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I loved the atmosphere at USU. The professors truly care about your education and will go the extra mile to help you succeed. Attending this school changed my life for the better and is a great place to earn a degree.
Excellent small town campus. Great for people who love outdoor activities and the snow. Professors are as involved as you allow them to be.
The campus is beautiful, the professors are very enthusiastic about their subjects and really want the students to do well. They also help you really learn the material, not just memorize it. They have fun classes that you can mix with your normal classes as a break and to keep you active.
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Utah State University is a fantastic school for just about anybody. It is not a huge school with so many students that all your classes have 150+ students, but it also isn't so small that you know everyone that goes there. USU has an extremely friendly environment and everyone is always willing to help others. I have met some of the greatest friends I will ever have here and I am so grateful for the opportunities USU has supplied me with. Logan is a great city that is super easy to learn your way around and find all the fin places to go and good places to eat. The only major downfalls of Logan is that there is no Costco or Target nearby. I would highly recommend Utah State University to anyone looking for a friendly, good paced environment to go to school in.
Attending a regional campus has been great. They really help out non traditional students. A lot of classes with hours for adults.
Utah State has a fantastic atmosphere. The students are some of the most friendly people in Utah. There's always something fun going on. The campus is incredibly beautiful.
I really enjoyed Utah state. I felt like I got a great education and I also felt like I could get help with any problem. They really wanted to see you succeed. I loved how much hands on education I received!!
Utah State staff has been very helpful in any question I have about classes. The school offers many great scholarships and makes it great to go to school. The campus is very beautiful and it very easy to get around
Utah State University has a beautiful campus, but it is an extremely Mormon place. If you are not Mormon, it is tough to live here. EVERYTHING is closed on Sunday. Besides this, the campus is super nice, everything is easily accessible and the professors are great.
I have absolutely loved my time at Utah State. The programs and professors are awesome and I love the small town feel of Logan. Overall it's a great school. Do some research into your desired course of study and it may not be the very best, but USU is definitely a hidden gem in Utah with some of the best programs in the state and even the nation.
I'm currently a student at Utah State University. It's a great school with a great atmosphere. It has a beautiful campus and everything is nearby. It definitely is a college town which can add to the experience. The people are all very friendly.
It is great because it is such a college town, and the community is amazing. The classes get you ready for after college. The labs are hands on so you aren't alwasy listening to a professor lecture. They give you many opportunities to branch out and join endless amounts of clubs. They also had a very wide variety of majors and minors for you to choose from.
I am going into Engineering and Utah State University is the best college to go to for Engineering. I have two cousins that both graduated with Engineering degrees. One went to Utah State and the other went to another university with a pretty good engineering as well. But they BOTH said that Utah State is the best school to go to for Engineering.
I LOVED Utah State! This was a great place to get an education. Exactly what I needed! There was wide level of diversity in the students while still having an overall feeling of comradery.
I really like it. I love the diversity of colleges/programs up here. It doesn't feel as small as people say it is. There is always something to do and clubs to join. Every year there are more and more degree programs available.
I really love this school. The best thing about it is the people that go here and the staff that work here. I have never felt so included. Everyone is so accepting and willing to befriend you. Other than that, I really have loved all the classes I've taken. The teachers are great here and I know that each one is interested in your well being.
I didn't give it the 5th star because it is a very populated school. Sometimes I feel like the classes are too big and you are just another number.
Overall, Utah State University is a great place to go to college. There are lots of opportunities for students to get involved, in both clubs, campus organizations, and service groups. There is not a lot of ethnic and religious diversity on USU's campus though, and sometimes that effects the levels of awareness and level of depth in the classroom teachings and conversations.
Review Utah State University
Great Programs, great professors, have to be proactive and stay on top of things, lots of opportunities for research, projects, internships, sports, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, clubs, and the like, great community.
Utah State University is located in a beautiful little town. Located close to the canyon which offers a quick escape for some wonderful hikes or some great skiing in the winter. Lots of diversity and lots of different majors to choose from with great professors willing to help you all along the way.
USU is a great school with a lovely campus. They use a program called Canvas for grades and it is very easy to contact professors with questions using that. Almost everyone is kind and friendly. The campus is easily walk-able, but there are no grocery stores within a walk-able distance and parking is a nightmare.
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