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The campus is beautiful with all the palm trees. Most of the campus has old buildings since it's been around for a minute, but the inside is better. Plenty of students who attend aren’t from GA. Parties are very frequent around campus, but they aren’t wild. Student life is amazing; it’s how I stayed busy! There’s so much to be a part of. The athletic programs at the school are pretty good and fun to watch. VSU wants to make sure we perform well in our classes and provide a lot of resources for us to get help on top of having teachers who will push us to our full potential. Not all work is easy, but the professors were there if we needed it and would tell us their office hours. Housing was decent; I liked Patterson Hall and I was comfortable. The only thing sharing the bathroom with all the girls on my floor. My overall first year was pretty good. I had fun with the people I met and I look forward to making the most out of the three years I have left here at VSU. Go BLAZERS!!!
Valdosta has a great academic experience, the people are nice, and the campus is fantastic. There are different types of meal plans to pick from like 3 meals a day to unlimited meals a day. It's a clean school, and a great place to stay.
Having just visited the campus for my orientation, I found it to feel like home, have an amazing atmosphere, and a promising future. The campus is very organized and very well put together. The diversity of the university is fair and equal. There are many different programs to be apart of and many things to study. I loved it!
Review Valdosta State University
I really like Valdosta State University. The campus is beautiful and the professors are really helpful.
The campus is absolutely breathtaking. The front lawn is huge and you can often see various functions being held there. It's about a 15 minute walk from one end of main campus to the other end. It is also a very diverse campus.
I absolutely love this school. The atmosphere is so positive and the faculty is amazing. I feel like I am genuinely coming out of all my classes a better and more educated person.
Visiting Valdosta State College was an great opportunity. Entering the school as an College Freshman should be great experience.
I spent 2 years at VSU and for the most part I enjoyed my time there. The staff and faculty were all very professional and extremely helpful. VSU also has some brilliant professors teaching and they are always there to help you if you need it. The one thing I could say they would need to work on, would be to to expand their engineering and physics field. I would say VSU is extremely lacking in these two fields, although they do make up in terms of engineering with their connections to the reagents program.
This was a very average university. Nothing special. The food (at palms) was bad at first but you get used to it.
I like how beautiful the campus is and how welcoming the teachers and other faculty are to students. They are always willing to help you improve. They try their best to make things as simple as possible.
Valdosta has been a very great experience so far. In my opinion by far the best college in Georgia. I am a freshman and I applied for their ROTC program and I have so much fun with it. One downside is the parking on campus, otherwise, its great.
Valdosta state is a great university to attend. The professors aren't terrible but they don't go easy on you. As long attends you work hard and give everything 100% effort you'll do fine.
Valdosta was really nice to me !! I visited VSU for their open house and it was great . The campus is beautiful . The only thing I did not like about the campus was the freshman halls .. well atleast the one I went in to . Langdale hall was not good to me . It was old and needed work . The bathrooms were not clean . But Georgia hall was really nice ! Overall VSU was a great school .
So far I think that coming to this school has really deterred me from being the best I can be. The teachers that are a part of my line of study are constantly being fired and it makes me feel like I would have been better off going to a different school where I know that I can receive the education that I deserve. Don't get me wrong it's a nice school but that doesn't change the fact that I am struggling because of some half-baked teaching methods are not helping me achieve greatness for my future.
Everything at VSU is fantastic except the dining options. The housing is phenomenal, and the professors are just as amazing.
The campus is beautiful, great for hanging around if you just want some peace and quiet with nature. There are a lot of helpful staff and veteran students around for new people who need assistance. The courses are great, good professors. There are lot of organizations, events, and parties for people to be social and just have a good time.
What I love the most about VSU is being able to hang out on the front lawn and that VSU has many activities going on year round that allows you to meet new people and to have fun.
Review Valdosta State University
I am not yet a student here but I plan on becoming one. When I visited this campus, it was well maintained, had a beautiful environment, and had a friendly and safe sense of home in my opinion. I love Valdosta state university.
Probably one of the worst universities in Georgia. Don't let the beautiful campus trick you. HORRIBLE on campus housing, especially for freshman. But the food is the absolute worst part. The dining hall has the same exact thing every single day and there's only a couple different things to chose from. Then all you got is moe's and chickfila, which get really old really fast. The school is also very segregated and people are not friendly. Although it seems like a decent size, it's a small school, in a small town, in the middle of nowhere. Most people that attend here are already from Valdosta, or Tifton. The university does a great job through social media at making it seem like the perfect place to attend, but it really is not.
If you love Florida but don't have Florida money then Valdosta is for you. It has Florida vibes with palm trees and the weather is similar as well. It rarely gets cold but when it does the next day you're back to wearing shorts. The professors I've had to deal with were average but I am only a freshman I haven't met that one professor that's going to change my life yet. Your meal plan includes money for other food not just the dining hall. You have on and off campus options. On campus includes moes, chic Fa la and which wich but of course you'll get tired of that or just feel fancy and wanna go out. The school card (one card) includes off campus restaurants as well! They provide you with a list but it's expected to grow. They do not provide close enough student parking though. You must take a bus to your car.
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