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Utah State is an incredible place to live and study. The campus is beautiful and the people here are helpful and kind. There is always something happening on-campus and there are so many learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.
So far I've had an amazing experience at USU. The professors have been great, the environment is great for learning, and the facilities provide everything I need for a good education. Also, the tuition is extremely reasonable and affordable, especially for poor college students.
It is a really great school academically, the social life is a little lacking if you are not LDS but still a lot of really fun stuff to do, especially if you like the outdoors. It is also not that far from Salt Lake and it can be really fun to drive down there for the weekend.
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My tour of the Utah Sate University was very enjoyable and the housing looked great. The campus is very big very pretty.
Utah State University is an excellent school, with many opportunities! The student life is one which is exciting; there is never a need to be bored due to the various activities on campus. Students are very involved in the sports games which creates an energetic society. Student academic life is focused because students know that is the number one priority. Professors are willing to work with the students and help on the educational pursuits. Housing is easy to find because there is plenty! There is a canyon right next to campus which is used as a refuge for the students as they need a break from the busy school life. The city of Logan is growing, providing more job opportunities for students.
I have been attending Utah State University through one of the regional campuses in Brigham City and I have really enjoyed my time thus far. My professors have been engaging and have shown clear interest in each and every student. My classes have been good, my counselor has been helpful, and the learning environment has been great.
The professors are good generally has a really nice campus. However I genuinely feel the administration is more interested in making money than in the well being and success of its students.
So, far I have only been an extension student. Having a really close interaction with my professors in the past. But, now at a bigger campus in Logan. Its kind of hard to do so. I'd love to be able to have more thorough explaining and ways we can all improve learning abilities.
It was such a nice campus and everyone there was very kind. The library there was amazing! I went for a youth conference for my stake and it was so interesting to view and tour the campus. The dorm rooms were very nice and cozy and the lunch hall was huge! I loved the whole atmosphere that was Utah State! Go Aggies!
Online classes were few and far between and in very high demand. This school is geared toward those who plan to attend on campuses.
I love Utah State University, just the students are very friendly and so are the professors. they are willing to help and make sure you understand so the assignments can be easy. i wouldn't change anything about this University
Amazing! The social and cultural atmosphere is diverse and wide. Professors and instructors are on the ball and do all they can to help you succeed. The winter weather is a little hard to bear. Lots of hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and other outdoor activities to do year-round.
Utah State is a great school for students in Utah. It has a great small town feel and it’s very social. The campus is clean and safe but not crazy with rules and regulations. The education is excellent for the cost.
Utah State provided me with an incredible college experience!! The campus is beautiful, and there's so much to do outdoors! It's a college town so everybody loves the Aggies!! You can walk into McDonald's and buy an Aggie T-shirt. Athletic events are so much fun, with the best crowd in the West! It's a beautiful place, great school, and one I'm lucky to have called home.
I love Utah State University! It's a very safe feeling, and there is something for everyone. It's small enough that you can make lifelong friends, but big enough that there are always new people to meet.
Utah State University is an excellent school with some excellent programs, but the best part of going to Utah State is the student body. Everybody here is very friendly, and it is a very social environment for students to make friends and memories in.
The campus is located in the fabulous Cache valley. You walk off campus and you are in the mountains. The staff in the housing areas are incredibly friendly, and organize events to help students meet people. The campus has been under construction which has made move-ins and navigating tricky.
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I like that Utah State provides me with everything from a "college experience" while also preparing me for the world outside the University. Utah State helps me hone skills that are highly sought out in the professional world.
Utah state is an incredibly social school. There are activities going on every week for on and off campus students to get involved. The quality of education at Utah is excellent. Professors and tutors are easily available if you make the effort.
Do not go here if you are not a white Mormon. The advising department is terrible and the diversity is non existent.
Especially after the election it was an uncomfortable place to go to school being a minority. Students found it appropriate to say really offensive things about my race and make me feel uncomfortable. I filed a Title XI case against a teacher for discriminating against me because of my disability in April and still haven’t heard back.
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