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The classroom sizes are small which is good because the teachers care about you morel. the campus is smaller then other nearby colleges such as BYU. UVU has a HALL OF FOOD!!, a hallway of just restaurants. UVU offers degrees from music to engineering to languages. Across the street from UVU is a Walmart. The one thing is parking is terrible But other then that a very good school!
I like that many of the buildings are connected. This is nice for stormy weather. I like that many of the class sizes are fairly small. I like that there is usually access to computers. There are many food places and other services to accommodate students.
What I love about Utah Valley University is that the teachers get you involved with your degree. Throughout generals I completed several hours of volunteer work in my chosen field and I liked spending time in the field using what I've learned to better use my education.
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I have a lot of friends that attend Utah Valley University. My friends always tell me how much they like UVU how much their teachers and advisers try to help them to keep moving forward with their future.
I feel very happy with my decision to attend Utah Valley University this coming fall semester and to be surrounded by good people. People that will motivate me to be a better person everyday.
Its a great culture with people from all over the world. UVU is a school filled with people pushing themselves and the school forward. It's a positive environment where people push themselves to be the best they can be.
I love how diverse and inclusive the campus is. There are people from all walks of life and there is no discrimination. I would recommend UVU to everyone!
University campus is all indoor and covered which makes the campus great in winter months. Hundreds of clubs are available. Social scene is really great. Everyone is really friendly and including. Resources are readily available quick and easy. Teachers want you to succeed and help you to do so. A lot of different times/days are offered for courses, which allows flexibility for all student types. Counselors are eager to help you and guide you to directions that would be most beneficial to you. Parking is overwhelming, but most college parking is. Parking garages are available as well as institute parking for additional options.
I love Utah Valley University! Great staff, amazing programs and resources, and awesome campus. I honestly love attending school here.
It is diverse, fun and there are a ton of students to interact with. The professors care about you and want you to succeed. They want you to learn and do your best so you can get the degree you need and good grades. They are clear on what you need to do to become successful in their class and in your career. I am in the aviation program and it is this way. The flight instructors want you to do well and pass your check ride. They do everything they can to help you do this. It is obvious that the professors and instructors in this field of study have had valuable experiences and are able to teach us accordingly.
Utah Valley University (UVU) is an amazing school. It offers a variety of degrees and even some master degrees. The professors here are amazing and they are always willing to help you out no matter what. Going to school here feels more of like a connection, you actually love being there and sometimes you don't even want to go home. They have restaurants here such as: Panda express, Chick-fil-a, Subway, Costa vida and lots more! The overall atmosphere is amazing as well with everybody being very friendly as well as the administrative staff.
Utah Valley University is growing rapidly, and has lots of amazing people there. I'm enrolled in their aviation science program, and I love every minute of it. I can't wait to use my education here to become a commercial pilot.
I have really enjoyed attending Utah Valley University. While there is not a ton of diversity, since most students are from Utah County, I have enjoyed all of the multicultural involvement. Through the photography program, I had the chance to spend a couple of weeks in Samoa earning college credit.
It is awesome! There are always activities going on, the gym and other amenities are great and of the highest quality. Tuition is cheap, class sizes are small, and there is a large variety of degrees to choose from.
I have enjoyed my time at UVU. One of the standout reasons is the teachers. I’ve only had a couple teachers that I didn’t love, the rest were passionate about what they do and what they teach. When you can tell a teacher is passionate about your success, it makes you feel supported and willing to put in more effort. Many of my teachers learned my name, which is uncommon in such a huge setting.
The Chemistry department was excellent. I had such a good time doing research and almost all of my professors were fantastic!
Utah Valley University or UVU is a great school. It is growing at a crazy rate and the administration and staff are doing a great job and improving the school and keeping up with demand. The new buildings and programs are truly state of the art. There are some instructors and areas of campus that have not yet received the same amount of attention. Overall I feel like the university cares about the students as individuals rather than a number. It has been exciting to see the great changes this young university has been going through. I am fortunate to benefit from this school.
I love the campus, it is such a fun environment! I think some of the professors are a little hard on the students, but other than that UVU is amazing! So many people to meet, and new friends are on your path.
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I really appreciate the modern, innovative culture of Utah Valley University (UVU). There has only been one professor that I had a frustrating experience with, other than that, I have been impressed with all of the other many, many professors. I have learned so much through classroom and in-service experience. The advisors I have worked with, as well as my current advisor, have been sincerely invested in my success. This is a fantastic school!
Utah Valley University is an amazing college, it is located in a very convenient spot, and they have a great campus and learning environment. There's many different learning opportunities available, and overall it is just a good experience.
The creative writing professors are the best in the state. My experience with other professors has been equally excellent.
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