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I like how for the most part it is easy to see which classes you need to take and how easy it is to get help and advice! I wish they did not require such unrelated classes just for your general education!
The class sizes are small so there is an atmosphere the facilitates learning. The campus is all connected so that makes going from class to class very convenient.
I like that it is close to home and is less expensive than other universities. I do find it a little annoying when people smoke a little bit too close to the doors of some buildings. I feel like most of the teachers are pretty good and most care about the students in their classes.
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I am a Junior at Utah Valley University and have been loving it. I enjoy my classes, my professors, and the overall atmosphere of the school. I highly recommend this college to anyone, it is affordable and possible to excel as high as you want.
I love this campus as it gives people the chance to pursue a degree as the school has open enrollment and a high success rate. The professor actually takes the time to help you. I would like there to be actual school housing as there isn't school housing connected to the school directly.
Utah Valley University is a very good school for the price. It's one of the cheaper options in Utah, competing with Dixie University and Utah State University. It's a fairly small college, and the classes are more intimate than bigger colleges which is nice, one gets more quality time with the teacher if they are in need of extra help. What I would change about it, is they are quite slow at getting back with their students about financial situations. Because of this issue, I had to miss out on a semester. But that is my only complaint, it is a lovely school.
I think that Utah Valley University has a very good social life. Also I believe Utah Valley University has an amazing Nursing Program. I want to go into The nursing program and Utah Valley University appealed to me because the tuition was pretty cheap. Also it is one of the highest rated nursing programs in the country.
My experience has been limited to only a few months, but I have had nothing but good experiences here. Being at Utah Valley University has been amazing because one, the campus is super clean. They are keeping it in tip top shape and really care that every student has a great experience. Next is the professors, all the professors I have had so far have been so willing to help you no matter what you are going through. The do a really good job at explaining but not just that but they ask at the end how they could do better at teaching it or if we had any questions. I would like to see maybe the parking change, one it is super expensive paying for parking. They also have limited parking with the amount of students that are there. But overall it is a great experience that I think everyone should take.
It is a great University. Lots of people with the same goals, lots of resources, great culture, etc. You will not find any difficulties applying for or attending UVU based on Race, Religion, or ACT/SAT scores.
I applied and about two weeks letter everything was set and I was in. It was very simple and very stress free. I have applied to many colleges and Utah Valley was the one that actually stood out to me for how simple and great the school is. Many have a lot of school pride for Utah Valley and I'm very excited to finally attend in the fall.
I love UVU! It is such an advanced university full of so many opportunities! The campus life is fantastic and there is always something fun going on. The gym is a favorite I absolutely love the climbing wall. The professors I have had take me seriously and give me many opportunities to succeed academically.
In Utah valley university was great there was a lot of nice and kind staff and we a very good tour guide that was attending there as well he answered all of our quesions about the school. All i could say is that UVU might be the right collage for me.
My time at UVU has been a pretty good one! For being the largest university in the state of Utah, the class sizes are actually pretty small. The professors there genuinely care about the students success, and they are always willing to help. Campus is all connected, so there isnt any walking outside in the snow. Student government is always coming up with fun ideas and activities for students to become involved in. I would definitely recommend coming to this university!
The facilities and and the college it's self is rapidly growing. Nice, newer buildings and parking areas help the campus feel like a top notch school. The degrees and programs are expanding every year. There are some really great teachers who are passionate about their subjects and willing to help you get the most out of their course.
I've noticed that there have been some teachers I've had that are older that seem to be stuck in their ways. These teachers usually have tenure so voicing your complaints doesn't do anything. There's also not a huge amount of school spirit like a lot of other colleges, probably because the sports programs aren't a main attraction. They are quite competitive in other fields though, like the nursing and culinary programs.
Overall there is something for everyone. I'd liken this school to a up and coming neighborhood: the buildings are mostly original but younger people are moving in and fixing them up to make them new and modern, both inside and out.
UVU has been a great place to experience college. I've learned a lot and enjoy roaming the campus. The area is beautiful and close to everything - including the freeway. I love that we have options for night and online classes, it is very easy to plan your schedule around class.
I love Utah Valley and the warm environment it provides. I feel safe there and the college counselors are always so helpful. The area surrounding Utah Valley is gorgeous and the people are amazing.
I had plans to attend a different university, when I felt like I needed to make a sudden switch to Utah Valley University. I was suspicious of what my "wolverine experience" would be like. However, Utah Valley has exceeded my expectations.

I personally love the engagement that each program has for the students. Utah Valley often requires their students to have experience in their field (internship) in order to graduate. When you receive your degree, you are already one step ahead of those who just graduated from their university.

I feel as though my education is more applicable to the professional world, versus sticking my nose in a textbook and memorizing formulas. Each program allows you to be creative with the skills that you learn in class. The university has an easy-going atmosphere, making it easier to establish relationships with your classmates and teachers.
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I absolutely love Utah Valley University! Its a wonderful school. There is such a good environment and diversity of students. I have also never had a bad professor! It is really a great school and I would recommend it for anyone!
UVU is an amazing and wildly underrated school! The facilities are up to date, and you learn a lot in the classes! truly a college experience worth the cost.
I love how willing Utah Valley University is to work with high school students. Because of UVU's Distance Education classes, I will be graduating with almost a year of college done. The class sizes are small, therefore, you get to know your professors and your peers. The campus is beautiful and is a great environment.
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