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UVU is really a great school. I have really loved my time here. The people are great, the professors are amazing and there are so many different career options to pursue and classes to take!
UVU is a great university! Their teachers are excellent, they are always willing to work with you to ensure you succeed. The school caters to the student's needs. The campus is my favorite part of the UVU experience. Almost every building is connected, so no having to be cold or get rained/snowed on when you're trying to get to your next class! There are so many amenities (gym, climbing wall, video game area, bowling alley, etc.) and excellent food options. I do wish the athletics were more exciting. Overall, I am happy I've decided to continue my education at UVU.
Utah Valley University is focused on engaged learning. There professors are always willing to take extra time with students where needed and truly care about their students actually learning. The clubs and other special programs are excellent if you're willing to get involved. I've especially enjoyed the entrepreneurship department and the new venture capital program. They are constantly bringing in local successful businesspeople to speak to the students. Every week they have a free lunch anyone can attend to have more personal time to speak to those professionals.
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I LOVE Utah Valley University. I have been to Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah and this one is my absolute favorite. The class sizes are small, the Professors love their jobs and the students like going there. The focus is on engaged learning so you often build great relationships with your Professors.
I love UVU! It's a big campus with so many resources for students to succeed. As an international student and having English as my second language it can be hard to fully understand the subjects taught in class so it's great to know that if I need I can get help from tutors and also professors are so good and understanding. I like the scholarships opportunity and to know that the faculty really want me to succeed and work hard to see that happens.
I love hoe UVU has a lot of diversity and basically any students can get accepted to study there. Things I would change is parking spaces and also having elevated requirement to become a professor there. I've had teacher there that weren't that helpful.
I love how divers it is there. There are so many students and some times I feel like just a number. But they have so many class opportunities and each class has 25 to 50 students so its more personal that way. The Faculty is always willing to help in any way they can.
This is my first year at UVU, and I love it! The class sizes are so much smaller than at other universities which makes it easier to get help.
I love the environment of the school. Most of the teachers are really good and will work with you and want you to do well. Also all the buildings are connected so no walking outside in the cold or rain!
UVU is a an awesome university. Relatively affordable with a large offering of degrees. It's a diverse campus, an has a lot of opportunities for student involvement. I'd like to see the university invest more in housing opportunities for students and provide options for them.
Utah Valley University is a great place to further your education. They have a great selection of classes, and are small and you are able to get a more personal level of learning. There is a great environment for learning and feeling like you can do anything you put your mind to!
UVU is that hidden gem that is beginning to rise from a small state college to a credited University. In my opinion it is becoming well known for it's student diversity which in my opinion are incredibly hard workers with a majority of students working full time, raising a family, and ate great students.
I am a junior at Utah Valley University and have enjoyed my time here so far. There are good options of on-campus or online classes which makes it more compatible for people's schedules. There is also indoor hallways to get anywhere on campus so in the cold winter there is no need to go outside.
First during my elementary years I would go visit UVU and I feel in loved with UVU great school and amazing people. The whole school is connected great food and mixed of culture. They have great advisers and teachers. Wait my whole life to get accepted to this school and I did. Even though I struggle they are always wanting to help and make me have a great experience.
Wonderful faculty. Really diverse. Lots of options for majors, and really helpful academic advisors. Good class selections, great campus, overall a very good atmosphere. Not any on-campus housing but still good options nearby.
I love UVU! It has very good teachers, and small class sizes. Not to mention, the tuition is manageable! I love the campus, and how easy it is to get from one end to the other. Overall, I'm very glad I chose UVU.
I have loved attending Utah Valley University. The school is student friendly and is very diverse. UVU offers a variety of majors and a high quality education! Go Wolverines!
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Great School! Fantastic teachers and all of the students are friendly and outgoing. Whenever I have any questions the teachers are usually very helpful and if I cant reach them the schools Tutoring Services are fantastic and I can always find the help that I need.
Easy to navigate and high energy. The professors and other faculty genuinely care about your success as a student and as an individual.
I have loved my experience here. I love how every teacher has all of the assignments and test dates uploaded on the canvas calendar. I love how clean the school is and how you can get anywhere on campus from either heated or cooled hallways depending on the weather outside. The teachers I have had have all been really great and want you to succeed.
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