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Valdosta State is an excellent school to get your feet wet. The students and staff are very friendly and they are big on being involved in the community. The teachers really care about your well being in their class.
Beautiful campus and cheaper tuition for students. This is the best option in Georgia to get away and work on your degree. There are plenty of activities and groups to get involved in, campus recreation, and student help centers. Everything you need is provided for you.
The school is chilled and laid back for the most part. But the city itself its not all that impressing.
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I love VSU and the campus. Its a beautiful campus and all the faculty and staff are excellent! The greek life is amazing also.
I love everything about this school. It feels like home away from home and I love how passionate the professor are. Living on campus was kind of a drag and food isn't that great either. However, I am a music major and I enjoy that side of campus the most. I'm also provided with a lot of opportunities that I could not find anywhere else. In state tuition for border states is probably the best this school has to offer.
My favorite part about being at Valdosta State is that they not only care about themselves as a faculty and university but about the students and the community as well. They are always reaching out to the students to make their lives easier while attending VSU and hosting events to interact in the community.
I am going into my second year at VSU. My first year was a good experience. If you stay in Atlanta or surrounding areas, then I think that VSU is the right place; it's not too far and it's not too close. The weather is good, not too cold in the winter and at the beginning of the fall semester it's not as hot.
Academically, VSU presents about an average experience. However, its price is considerably more affordable than most other Georgia universities.
Valdosta state is such a great school , the campus is beautiful and the people are very friendly. The only thing I would change about Valdosta state is parking . Parking is terrible, it will be better if you can park anywhere on campus . Maybe it will become better as we progress .
I like the campus and school very much. Student safety is one of their main concerns. I grew up as a military child and diversity is very important to me. Valdosta state stands for that.
Great school. Instructors are friendly and knowledgeable. Student-friendly environment. Big Nick’s restaurant is good home style cooking
Coming from a small high school, I needed to go to a university that was not too populated. Valdosta State was the perfect choice because it gives me that one on one time that I need with my professors.
I really love Valdosta State. The campus is beautiful, the class professors actually take the out of their day to assist you on any problem you could have. Also if that's not enough for you, there is a free tutoring stationed on campus.
Valdosta State University has a wonderfully beautiful campus and the students are very encouraging. The staff really cares about you and it is easy to connect with them because of the small class sizes. The Cafeteria food is good and is easily accessible. The housing is excellent . I would not want to go anywhere else.
I like the campus and feel of Valdosta State University. I would like to see on-campus housing change along with campus dining.
It is a small campus which means less walking. You seem to know everyone. People are friendly and they have many events to go to.
So far my experience at VSU has been a good one. I like the convenience of being able to use your financial aid to pay for practically everything. What Inwoukd like to see changed is more diverse clubs and activities for the students.
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Beautiful campus and everything is within walking distance! Fair quality education. Bad food. Overall, I enjoy it here. It's pretty hot, but a lot of people like that.
From your first day to your graduation day, you will immerse yourself in a college experience that will challenge you, foster professional growth and provide ample opportunities to connect with fellow learners from various backgrounds and countries of origin.
My overall experience with Valdosta State has been amazing! I am an upcoming freshman but have been to the campus twice and everyone is so nice and hearing from the students has helped me secure my decision in attending in the fall!
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