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I got my B.S. in Organizational Leadership at VSU as a distance learning student. I am familiar with Valdosta, and the physical University as I only live 100 miles away, but did not visit much during my time here. I would say the absolute best thing about my experience at VSU was the administrative support and advising. You will never feel like a number when calling or emailing administration. They really do put in effort to help you along the way, especially if you are advocating for yourself.
Some of the studies feel like robot-mode, and I had a few completely disorganized professors... I would still say that my overall experience was a positive one, and I am strongly considering VSU for grad school.
The professors in my department care if we have any trouble and don't mind helping out. There is plenty of activities and organizations to join. I like that there are many jobs fairs for part time and career specific for anyone looking. One thing that could upgrade are the different selections in food. The cafeteria, known as palms, does not have as much healthy variety as is should.
My first semester was great but, like any institution, there were some pro's and some definite con's. Although the school does try it's best to be inclusive, Valdosta is not all that big to be as inclusive as they would like it to be. Other than a couple hiccups and grievances, most of my issues come from the student body and less from the actual university.
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I liked the small town feel of the University. Valdosta State University has grown a lot over the years since I graduated in the nineties, but my experience there will not be forgotten. I made lifelong friends and had professors that helped me every step of the way with my academic studies.
Valdosta has an excellent online graduate program which sets it apart from other universities. Its staff is helpful, and the professors of the distance learning program are phenomenal. Overall, the investment made in your graduate studies is returned to you ten-fold, and the general knowledge gained through the programs will enhance your future career pursuits and be applicable to all of your future endeavors.
On the outside, Valdosta State University is your average college. You have teachers who will cater their teachings to you and some who won't and food that may or may not be good depending on the day. What makes it stick out though is its beauty. VSU has a beautiful campus filled with various colors ranging from a multitude of greens, to fuchsias, bright reds, whites, and even blues, which doesn't stop there. It also extends to the people. At VSU, there may be bad apples, but most are free thinkers, accepting, and kind. If you run out of meal swipes, someone may come and say "I got you," and use their guest swipe on you. If you need help moving in, someone sitting in the dorm lobby would hold the door and help you bring your stuff in. By the way if you sun, heat, and beaches, VSU is right for you. It's always sunny and hot, and it's only 3 exits away from Florida.
I like the people very nice and charismatic. The school is also very diverse and has people from everywhere as well as different people. I love the RA,s their very helpful and made my transition to college easier. Valdosta state has some pretty cool events you can attend and meet new people. Overall this school is pretty good and if i could i would only change a handful of things. Overall the student life is the best attribute of this school.
The school has a beautiful campus that is just lovely to visit even if you're not a student. The teachers are amazing and in most cases understanding.
My first year was bumpy, but the sheer freedom that this college provided me was something irreplaceable, I was in a euphoric haze, finding my around my town, getting to classes on time, getting my grades up, meeting professors, new friends, and just enjoying the scenic view, it may get old quickly, but, it was kinda worth it to meet the many people I did.
Valdosta state University is a pretty nice university. If you focus on study and club activity, you will be able to success in university life.
I have attended Valdosta State for one semester and after attending I have regrets about transferring there. The campus overall looks nice but when it comes to there academics it is horrible. Valdosta States academics revolve around taking test, there are barely any quizes or homework meaning that if your not a good test taker you could fail. Most classes at Valdosta State are four test classes and when you ask the Professor what can you do to do better all they will tell you is to read the material more. The overall learning system at Valdosta could be much better. From what I have seen most of the students that attend Valdosta do not fully understand the material due to the professors poor teaching methods.
Valdosta State is a great school to attend. The years I have been here have been very influential to my my life. The school has a lot of extracurricular activities that will lead you in the positive direction. The professors will work you hard, and you will get very little sleep due to all the work you have to do. In the end it’s all worth it, because We all know that we are getting one step closer to accomplishing our goals of graduating from the amazing Valdosta State University!
My experience was great. I loved almost every moment of my freshman year. I made many friends, ate a lot of food, partied a little bit and still went to my classes and made good grades. I remember staying up at night playing Call of Duty, Madden tournaments, working out at the REC, and playing pool with all my friends. It was the best way to spend my freshman year. Spent money that I shouldn't have, but that's life and I was living it. I would change where the restaurants on campus are because you either fell like you're walking a mile, or you're literally right there. I would build another place to eat out.
I like the scenery of Valdosta state university. It has a nice campus and great academics for students to be successful. I would like the parking and safety to change because the school is open for anybody to come on campus and the parking is horrible. You have to purchase a decal and you still technically can’t park on campus or else you will be given a ticket! I would like to see the parking arrangement change.
I am bout to be in my 2nd year of college and I can say that I enjoyed my 1st year by making friends and doing things.
The years I have attended this school were not pleasant. There's nothing to do outside of campus, but you are within minutes from Florida (some professors commute to teach at the school). Most of the kids go here to get their grades up and transfer out of the school within 1-2 years. There questions about where our money was going and why, terrible parking, a lot of controversies including the flag, supremacists, Trump, Ben Carson, overcharge for certain things, and loads of other stuff. There isn't much open-mindedness because of the area it's in. But it tries in certain areas especially when it comes to student involvement which is where people take pride in the school. College is what you make of it (the friends I made made the place bearable), but with as many distracting controversies and unanswered questions I never truly felt at home there.
Valdosta State is an excellent school to get your feet wet. The students and staff are very friendly and they are big on being involved in the community. The teachers really care about your well being in their class.
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Beautiful campus and cheaper tuition for students. This is the best option in Georgia to get away and work on your degree. There are plenty of activities and groups to get involved in, campus recreation, and student help centers. Everything you need is provided for you.
The school is chilled and laid back for the most part. But the city itself its not all that impressing.
I love VSU and the campus. Its a beautiful campus and all the faculty and staff are excellent! The greek life is amazing also.
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