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Utah College of Massage Therapy - Utah Valley Reviews

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I don't even go back for the free massage coupons I have. They cost me so much physically, mentally and emotionally. They ignore laws and go their own way. They don't trust anyone and expect you to tell them how great of a job they are doing. I should've sued them, I'm out of the time frame to do so now. I wish I had sued them.
Nothing is in understandable order. Basically you are taking 30 credits each term and you are there for 9 and a half hours. It's hard to work any job in there and be able to study all you have to for the next morning. It's a lot of stress, there's not much instructor-student availability, even when there is, they aren't too happy about it. Sure you can register but there's a reason the registration is declining in number.
It has great material but teacher's aren't fully invested. you learn more about them than the class and when you are learning the material it is all at once and you test the same class period, no time to study or absorb anything at all, and I took advanced courses in High School, I promise I'm not slow! It's rough.
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there's basically nothing. The only facility is a vending machine and a couch. Ta-da. Everything else is very plain and empty.
Very wide range of ethnicities, political views, sexual preferences, and economic standings. There was some religious diversity but it's Utah Valley so half the class is LDS. Which is awesome!
There's one computer that is old and slow. the internet connection is from a sandwich shop a couple doors down and it's very weak. no one can get wifi and you have to go through multiple staff members to get something printed.
There are some extra classes offered but it is during the lunch period which is short enough to begin with. Basically they make you choose between getting the knowledge you are paying for or eating so you don't pass out while giving a massage.
The only good that I got out of my experience was one friend and a little knowledge for online classes.
they don't do a very good job of being considerate towards most people's financial state. they are very harsh and judgemental.
everyone helps each other and get along
there is only on computer however we manage . also there is a library
we didnt have online course
the staff is very flexible with the students whenever we need them they are there
They help you with anything you need. Ever staff knows your name
cost is fair, however getting yoru financial aide taken care of is a nightmare, thankfully they changed staff hopefully they're more knowledgeable then the other person who was in that position.
Again this is for the Phoenix campus-
The staff in student resource center is alway too busy it seems to assist you, they're more into their sewing projects or their personal FB page, and their information is outdate, very outdated.
May Be to Pricey – The price is quite. Bit but I guess they so have great teachers and a great program
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I Love Going to School – The only thing I would change is how they first teach you. They just throw you directly into hands on. I would rather take a few days to learn first but school here is great
The career services staff does whatever they can to get people out and in a job. They work they're hardest to make sure that everyone has what they need (money, transportation, etc.) to succeed in school and after graduation. They constantly come and talk to us about how to start our own businesses and how to launch our careers out in the real world. I couldn't ask for any better! I absolutely love them.
The Financial Aid department at UCMT is awesome at explaining all of their policy's and procedures. Even though I've never pulled out a loan before, they made sure that I understood exactly what I was doing so that there would be no confusion. I am up to date with my payments, thanks to them, and don't think I'll ever have a problem paying of my loan. They are always there to help!
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