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3,809 reviews
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I love USU. It's located in a cute college town called Logan, UT and it's filled with young, college kids. The professors I've had this far have been wonderful, always making sure that learning the material (rather than getting an A) is the #1 priority. There's always something to do on the weekends and a lot is usually going on during the week. I'm glad that I get a few more years here.
I've been taking concurrent enrollment classes through USU-Eastern Blanding, and I've been very satisfied with the results I've had. The academics are great, and the professors care about their students. They won't baby you or hound you to get your assignments turned in, but they make sure you do it and do it right. I'm very excited to start as a freshman at Utah State University in Logan this coming fall.
This is my second year at Utah State. The campus is not really big so its easy to get around from one building to another building. Its a safe city. Lots of stores and things to do for everyone. Campus life is okay. Lots of clubs. Some of the professors are great to work with. Dorms are all different and different locations,. So thee is a lot of variety to choice from private room to share rooms with or without kitchens. Traffic is not bad. They do need more [parking places that are more accommodating to students that don't cost so much.
This is a wonderful university. The professors work well with students and the tuition is really cheap. It is also extremely easy to receive scholarships from the school.
I like Utah State University because the people and professors are extremely friendly. They keep campus clean and it takes only 7 minutes to walk from one side to the other.
Utah State has treated me very well! The professors care, the campus is gorgeous and you get what you put in.
Utah State University is a great school to attend. It offers a small town vibe and the campus is absolutely stunning. The perks of USU include very educational classes, many sporting events, and highly entertaining musical performances. There are many more diverse clubs and organizations for everybody to enjoy. There is not much that I would change about the wonderful experiences available at this school. I bleed Aggie blue! Plus, what other campus has the wonderful fresh Aggie Ice-cream? USU is the best decision I ever made.
This college would be better known as BYU Logan. If you're LDS, and don't want to go to BYU, I'd highly recommend it.
If you're not Mormon, avoid this place like the plague. You live and operate under constant scrutiny of Mormon people, the police and law enforcement watch you like hawks and make it their personal quest to "correct" kids enjoying the college experience. The slightest drug or alcohol offense means court, probation, I've even seen jail time. Only redeeming quality is the academics, which are fantastic.
As for Logan itself- it's not a college town. It's where old folks go to settle down and die in the "mountains and outdoors".
Don't come here for "the college experience". You won't get it. It's like going to a summer camp. And if you do, for the love of God, do not live on campus.
Beaver mountain is cool if you're a skier or boarder. During the summer, you must like hiking, because it is the ONLY thing to do.
I love USU! It has many great academic programs and colleges. So far I have not had an unreasonable professor or instructor that isn't willing to go the extra mile to help the students in their classrooms. There are so many classes to choose from and in varying difficulties. The campus is not small, but it isn't enormous either, making it easy to walk from class to class, and if you don't want to walk from your residence hall or another part of Logan, then you can easily jump on a free bus. The transit services are very convenient. Additionally, there are sooo many clubs and activities to participate in, it is easy to find something to do if you are bored. And if you can't find a club that you are interested in, the University makes it easy to start your own and publicize it.
Utah State University is a great place to go for students who are looking for a "home" feel while being among a larger community. Student resources at Utah State are phenomenal.
I love everything about Utah State! There are so many different courses to choose from to fit a plethora of available majors! I've loved all of my professors, and I've loved all the classes I've taken so far. The campus is beautiful, and everyone is so nice. I love the dorms I'm living in, and my roommates are amazing! I honestly can't think of anything that I would want to change!
Overall it is a great school and students seem to have no problem getting jobs after graduation. The only downside is the advisors.
Utah State is an excellent university. It encourages personal growth and compassion in its students. The teachers are knowledgeable and the faculty is very kind. The campus itself is lovely and very environmentally friendly. Overall a great place to get a higher education.
Love the super involved campus community and fairly small lectures. The large majority the professors are amazing and want to see you succeed. It is a great campus, the only thing I've ever heard on the negative side is cold winters...
Utah State University is the best school in this country. I have never felt more at home than at USU. The campus is full of history and is located in the most perfect town, right against the mountains. At USU, everybody is friends with everybody. You will always have a friend here, which is my favorite part. I love how close everyone is. Utah State gave me the opportunity to branch out and as cliche as it sounds, really find myself. I am so grateful I chose this amazing university because it is all I could ever ask for. Aggies all the way.
I had many different schools in mind when I was choosing a University to attend. The moment that I walked onto Utah State's Campus I knew that I was going to go there. The people are incredibly kind and they truly want what is best for you. My Professors work hard to make sure we learn the material in a way that is useful for our futures. I love the campus and the beauty of Utah. There's a lot of fun activities and amazing opportunities occurring constantly! I never knew that I could grow to love a place this much! I've had amazing experiences, learned more than I could've imagined, and met the most incredible people. I love Utah State and can't wait to continue my education and make a difference!
You feel really connected to the university. Everyone is so welcoming and open with each other. You want to get involved to further the experience.
Utah state is a really incredible school. I have had the oppurtunity to live around usu campus for about 8 years now and have some great first hand experience when it comes to evaluating the campus. Utah state university is defiantly the best bang for your buck. You want an incredibly cheap undergraduate that's still very high quality? Go to USU! The campus is located in Cache Valley and is consistently in the top 15 college towns on the US. Really amazing place with some super great perks to attending. If you aren't looking seriously into USU I would highly recommend it!
I have loved Utah state it has given me many opportunities. Utah State University has allowed me to get my foot in the door in my future careers. It has grown my network and helped me understand my career related goals better. Along with giving me some of the best student activities and clubs.
It's a good school. So far everything has been great, other than there aren't a lot of scholarships available for returning students.
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