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Very fun and very big campus. This school is a great starting school for getting all of your general credits completed.
I have loved my experience with UVU so far. The staff is always friendly, the campus is beautiful, and the academics are top notch. I love this school!
One of my favorite things about UVU is that all of the building are connected. It is wonderful in the winter because everyone can stay nice and warm or they can go outside if they choose. The class sizes are small and the professors try to get to know the students on an indivual level. There are a lot of activities to do around campus everyday so you can be as involved as you want in the school. There are plenty of sports and clubs to join or watch. It’s a great school. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!
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UVU has great professors, many have life experience and are willing to help students. Average resources, study areas, a writing center. Great location, right off the highway. UVU is a great price for education. However UVU parking is a nightmare, sports are poor, housing is decent for singles and terrible for married.
I love the accessibility of Utah Valley University. The enrollment process is simple and easy. The campus is clean, organized, and easy to navigate. The professors are excellent and care about the students. Overall, it is one of the greatest universities considering its lower price than other campuses and its accessibility.
I hate homework. The parking is terrible unless you arrive early. The entire school is connected with hall ways, which is great if you don't want to go outside, but it takes longer to get to classes. This school has way too many stairs. I go to the computer science building 95% of the time. To get there, you climb 3 flights of stairs to get to the fourth floor. Then walk through a long hallway acting like you're not out of breath. My classes are the seventh floor. So after recovering from the first workout, I have to do it again. Once you get to the top, you'll want to collapse in a chair, that is if they all aren't being used. One good thing about the east stairwell is it has roof access. I don't go on the roof, but the windows display great views.
Ever since High School I've been intrigued with Utah Valley University. It's a great school with a wide amount of majors and diversity of students. Plus you don't have to walk in the cold to get to your classes, what's not to love!
I have enjoyed my time at UVU. Although I feel like it is lacking in academics. I have a really hard time with math and I was not able to get the help I desperately needed from a teacher or outside resources. Some of the teachers I had last semester really lacked passion for what they were teaching and it was hard to stay focused in class. On the other hand, I love that the campus is connected so you don't have to walk in the cold. There is always an activity going on that you can be involved in. They have many great speakers visit and it is fun to go to those events. The local area is great and there is always something to do. The atmosphere can be difficult if you are single because it seems that everyone around you is married or in a serious relationship. It is hard to have dating opportunities. Overall it is a good school.
Currently, I am doing Concurrent enrollment and am loving the classes. I also have family members that went to UVU and they really felt accepted at this University!
I love Utah Valley University. It is very fun school to be at. The environment is awesome. The people are kind. The professors usually have industry experience. I thoroughly enjoy it.
I love Utah Valley University. It has amazing programs and professors. It is very clean as well. All the buildings are accessible and close to each other. Also the campus food is amazing.
I really love UVU. If I can put challenging and chill in one sentence would be UVU. The environment here is inviting to where you are able to join whatever sort of group or be who you want to be. If you want to be studious and so heavily academic based you can find those people. If you are here but not to worried about your grades there are friends for that. But also friends in your professors. They really want to help you, they are open to office hours and helping out. They don't expect you to suffer, but want you to learn.
I really love the campus, I love the atmosphere of the school. I’ve only had one bad experience there; it was a professor that I could not understand because of his accent. I think that should be taken into consideration.
Utah Valley University wasn't my first pick as far as my computer major goes, but the other programs are excellent, generals are cheap, and rent is actually pretty good for being close to campus.
This school is pretty great! Everyone is incredibly nice and there's always free food. It's not expensive either. I just wish it was more challenging, but that's ok
My first year of college at UVU has been very fun and super easy going. Every professor that I’ve had, have all been very helpful to me and very understanding of when I need help or do not understand something in the course. I love the scenery the school provides and love the history behind the school. I would love to see the school develop more sports teams.
This is a great school that I would recommend to anyone, especially those who did not do well in high school and would like a chance to start again without joking around with a community college or something along those lines. The school has an amazing administrative team and the professors are as good as they get.
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Utah valley university is such a great school! so far all of my teachers are have been excellent and very helpful. One thing that i really love about this school is that just about all the buildings are connected so you can walk all indoors to get from one class to the next! its amazing especially when its snowing outside.
Best part about UVU is that the teachers are always willing to help you and to help you succeed in your career the matter what it maybe
The University is largely founded on
N the idea of academics first. It is knowN as a second chance school. Meaning that people who have had a bum ride or just difficult time come here because the class sizes are smaller and a much greater variety of class hours exist. Some 80% of UVU students work while going to school as well.
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