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They have great teachers who are invested in their students learning. There are many activities to choose from to get involved and socialize. They have good housing options and are decently priced. There are great support services available to students such as tutors, food pantry, financial aid counseling, campus health care, campus counselors, and wonderful academic advisers.
I love it so much here. I thinks it's beautiful campus. The classes are small and allow a better student teacher ratio.
I transferred to Utah State University from Brigham Young University and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. The professors are awesome and there is a lot of hands on experience and opportunities to apply the material learned to life. There are also many leadership/service opportunities on campus.
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My experience at Utah State University, specifically in the esteemed Interior Design Program, has led me to obtain necessary skills and experiences that I feel have, so far, prepared me to succeed in my chosen career upon graduation. The professors and mentors I've encountered have culminated an environment where I feel I am welcomed and encouraged to learn and grow.
Utah State University is an excellent school. Of course, academically it is very satisfactory. The campus is beautiful and safe. It is a diverse school with many students from different states and countries. There are several clubs to join to be involved, and the student body is honest and caring. I love being a student here at Utah State, because I feel I fit in no matter what. People are accepting and friendly here and it is a very positive place to be. I love being a student at Utah State University!
Utah State University is an okay University. There is a lot of diversity, which is good. There were some classes that I took that I loved! I only had one class I didn't really like this semester.
Although I have yet to attend this University, my experience has been grand! There has been great outreach from the school to ensure I have my resources and I am prepared to succeed. It has been great!
Utah State University is an amazing institution! The professors are knowledgeable and so willing to help you succeed. People are kind and open-minded. The campus is beautiful and the town overall has a wonderful atmosphere. I would love to see more diversity involved in campus leadership, but the student body itself is very diverse.
I love USU! I have been able to further my education, and discover where my true passion is thanks to the help of wonderful teachers and advisors. 10/10 recommend!
The social life is great! There are many opportunities avalible with education and volunteering. The advisors could be better.
Utah State has a gorgeous campus that is easy to navigate and get around on. Lots of student events, and the most friendly people in Utah!
Here at Utah State University, I have gain friends, great professors, and an even greater love for learning. I get to study what I am passionate about and know that that's what I get to do for the rest of my life. The faculty and students here push me to not only be a better student but be a better person. I wouldn't trade my experience here at Utah State Unversity for anything.
Utah State Univeristy is an all encompassing Unviersity of fun, acedemics, and excellence. This school has everything from the study of drame to intense research in chemistry. I have enjoyed Utah State because of the relationships I have been able to make between my professors and students; the social life of the campus and the atmosphere of being a true blooded Aggie.
I loved the information provided at the open house I attended. The people at the university were great. The school was average huge classes and you'll get looked over if you're not a top student.
The campus is beautiful. The professors are willing to work with you and for you in order to see your success. Logan isn’t in the most happening place in the world, but it’s big enough to keep you busy.
I love USU because it is small enough that my professors know me, but large enough that I don't know everyone on campus. It is beautiful here in Logan, and my educators genuinely care about me. There are so many opportunities to do research or extracurricular activities.
I love the student life! It is all inclusive and inspires people to get out and meet new people. Also the campus in gorgeous with history starting in 1888, the building to the trees are stunning. Plus it doesn't hurt to have a fantastic creamery.
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I absolutely hate this school. I am an Elementary Education major and I feel like all the classes are awful! I wish that the school wouldn’t change the program every year. I hate the professors that are in the TEAL section. It’s great for agriculture. But save yourself the trouble if you go USU stay as far away from there Elementary Education program as you can. If they were not my only option to get a degree I know I would have quit a long time ago. I seriously hate all their professors. Can they please get some better ones? Good thing I only have 1 more semester or else I don’t think I could finish it. This is my first semester in the ELED program and I have hated every week of it. The homework is all just busy work. I haven’t actually learned anything.
In practically every direction, you have to climb hills to get to campus, so make sure you live by a bus stop
I love Utah State University. It is a beautiful campus and school, but it does have its downfalls like any other university.
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