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Valdosta State University is a wonderful college with a diverse and exciting environment. The faculty for my specific major is amazing and has taught me more than I expected to learn just from my first two years. If you are looking for a college with great majors and exciting events than this is the place for you.
Once you get to the classes that you want it is so much better. Some of the core classes and the professors for them aren’t good. Overall it has been a good experience.
Valdosta State University is a great school and one of the best in Georgia. It is a great all-around school and a great atmosphere.
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This is my 5th year at VSU, 1st as a graduate student I still enjoy it. It has a college town atmosphere and the campus is amazing. The professors push me to work hard and that’s all I could ask for.
I am still and high school student but i have applied to Valdosta State University and i am excited to recieve my accpetance letter. So far the staff of Valdosta State University has been amazing so far. They are great with communication and making me feel good about the admission process cause it can be very stressful.
Valdosta is a really nice four year University. This is my freshman year, second semester here, and it’s been a learning experience. We have the student success center which helped me a lot my first semester. We also have very nice instructors, some not so nice. It’s amazing all together, I must say.
What I like about VSU is the environment and people. The environment is very chill and comfortable, yet there are professors here that want to help you. Many professors work with you if you are going through something or if you just don't understand the material in class. The classes are not hard, just have to be a disciplined student, and the campus is gorgeous. The weather is great and overall it is a great school to attend.
Valdosta State University is a family oriented university. I wouldn't change anything.My roommates are helpful as well as my professors. The facilities are within walking distance from my dormitory. The cafeteria is cleaned and have a variety of difference foods. Overall experience at Valdosta State University is excellent.
My time at Valdosta State University was unforgettable. I was challenged by professors and my peers at every step of my journey which has made me a better person all around.
Valdosta State University is a very unique school. At first I really did not like this school, and I wanted to transfer as soon as I got here. After a full year, I began to fall in love with the school, and all of the people that went to this school. I now love it, and am attending South University in the Fall, and will be very sad to leave.
Valdosta is an amazing college with an unforgettable experience. At Valdosta State the campus puts you into an environment that is enjoyable and very diverse. The longer you stay at the college the more you get to know your way around the campus which is very easily learned.
I enjoyed the small class sizes and the relationships you are able to form with your professors. The campus is b-e-a-utiful.
I love the campus. It feels very inviting and open. Its also has very beautiful architecture, both internally and externally. I love the campus. It feels very inviting and open. Its also has very beautiful architecture, both internally and externally. I love the campus. It feels very inviting and open. Its also has very beautiful architecture, both internally and externally. I love the campus. It feels very inviting and open. Its also has very beautiful architecture, both internally and externally. I love the campus. It feels very inviting and open. Its also has very beautiful architecture, both i
Valdosta State University is an excellent university. Attending as freshman, Valdosta State provides that home away from home feeling. The educators and staff of the school are always friendly to me and my colleagues. Being a first year student, I’ve participated in more activities and clubs on campus than ever. Really appreciate my VSU and everything they do.
We have a beautiful and extremely diverse campus. The curriculum isn't too challenging depending on your major. The living quarters wasn't the cleanest it could of been. Especially, the freshman dormitories Langdale and Lowndes Hall were the nastiest of them all. Student life is the best thing about the college because you have a chance to have fun and try new things. There's many different organizations on campus that is fit to every person. Safety is the number one thing parents worry about when there kids go to college and at Valdosta State there is a police officer every where you turn which makes it very safe. The university isn't located in a bad area in Valdosta. The party scene is extraordinary different. Professors are not going to baby you because you are an adult. Campus food is good but after a while you do get tired of eating the same thing especially if you don't have a car. Your freshman experience at Valdosta State is a one in a lifetime experience.
Valdosta State University is more like a community college rather than a University. The class ranges are limited and the professor choices are also very limited, which makes it harder to get your schedule to work out nicely. The campus is nice but when it comes to the educational quality of the college it definitely needs major improvement.
Valdosta State has been a great experience so far. The institution has friendly and caring teachers, whom I may add are very hilarious. The campus food isn't that good but they give you other option, by swapping out one of your dining meal with something more pleasant, such as Chik Fil A .
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Valdosta State University is a great school. The people and the atmosphere are wonderful, and it is a very refreshing campus when you look at the turmoil that everything else in the world is. The teachers and academics have been very good thus far, and everyone works with you to make sure you're on the right track. Overall, I am enjoying my time here and look forward to doing so in the future.
This will be my second year at Valdosta State. The campus is truly beautiful. Homecoming and Thrilla is the best time to be a student at V State. There are many organizations, social events, and parties to go to. But because it is in a local area there isn't much around besides whats at V State or remotely close.
I like the atmosphere of Valdosta state. I would like to see more organization and more of the staff carrying.
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