whether if its work or having fun. If it was anything to change i would say adding more food places on campus.
I am a student-athlete and love Valdosta State University along with my teammates and coach. I get to make new friends and receive great education at the same time
Overall I have a had a pretty good experience. The academics are pretty good and my major is great! The food isn’t bad, but I do wish there were a couple more options on campus. Parking is limited for students so that is one thing I wish would change. Other than that I have had a good experience.
The diversity of this campus is great, and I have not had a professor I didn't like. The staff go out of their way to make sure students feel safe, and the campus police are some of the best. Beautiful campus, amazing and big library, and great dining options!
When I visit Valdosta State University I fell in love with it the people were kind and really made me feel welcome. It was an beautiful campus, I cant wait to attend this college next year.
Talking with the professors gave me a better understanding of the major that I really want to take up their knowledge and my ambition and I know that something that I can accomplish while attending Valdosta State....
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I thought I would like it here, but with terrible advisors, lack of course availability, and dullness of school events, campus, and sarcastic professors, it's a costly nightmare. They can change degree requirements, remove courses, then make you responsible for substituting those courses.
Overall my time at VSU has been wonderful and can't to see whats to come for me in the future. #BLAZERNATION!
I got my B.S. in Organizational Leadership at VSU as a distance learning student. I am familiar with Valdosta, and the physical University as I only live 100 miles away, but did not visit much during my time here. I would say the absolute best thing about my experience at VSU was the administrative support and advising. You will never feel like a number when calling or emailing administration. They really do put in effort to help you along the way, especially if you are advocating for yourself.
Some of the studies feel like robot-mode, and I had a few completely disorganized professors... I would still say that my overall experience was a positive one, and I am strongly considering VSU for grad school.
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