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Not very social. Math department isn't very good. Not awful most people do like it. Generals for every degree is different making changing majors waste your money.
I had a blast at Utah Valley University. They had such a student-friendly environment. There was always an event happening to help the students enjoy college life. From classic dance rave to free pancakes on Friday mornings they did everything. Besides the parties, I loved their academic system. Never have I felt more encouraged to take hold of my own education and excel in what I do by professors. The professors I had were not just lifeless teachers spouting information at the front of the class. Most of them made sure to meet with me personally and helped me their class. In my opinion, I think Utah Valley University is a great institution that truly takes care of their students, and prepares them for their future.
I have enjoyed doing my classes online through Utah Valley University. The instructors are very understanding and patient. This is the first semester I will be going to the school for classes so I don't have any ideas on what can change just yet.
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UVU is very laid back in the best way. I'm a high achiever academically, but I couldn't bring myself to deal with the holier than thou, competitive culture at BYU. I've found all the advisors and everyone working on campus that I've worked with to be very helpful and to always put my experience first. I really appreciate that aspect of the school.
UVU is an awesome school. It's progressive and cares about it's students and has a lot of resources. They make thinks extremely accessible for many different types and the diversity isn't too terrible. I wish the teachers got paid more... or so I've heard them say!
I loved being a student at UVU. I am glad that I decided to go to UVU and not another college near me. UVU welcomed me with opened arms and embraced my differences. The Faculty in my major were so helpful and encouraging. I could not have done it without them.
UVU is an awesome school, every employee that I've ever had to work with has known their stuff and been extremely helpful. Some people may think that UVU is just BYU's little brother school, but they should check again. UVU has grown a lot in the past few years and is definitely a top tier university. The campus is beautiful and well kept, its a joy to be on every day for class. Pretty much every professor I've had has really taken an interest in his or her class and many of them I've gotten to know very well. Overall, UVU is a well run university that includes everyone from all walks of life, and I have never regretted my decision to come here.
Utah Valley University is a unique university because almost all the buildings on campus are interconnected, which allow for a warm area to walk around on campus during the cold winter hours.
I love it. Its a grate place to get your generals done. It's so nice that they have a couple of campus around Utah. I took a lot of online classes and they were pretty easy to work with the testing center. The staff is really friendly and very helpful. I also used to work at the school. It was a a good job very flexible with schooling.
Utah Valley is best for students who wish to study for information technology and/or a trade school. Other courses bow to the inexperience of the students--robing the student body from a higher level of education.
My experience with Utah Valley University has been very educational. Not only has it helped me be inspired for the future, but it's allowed me opportunities to work and function independently and network among associations. It has given me a hope that I can plan to succeed towards my future by fair opportunity to take advantage of the open experience around me. I feel it helping me prepare for my future.
Their online programs are awesome! The Hospitality program is amazing and the teachers really know their content areas! They are very willing to help if you have any questions and there are so many students willing to help out as well! Its an amazing college to go to!
UVU is a great school to obtain an education. The school values the success of their students. I would like to see them implement better parking. The parking situation on campus is absolutely terrible.
UVU is a nice school to go to, really good classes and teachers. They have a lot of variety in the choices of class times as well as different classes to take. The student life is really fun and out going they have a gym at the school that is free to students containing a certain amount of credits, they have a bowling alley, pool tables and tv with gaming consoles and more. I highly recommend UVU!
I love the welcoming environment at UVU. All the teachers are great, and all the clubs are amazing. There are tons of on campus activities that make the college experience great.
The campus is extremely beautiful, with an amazing design layout of the school. The grounds are kept exceptionally clean along with the buildings. The instructors I've had have been amazing, and they are always good with feedback, and getting back to you with your questions.
I have loved completing my education at Utah Valley University! I have learned so much about myself and my area of study while at UVU. This school has helped shape me into the women I am today.
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Great school, going there for aviation and I love the program and all of the professors. Campus is nice and clean and has lots of places to go for homework and breaks. Orem is a good city too.
By being right in the heart of the valley, there are many opportunities to explore. Not only, the students immerse themselves in school spirit and pride. Making any event extremely fun to attend. The professors are amazing as well while also being a huge help. They are wanting their students to succeed and will give the proper tools to see them do so!
Utah Valley University is an amazing school not only for their education but the student life is always incredibly involving. Since the campus is so large it's hard to meet a lot of the student life, but being able to attend student events gives you amazing opportunities to meet people. The only thing I would change about UVU are the class sizes due to the fact of the large amount of students that attend this school.
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