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Utah State is more of an educational home, safe, welcoming, and fun. There is no other place I would rather be than this university, the education is excellent, the student section is terrific, and the campus is safe.
I have loved the campus life and the community feel that comes with it. The professors and students all seem to have a great relationship with one another. Plus the location is great. Beautiful city and area.
What I like about Utah State University, is that there is nice people, beautiful home and you can feeling free to walk anywhere that you please. The whether is perfect especially when you can get all the season's. I wouldn't change anything about Utah State University because when I'm here I feel safe, not lonely but home.
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UtahState is awesome. There is so many outdoor places to explore and there a ton of things to do on campus! There is never a boring day on campus.
I love Utah State! When I started applying for schools, I had my heart set elsewhere. USU wasn't at the top of my list, but after a series of events beyond my control, this is where I ended up! I'm almost certain that I'm happier here than I would have been at my "dream" school. I've never been treated badly by anyone on campus, faculty or otherwise, and I feel lucky to be studying with such gifted professors and students for a fraction of the price at other schools. There are so many opportunities within the University and its individual colleges for students to be involved, and I feel like this involvement is a valuable way for me to gain real-world experience.
This campus is very cozy. The programs offered here are good and the environment on campus is very friendly.
Utah State is super fun! People are very friendly and willing to talk to each other. The campus is amazing and there are lots of activities and clubs to get involved in. I feel safe on campus and I can tell my professors care about me and enjoy their work. Tuition is fairly cheap and the business program is great.
I am only a freshman but I love my new life. On or off campus, people are so nice. Professors seem to care about me. The campus is beatiful. Wherever you look, there are mountains in the background
I earned my Associates Degree here. Living both on and off campus made me some great friends. I love the school spirit everyone could feel when attending a sporting event. The love that everyone has for each and every Aggie is the best feeling. I loved all the professors I took classes from, and was able to excel in my courses. I would recommend this university to future college students.
Utah State is all you would expect. They have tons of activities to do, the people are really friendly, the culture for being roudy at games is fun and just overall it's just a great experience!
Wonderful school, amazing academics, and a beautiful campus. The students and staff here are so kind, and the environment here is great.
I have had a great time at school here. The people are fun and easygoing. It's super easy to make friends and find people who like the same things you do.
I like that it is a walking campus. This helps you get to know the layout of campus better and allows you to mingle with fellow students.
I like USU because it is close to where I live and because it has a great pre-vet program and vet program.
The life at Utah State University is amazing for its price. With a relatively cheap tuition and living cost, you will be getting a great investment with a safe, exciting campus. This is the place for you if you love sports and outdoor activities. There are many different things to do for each season and it is in close distance to state and national parks.
Utah State University is amazing. It offers elite level education in a wide variety of major options. School pride is a big deal and you can tell that the students love being here. There are a lot of different ways to be involved and to feel like you are a part of the Utah State experience.
I was a graduate student here. I came from California. People warned me, but I didn't listen. I have never felt so isolated and lonely as living in Logan. The town is boring (if you are not LBS), the people all look the same (it's creepy), the weather sucks, the canyon is overcrowded (in the summer), and the school is third rate. I have lived in 8 states and dozens of places, this was by far the worst. Left after 4 months!
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The teachers and faculty are there for you! There are so many resources available to students including online journals, great technology, and a network of alumni.
Everyone is so friendly here! The professors are really good at giving correct information. They have many different resources across campus whether its tutors, library's, math help, etc.
I LOVE going to Utah State University. I have not met a single person there that hasn't been super friendly. Not only that, but USU also provides a great education while making it fun with plenty of student activities every week.
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