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I love the professors, but I wish to see this school during a time we are not under quarantine. I don’t spend as much time on campus because it has moved to online courses.
The professors and instructors of Utah State University work very well with online courses. They communicate easily and on time, they provide all materials for the course easily accessible, and will create office hours to ensure that their students have the opportunity to understand the curriculum.
Its been great, simple to use. The website is strait forward with the instructions that are given, and all around a school.
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So far so good, with COVID precautions I haven't been able to be on the main campus to much. However, it's a great campus.
Utah State is a great place to go if you want a quality education in a city with a small-town vibe. There's always lots to do, and the school provides an incredible amount of resources to help their students. There is a program or club for any and all interests you may have, moreso if you like the outdoors. The campus food is mediocre but what public university actually has good food you know?
COVID really hit hard here, like it did in most colleges. Many of the professors have struggled to switch to online learning and it shows. However, there are a good number of courses that provide a light in the darkness. Most, if not all, of the younger professors have made their online classes even more engaging than the in-person ones! So the good and bad balance each other out pretty well.
Utah State has a beautiful campus and the landscaping is so sweet on the eyes, which make going to class easier. My classes, wether it be in-person or online through this university have all been good. I got through the hard ones, and with great professors on my side I got the help I needed. The facilities, sports, and activities are all amazing and so much fun. The one drawback that comes with almost every college or university is the cost of tuition or of fees.
I have taken many online classes throughout my college career and they all have been very user friendly and high quality. The professors I had made sure that we knew how to contact them easily, and made learning a fun process instead of a boring one.
Online is not my style, at all. But with COVID, it had to make due. However, the consistency in quickly responding to canvas messages and emails that many of my professors and TAs displayed was comforting, and canvas materials were usually very organized. It is especially nice when you don't have to wake up early and trek out into the cold for an a.m. class, to stay at the comfort of your own home...or bed. However, with online, the zoom communicating atmosphere leaves discussion painfully limited, which is hard considering classes that crucially need student interaction to pass on perspectives. Online learning also doesn't give space for a fluid conversation with a professor, or at least you have to go through the trouble of trying to schedule a zoom meeting only for later it possibly being cancelled via technology issues. However, if you're a student seeking the education without the outside, definitely online!
The hard thing is, I'm telling you my experience after my first semester as a freshman during COVID. There were some extreme highs and lows, which I think is natural for any new-coming college student who can't ever have the exact picture in their mind of the forthcoming reality. But what I loved? Sitting in the library within little sunspots, chatting with new faces around my dorms community and humungous fireplace, riding the college shuttle, going to drive-in movies with friends, and walking through Old Main's interior. What I didn't love? Feeling like my options with covid were limited, and not moving in with someone I knew to my dorms. 10/10 would recommend!
The Utah State University has a beautiful campus. I have loved being here in Logan. The professors are all very kind and hard working. They all really want what is best for you and are willing to help you in any way.
I have been working through the Fall 2020 semester, which means because of the pandemic, we have been doing a lot online. The professors set things up to make them easy to follow. They also help you know what to study and look for on exams.
I love Utah State University. There is diversity, a vast variety of classes, and very proficient professors. The winters in Logan can get a little hard to handle, but I have loved most of my classes and I feel like USU is preparing me well for law school. I would recommend Utah State for anybody looking for a fun and effective school to attend for their higher education.
The online experience has been very easy to transition to at Utah State. Canvas is user friendly, and very few professors cannot handle the tech involved with online teaching. I haven't had any complaints because my professors, most of whom are in the CHASS program, are responsive, knowledgeable,. and really do care about my education.
I enjoyed my time at Utah State University and feel that my experience there was a great investment for my future educational goals and career. Professors are caring and engaged, and I have established relationships with several of them who were mentors to me within my degree studies. Students are friendly, and there are on-campus groups and activities available for whatever a student's interest may be. I am seeking a Master's degree and am confident Utah State University prepared me for what lies beyond.
All classes at Utah State went online starting in March 2020. I took a full schedule of classes and feel my online learning experience was close to being on par with my previous in-class sessions. Professors were available to offer extra guidance and answer questions, and there was easy access to special help groups, such as the Writing Fellows. Although taking courses online was not my first choice, I do believe that Utah State University did a good job with their online curriculums.
This has been my first year in college and covid-19 has made it pretty difficult to get the full college experience, but Utah State and its staff have done everything they can to safely give us a good experience!
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Due to Covid-19 all of my classes were put online to ensure the safety of both students and professors. I believe that it was a very smooth transition and I was able to get nearly the same education that I would've in a regular classroom format.
Utah State is a very safe campus. The food is pretty good seeing as it's cafeteria food. The orientation is very helpful but not always complete. The Utah State website could use an update and sometimes can be confusing to use. Guidance counselors are very helpful and very appreciated. They have many resources available such as free tutoring and teacher office hours that makes getting class help easy and available to all.
2020 was a hard year for colleges as they scrambled to go online and social distance. I think Utah State handled going online remarkably well. However, there were those poor teachers who had no idea how to work their technology. I would suggest a seminar.
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